How Each Zodiac Sign Throws A Dinner Party

Knowing the personality of each sign can help you immensely in your interpersonal skills, which are quite possibly the most important component of success in our jobs and relationships. Each zodiac sign has a unique operating system that makes them behave in predictable ways. It’s as if each sun sign sees life through the same lens.

Here is a fun way to get to know the characteristics of each sign, geared around how each would throw a dinner party. See if these descriptions match how you and your loved ones entertain!


They may not focus on the details such as matching napkins or fancy china and they may show up late to their own party but they will invite people who stimulate their minds and think about changing the world. They will invite an eclectic mix of people because they can get along with everyone.

Their dinners will have an agenda to spark ideas and not just play cards. Think of it as a meeting of the minds. Don’t be offended if they don’t ask about details of your life, they are focused on being a revolutionary and live in the future.


These creative, unconventional people enjoy showering people with love and affection. They are warm and accepting and voted most likely to flake on their own dinner plans or talk about the third eye at dinner. They would be ones to prepare exotic foods, plan dinner in an obscure location and often at odd times.

They will welcome you with big hugs and make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. They may not be the best cook but they will throw parties with interesting, artistic people regardless of their social status. Usually this sign loves to drink and enjoys intimate, opulent settings.


This is the person who will make last minute invites and never sit down while entertaining. They will get other people to help them execute their dinner and will never fail to call out the white elephant in the room. Don’t be surprised if they throw parties for business networking or matchmaking as they love to cook and have to feel like they’re accomplishing something.

They are not going to lounge around and eat for hours, they get down to business and clean up before you’ve even started digesting your appetizers. They are voted most likely to throw dinners at fancy venues.


This is the opposite of the Aquarius dinner party. You can expect lavish desserts, a table spread that’s thought out from place mats to salad forks and even the extra touch of lit candles for ambiance. They will think about the flavors they are offering and have plenty of options for you to leave feeling full and satisfied.

They will also plan this whole event months in advance so they have time to prepare. Don’t try to bring uninvited guests because they don’t like surprises.


They are likely to change times on you when they plan and will talk the entire time at dinner. They are probably going to have trouble deciding what to serve and end up ordering food. They may forget to send out their invites or cancel last minute, but you can be sure they will approach their event with a childlike sense of play.

You can expect fun themes and costume parties from this sign! When you arrive, don’t expect everything to be organized because they tend to enjoy the chaos and whirlwind creativity. Will their food choices be in one category? Probably not! They will however love to talk about what food means, where it comes from and why we enjoy certain things over others.


They’ve been cooking for days before you arrive and are probably exhausted but won’t show it. They couldn’t choose which entree to serve so they went with all three. They want everyone to be included, so be prepared to sit at the kid’s table if there isn’t enough room for everyone. This is the dinner party most likely to have all ages including families, exes and babies.

They won’t know how to get people to leave so you may need to show yourself out after dinner. They will often try to prepare the whole meal themselves but go way overboard on portions. They will be considerate of your dietary preferences and make sure everyone is well fed.


They expect you to show up decked to the nines because you can bet they will be. They love to throw dinner parties to celebrate events, especially in their own lives. Welcome home and going away parties are always on the horizon because they love to make an entrance and an exit. They love to throw a party about throwing a party.

If you are bored, call a Leo, they are probably at a dinner party. They may expect you to bring the food but they will at least have some fun stories to entertain you with and their charm can be a fun break from a monotonous evening.


The ultimate planner will always send out invites and you can be sure they’ve put a time on that invite. Don’t worry about bringing food, they’ve got all the details covered. Their home will be tidy and they won’t let you clean up because they know how they like things done. Their thoughtful nature will take into account what each person likes to eat.

Their agenda is to find out how you’re doing and how they can help with your basic needs. These natural nurturers don’t know how to stop giving, so don’t overeat!


Welcome to your fair trade, organic and gourmet dinner party! This sign wants everyone to pitch in some money for food and they will always have a harmonious space to entertain because it’s like food to have people around them. If you feel like you need a group of friends, find a Libra – they’re sure to have lots of dinner parties where you’ll be more than welcome.

They will greet you with a hug and help you feel loved every time because of their effervescent friendliness.


Voted least likely to plan a large party, their dinners will be small groups with dim lights. They are creatures of the night who may invite you to a later dinner than afternoon barbeque. Expect red wine, deep conversations and probing questions at this meal where no secret is safe. You want some interesting or controversial conversations?

The people they invite are sure to be exciting! Their home may be disheveled because they honestly don’t pay attention to surface things because their nose is usually in a book. This is the intellectual’s passionate dinner and this host is good at creating a sensual atmosphere.


They love to entertain and will serve an extravagant spread. They will push the limits at a party and get you to try something spicy or eclectic. They are voted most likely to have you eat outdoors and will be sure to talk about heady topics. If you’re needing inspiration, go to a dinner party thrown by a Sag!

They tend to be unconventional in their lifestyle and beliefs, and progressive at the least so you’ll always meet some interesting people at their house. Wait until they break out their travel photos if they aren’t all over the wall.


You’ll find they love to serve a good meal and sit at an official table. They will often have the same people at their parties as they want to check in and watch the progress in their lives. They may seem cold if you haven’t known them for awhile but it’s because they are slow to jump into new friendships.

You can expect them to talk business, have a nice home and certainly show respect to the hardworking people there. They are voted most likely to do the same events every year and never cancel.


Of course, not all sun signs behave in the same way because we are comprised of more than our sun sign. If someone is emotional about something, you can look at their moon sign to understand why their feathers are ruffled and smooth things out. Also it’s very important to recognize we all have insecurities which are displayed through our rising sign.

The mask we put up to the world is our rising sign and that could also influence the way we throw a dinner party. Try asking people what their primal triad is the next time they throw a dinner party and see how the sun, moon and rising signs affect their approach to entertaining!

This could also be a great conversation at dinner if you ask each person what their style of throwing a dinner party is. Getting to know each sign can be fun! Check out this fun article to Find Your Zodiac Role Model.

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