Mars in Pisces Love Horoscopes: Active Romance

We may be heading into retrograde season, but, thanks to headstrong Mars, your love life will be anything but slow!

On May 13, action-oriented Mars moves into Pisces, a flowing Water sign. Mars stays in Pisces until June 27, and this is the last sign Mars will be in before spending the rest of 2020 in its home sign, Aries.

This gives us a little window of opportunity to use an energy that may be more conducive to romance!

Mars in Pisces

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Pisces usually doesn’t move as quickly as Mars would like, and it can be a lot more uncertain. It ebbs and flows like water, and can go from this to that in a scattered way. Mars usually likes some more certainty with its direction than that.

Mars is a fiery planet, being the natural ruling planet of Aries. But it also used to be the ruler of Scorpio, a fellow Water sign to Pisces. This means there’s not a total clash having Mars in Pisces. It’s just going to operate differently.

Pisces rules the hidden since it’s the sign that naturally connects to the private 12th house, so energy can be expended quietly and alone. When that’s the case, a lot can happen, but it’s not quite so in-your-face.

In love astrology, Mars rules desires and shows what drives you to pounce and take the initiative in relationships. Pisces rules sweet romance as the tender hopeless romantic of the zodiac. The combo of Mars in Pisces allows us to be more active with romance, and we can crave sweet displays of love and affection.

We may not push as much with Mars in Pisces though, and instead let intuition guide us toward the right choices and actions in love.

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Mars in Pisces Love Horoscopes for the Zodiac Signs

How does Mars in Pisces impact love for each of the zodiac signs? Read on:

Aries: Karma in Relationships

With Mars being your natural ruling planet, you can be especially sensitive to any changes with Mars. Mars in Pisces can slow your energy down, and this can force you to focus on relationship karma or baggage. The love relationships that thrive now may be the ones you feel a karmic connection to.

Subconscious issues and desires, secrets and what’s been hidden can be revealed, and this can impact the relationships you have. Some people may fade from your life now, and this can make room for you to focus on the people that contribute most to your life in a healthy way.

Taurus: Friendships & Love

Your friendships may get much of your relationship focus with Mars in Pisces, and you can make more time for existing friendships and open up to meet new friends. If single, this may open up opportunities to connect with someone who is unlike anyone you’ve been with before. Keep an open mind!

If in a relationship, the foundation of friendship proves to be incredibly important. If that’s not solid, issues may arise in subtle ways that may seem unrelated on the surface, but are actually connected. Like can be just as important as love.

Gemini: Set Love & Relationship Goals

Mars in Pisces lights up your goals and direction sector, so this placement usually isn’t the greatest for love and relationships because your focus is external. The trick to overcoming this is by setting love and relationship goals for you to work on achieving. Make sure they’re realistic and attainable.

You may find your practical side is more dominant, which might make you resist the subtle messages that come to you. They’re trying to guide you, not throw you off your rocker, so give them a listen.

Cancer: Love Adventures

You can feel more adventurous in your life with Mars in Pisces, focused on the new experiences you want to have and the places you want to see. Just make sure to include your partner in those grand adventures, if you’re in a relationship. You can create amazing new memories together that make you feel even more connected spiritually.

If you’re single, stay open to meeting someone as you go on some adventures on your own. You can meet someone on the same karmic level as you are, and this can help you feel even more optimistic about life.

Leo: Love Runs Deep

Love can’t be superficial with Mars in Pisces for you. It must run deep, and must be intense and passionate. There may be deeply-held relationship issues that you need to address, and you can transform your existing relationships and your approach to new relationships. This allows for better, healthier connections that last.

Try not to be too clingy during this period. You may demand total devotion from some, and become a little obsessed yourself, but this only leads to some self-destructive behaviors. Leave some room to breathe.

Virgo: Time to Commit

Mars in Pisces tours your relationship sector, so you’re naturally inclined right now to focus on your relationships and the people in your life. You’re more open to commitment, and want to commit, maybe now more than ever. That can make this an excellent time to take things to the next level, if you’re in a relationship.

If you’re single, you may be on the hunt to find someone. Make sure you’re not wearing rose-colored glasses as you search. Trust your instincts, and let your soul guide you to another connected soul.

Libra: Details Matter

You may find Mars in Pisces brings an excellent attention to detail for you, so if you’re in a relationship, use that to pay closer attention to your partner, and take care of the little things for them. This is likely going to be the way you show that you care, and you’re not even looking for any recognition.

If you’re single, be careful of picking apart anyone who doesn’t meet everything on your list. They’re only human, just like you! If you can drop the pickiness, you allow your intuition to take over and send the right one to you.

Scorpio: Fun in Love

Mars in Scorpio can bring out the fun in love and romance for you. If you’re in a relationship, the spark between you can be reignited, and you can make it feel like it did when you first met. This can make you feel even more spiritually aligned, and you can deepen the bond between you while also having lots of fun.

Be open to dating around, if you’re single. You can enjoy the attention that you get from others, and this can increase the odds of meeting the right person. Your intuition will tell you when you’ve landed on the right one.

Sagittarius: Emotional Connections

Emotional connection matters the most when Mars is in Pisces for you. That’s not usually your main focus, but it can be now! If in a relationship, work on being more emotionally supportive and understanding of your partner; if single, look for someone who shows this to you, and you can show it right back.

The foundation of everything in your life can get your attention, and that includes the foundation of your relationships. See which ones are shaky and require some strengthening so they can withstand any tests that come.

Capricorn: Sweet Communication

Mars in Pisces wants you to get talking. Pisces can be kind of timid and shy, and doesn’t want to just say what’s on its chest, but Mars wants that exactly. Be sweet and compassionate in your communication to avoid saying something inadvertently hurtful. If you’re not purposefully mean, then you can be okay

The subconscious may take over a little when it comes to how you communicate, so trust in your intuition and listen to what your subconscious wants. You can really connect with those who give you mental support and encouragement.

Aquarius: Stable Relationships

Mars in Pisces may prompt you to focus on bringing more stability and security into your life, and that includes in your relationships. Take stock of the relationships that are chaotic, and see where you can improve, or if you can at all. Stable relationships help you feel more secure and confident.

Confidence can go a long way to helping you meet someone new, if you’re single, and you can feel more confident in your instincts helping you choose. A passionate yet grounded physical connection can be created and enjoyed.

Pisces: Take Charge

Mars is in your sign, Pisces, and so you can take the initiative in your relationships (and in everything!). You likely have the drive and energy now to go for it, and you can be more courageous and forthright. If in a relationship, take charge, and be the one who is bringing the romance and affection.

If you’re single, take charge of your dating life. Make decisions quickly about who you want to date, how you want to meet them, whether you’ll see them again, and what the rules will be. Others may find this very attractive in you, and you can seem much more charismatic.


Mars in Pisces presents an interesting period for love for all of the zodiac signs, but do remember that Venus, the planet of love, will also be retrograde for pretty much the entire duration of Mars in Pisces (June 13 – June 25).

So, while Mars in Pisces helps with romance and spiritual connections, Venus retrograde makes communication problems something you have to contend with at the same time. Make sure you’re minding your words and being authentic!

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