Venus and Mars Square Off: How to Keep Calm and Carry On in Love

Did you make it past eclipse week? Give yourselves a big ol’ gold star and a pat on the back for that. You may still be reeling emotionally, but a lot of what is percolating inside you right now is really great, even if it doesn’t feel that way. There have been a lot of relationship shakeups during this energy.

Hang on though, as the ride isn’t quite over yet and things can only go up from here, am I right? The universe isn’t quite finished with its sonic booms, and we’ve got another heavy transit this week.

This is the Venus square Mars transit happening February 25. Don’t freak out. All your Daily Horoscopes and Weekly Horoscopes are telling you to keep calm and carry on under this transit, when you really want to scream at someone.

There’s a reason we keep saying that. All the things you have been going through are going to percolate into something wonderful if you keep calm during those moments you just want to throw a dish at the wall. Just watch.

What is Venus square Mars?

A Venus and Mars square is literally defined as the two planets making a sharp opposition to each other in a way that forms a square angle or 90 degree opposition. In real life it manifests as you and your partner taking opposite corners with your arms folded across your chests.

This is a big power play between the two planets, and it’s going to look the same in real life too. With Venus in Pisces and Mars in Sagittarius, you have a water sign and a fire sign combining, creating steam. You want that steam to be the good kind of steamy.

The good news is Pisces and Sagittarius are both mutable signs, meaning flexible, so there’s a lot of solution-orientation mentality going on behind the scenes. Roll with it, and you won’t be thinking about throwing dishes during this square off.

Here we have the lovey planet of love and attraction, Venus, squaring off against love and warrior planet Mars. This is the kind of energy that relationships experience when lovers or partners are using relationship tools as weapons to win an argument, disagreement, or just a big decision or power play in your relationship.

With both love planets in play, sex is easily used as a weapon, for example. Have you ever heard yourself or your partner saying, “Well if you don’t do things my way tonight, then no dessert for you!” That probably happened under a Venus and Mars square. It’s very easy to fall into these traps.

Venus is the planet that helps you attract desirable things in your life, and to be desirable, so you can attract these things. She is all about love and beauty. She also protects you and your sense of self-worth, ruling the second house of earned income, gifts and talents, and self-confidence.

Right now she is in the compassionate and karmic water sign Pisces. Even when she’s angry, it’s because she loves so deeply. She knows now more than ever, compassion means everything.

Mars is the driven warrior planet. He goes to war about, well, almost everything. Anything can set him off. He rules the first house, which is the initiator of new chapters. Mars doesn’t want to just own the party, he wants to plan every second of it, and also be acclaimed as the hero of it all.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. We all need leaders in our lives, and need to be leaders in our lives and relationships. When these two power players square off, there is a build up of tension. When this happens in relationships, this can lead to some major problems. Nobody likes to be manipulated or power played.

Learning how to get through this transit successfully can help you not only succeed in love, but learn a valuable lesson about how to get through every scrunchy moment with your lover.

It won’t always be like Venus square Mars, and this transit is actually quite fleeting, but its effects if you don’t get through it smoothly will last a long time. Especially since this transit is happening under eclipse energy.

How to Keep Calm and Carry On Under Venus Square Mars

The primary theme under this square is aggressive relating. Whether it’s your partner, your boss, or your election opponent, this transit is all about aggressive moves via Mars style, with a loving touch, via Venus. Hillary Clinton has this aspect in her chart, to give you an idea that this aspect is not always combative and war like. It doesn’t need to be.

When opposition arises in any form in love, yes, you want to scream and kick and bellow about it, but what you need to do is put your Hillary Clinton smile on, and carry on. Venus is a beautiful thing, and this is why Mars is so passionate about Venus, and especially under a Venus and Mars square.

Flying off the handle is not pretty, and not a Venus thing. Here are some tips that are things you can actually do with your partner to calm troubled waters under a Venus and Mars square. Or any other time you want to just scream at them.

• Put a pin in it. Sometimes lovers like to pick fights, and if there are any underlying tension happening right now, it could bubble over under this square. If your Mars energy is starting to pick a fight, or someone else is, put a pin in it.

There’s nothing wrong with saying, “Listen, this is clearly bothering you and I get that. Why don’t we just take a break and clear our heads and come back to this later.” Put a pin in it until the square has passed. “How about we take a walk tomorrow afternoon and really hash this out with some fresh air, I hear it’s going to be a nice day tomorrow.”

Sometimes the things we fight about under a Venus and Mars square just disappear when the astrological tension has passed. If that happens, the universe is saying, this wasn’t worth fighting about anyway, aren’t you glad you didn’t break those dishes now?

• Pick your battles. Mars likes to pick battles all the time, but that doesn’t mean that you have to succumb to it. You’ve got to give a little in love sometimes. If Mars wants something and you don’t, and it’s not huge, why not just give in? Then Mars will be more willing to give in for you the next time.

If you fight every single time there’s a disagreement, you’re going to be fighting a long time, about everything. Pick your battles, and that means giving in. Venus feels so good and harmonious when that happens, and so do relationships.

• Relate. Remember the key word in every relationship is “relate.” That means, when power struggles come up, you need to find your place in that relationship, and find your place in “relating” to that other person. If you’re fighting or there’s a big power play going on, have you really done everything to understand their position?

That’s what relating is. Don’t fight with someone until you know where they are coming from. When you do, you are less likely to give up on them, and less likely to fight. “Wait a second, you aren’t okay with this? I’m sorry. Let’s sit down and talk about this and figure it out together. I want to understand your position more.”

That turns a square into a metaphorical conjunction in a heart beat, regardless of what is happening in the skies. It’s what love is. Love is not about accepting a perfect package, but about relating to a package that has a flaw or two, but makes you feel perfect. Because nobody is perfect and if you want to be loved with your flaws, you have to do the same.

• When they go low, you go high. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Do what Venus would do. Venus is in the flexible and heart-centered mutable sign Pisces for this. Compassion in all scenarios, even when you really want to scream at someone gets you everywhere. Stay pretty. Throwing dishes and screaming and personally attacking isn’t pretty.

We ALL need to practice this, and anybody that tells you they don’t is….not accurate.

• Channel the energy of celebrities. Hillary Clinton is one celebrity with a Venus square Mars in her transit, but many others have the same. Model the traits of Neil Young, John Cleese, Robert Carlyle, John Travolta, Richie Valens, Jeremy Irons, Joan Collins, and Bruce Springsteen to get through this transit.

Nobody becomes successful without a little fight in them, but you have to channel it right. In love, in work, in everything.

Concluding thoughts….

It’s been an intense few weeks from the universe under all this eclipse energy, and you may be ready to throw in the towel and just crawl under the covers. Or, throw a dish at the first provocation. Don’t. Keep on eye on your Daily Horoscopes and Weekly Horoscopes for more detail pertaining to your zodiac sign when it comes to this transit.

Venus and Mars square could nudge that temper along. Don’t do it. Instead, channel that energy into a successful and positive mindset, and use it to move forward with a little fight in you, and a relationship intact. You win under Venus and Mars square when you keep calm and carry on, even though you really just want to scream at someone.

You’re allowed to stand up for yourself, like Mars. Just do it in a way that is Venus beautiful. Shine, baby shine.

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