Taurus & Libra Compatibility

A Taurus Libra partnership registers very well on the love compatibility meter. Both signs are ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, making for a harmonious and loving match. This connection has a strong flow of feminine sensuality, love, and karma, and both Taurus and Libra will often feel like they are soulmates.

This relationship will be slow to start and percolate, and it may even seem that they share little in common. Over time, however, this love will flow into something beautiful, one that has the potential to last many lifetimes. Understanding and growing together in their differences will make this union last.

The Pros

Both the Fixed Earth sign of Taurus and the Cardinal Air sign of Libra are ruled by Venus, so there is a lot of sensuality and beauty in place from the start of this relationship. Taurus and Libra also love having partners, and neither of these signs is likely to stray from the other. Strong love of creative things, beautiful things, and even the arts will connect Taurus and Libra.

They will also share an enjoyment of fine dining, the opera, the ballet, or even the theater. If not, they will find mutual creative interests that keep the sparks flying often. Taurus is very charmed by Libra's elegance and class, and Libra loves the luxury Taurus enjoys keeping around them. This match also bodes well financially, as both are committed to practical success in many ways. Taurus also appreciates the balance that Libra brings to the table, and this helps Taurus not remain so fixed on one idea or thing. This will be a very balanced and harmonious relationship indeed.

The Cons

If you hope to preserve your love compatibility with a Libra, learning and understanding them more will be mission critical. As the Fixed Earth sign, Taurus has a stubborn side that Libra will tire of easily. Libra also has a critical side that could be a bit much for Taurus on occasion.

Taurus also focuses more on sensual gifts for groundedness, whereas Libra seeks these things from an intellectual standpoint. This can lead to some disagreements that will need to be worked out. Taurus has some insecurity issues regarding Libra's beauty, and Libra will take issue with Taurus' jealousy and obsessiveness.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Understanding that these qualities exist in the other individual will be essential for both Taurus and Libra to make this love match work. Taurus will need to learn to give Libra the freedom they need without questioning every place they are going to or the friend they are meeting. Libra will also need to put a night out or two on hold if Taurus feels neglected. Libra also needs to pull back on the criticism and the sharp tongue, especially when wounded feelings are in play.

Coming back from a Taurus temper is a victory known by only a few, and Libra will need to take heed of this if they want this one to go the long haul. The sensual side of both Taurus and Libra is an effortless way to smooth over wrinkles and get back in tune, a pretty present or some luxurious pampering will charm the heart of either Taurus or Libra if either finds themselves in a pickle with the other.

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