Where is Mars in Your Birth Chart?

​Every single one of us has something that drives us, inspires us to take action, and we all take action in different ways when we are driven to act. This is found through the location of Mars in the birth chart. Mars is the one who makes you say, GO!

Mars in astrology represents your energy and drive. Through your Mars, you know what will force you to take action, and the ways in which you will act. Mars is our inner warrior (and does rule war, after all), and shows how the warrior spirit in you manifests.

People often think of Mars in tandem with Venus, and the two are a bit of a yin-yang pair. Mars doesn’t wait for things to happen. Mars is the one making things happen! Venus lets everything come to Venus. Venus waits while Mars creates!

Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Mars Placement

Understanding how your Mars operates can show you how you can best take action when you want to. You can learn how to take control of your energy and drive so you can use them to your advantage. When you know how your energy works, you know how to manipulate it to have more energy, to get more done, and to be more active in your life.

Mars in astrology also governs being assertive, standing up your yourself and what you want, and going for it. Mars doesn’t need permission, nor does Mars even ask. Mars goes right for it! This gives Mars a pioneering spirit, and makes Mars willing to pave new roads.

So how does your Mars placement manifest for you? Read on to find out!

Mars in Aries

Aries is the sign Mars naturally rules, so Mars is strong in fiery Aries and makes your energy and drive strong as well. You can feel most driven to take action with the things you want for yourself or that will allow you to embark on a new path.

You can get excited by new beginnings and don’t want to wait too long before taking action. Doing a little homework first can be of benefit to you, so you don’t let impulse ruin your passion.

Mars in Taurus

Mars in patient Taurus means your energy is a slow burn. You can take your time with actually getting started, and want to be confident first before you act. But once you do act and are confident, you can stick with it all the way until the end, no matter how difficult it may be.

This allows you to achieve some big things when you focus, but it can also get you stuck on something that you should walk away from. Know when to call it quits!

Mars in Gemini

Gemini is the sign of the mind, so Mars in Gemini brings lots of mental energy. It may seem like there is never a shortage of ideas, you constantly want something new to focus on to entertain your energetic mind, and can be an endless talker (especially when stressed or anxious).

You can pick up lots of little projects and work to make lots of different ideas a reality, but you can also get bored quickly and easily. Maintain some healthy variety to avoid boredom and a scattered brain, and keep yourself busy to cut down on fidgeting.

Mars in Cancer

Cancer is the sign of emotions, so Mars in Cancer means when you feel something strongly, you can be driven to act, and your emotions act as a catalyst for action. This can be positive or negative, and that doesn’t depend on the emotion itself.

It depends on the decisions you make and how well you feel supported in your life. Even extreme anger or hatred or jealousy or sadness can be turned into something amazing for you. You just need to keep emotions from clouding your judgment and improve your objectivity.

Mars in Leo

Leo is a super creative sign, so having Mars in Leo can make you a super creative person and one who is driven to act on creative pursuits. You want to create, and this can be professional, in the arts, with hobbies, or even with children (don’t go making 20 of them now!).

You may feel more energized when you’re getting attention and praise, and you may feel more driven to pursue the desires of your ego. You can stay with things for a while and try to see them through.

Mars in Virgo

Virgo is the sign of work, so Mars in Virgo means you’re someone who is driven to get things done. You likely loathe having a long list of things to do, so you make plans and schedules to get them done and maintain routines to keep it from happening again.

The more you do, the more energy you may feel you have to do even more. You just keep going and going! So, you do need to make sure to plan for breaks in that packed schedule of yours, so nervousness doesn’t set in.

Mars in Libra

Libra is the sign of relationships, so having Mars in Libra can show you have more energy and drive when you’re with others, to pursue opportunities with a partner, or to focus on your relationships. The better your relationships are, the more energy you can have.

If you’re out of balance or surrounded by disharmony, your energy can tank. Since other people can matter a lot to you, you may take action most when it’s to help someone else or stand up for someone else.

Mars in Scorpio

Scorpio was originally ruled by Mars (before Pluto came along), so Mars can be strong in Scorpio, just like with Aries. Unlike Aries, Scorpio isn’t quite so impulsive, though, so Mars in Scorpio can do the homework required before jumping into something.

You can get wrapped up in what you pursue deeply, and this can allow you to get to the bottom of anything, but it can also make you obsessive. Learning to have some emotional distance can help, though you don’t want to lose your passion. It’s part of what gives you such a strong will.

Mars in Sagittarius

Sagittarius loves adventure, so Mars in Sagittarius is most driven to pursue new experiences, go to new places, meet new people, and learn new things. This placement can be very optimistic and loves freedom, so committing to anything for too long may be a challenge.

But you can be a student of the world and gain much wisdom through the experiences you have, and you’re more than willing to share that with others. You may lack drive for things you deem too serious and focus more on the things you find fun and light.

Mars in Capricorn

Capricorn rules goals, so Mars in Capricorn tends to be highly ambitious and driven to pursue your goals. You may have total control over your energy, be very disciplined and focused, and this can help you to act. You can see the way the pieces fit together and craft long-term plans that are super realistic and practical.

This helps you achieve even more in your life, but you can keep your emotions to yourself at times and need to open up more. This can help you when you experience setbacks, so you don’t give up.

Mars in Aquarius

Aquarius is an independent original, so Mars in Aquarius is driven to do things in new, unusual, unconventional ways. You can feel more driven and energized when you’re being independent and allowed to explore what’s different.

Your energy may not seem very high on the outside, and you can stay cool externally, but you can get riled up when you’re focused on your dreams and future. Causes can also be of importance to you, and you can stand up in a broader way.

Mars in Pisces

Pisces is a Mutable Water sign, which makes it very difficult to pin down, so Mars in flowy Pisces can have a hard time taking control of the action. Instead, you’re driven by your intuition, your strong inner mystic, and the subtle energies all around you.

You may feel most driven to embark on spiritual pursuits, and a connection to your spiritual self can help you feel more energized in your life. Imaginative energy can be strong, and you can be a highly creative person. You can feel more driven to help others than to help yourself at times.

Embrace Mars

Understanding Mars can help you find what it is that drives you in life and how you get your energy. Mars in your birth chart shows where and how you take action with your inner warrior!

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