Who is Your Zodiac Role Model?

Here are leaders, artists and significant public figures of each sign you can look to for inspiration. We each have unique talents we can often see through our sun sign. It’s motivating to have someone that’s on your wavelength to look up to. Not resonating with someone who shares your sun sign? Go on a web search and find someone’s story that sets your own soul on fire!

I’ve shared a little bit of each person’s story to help you see that they too had to find their natural skills and unique gifts. It’s great to know what obstacles your role model overcame and really, how they think that allowed them to achieve things that have inspired people and changed the world.


Ed Sheeran – He was inspired by meeting a role model too. He was a passionate singer as a young kid and took a backpack of clothes to London. He was able to reach people by sharing his songs on YouTube and even had a hit song on one of the Lord of The Rings movies, The Hobbit.

He even had a hit song before signing with a label through his prolific online presence. He was awarded placement into The Most Excellent Order of The British Empire because of artistry and his charitable giving.

Oprah Winfrey – She came from a Mississippi farm and grew to have the most watched daytime show on television along with her own magazine, production company and acting roles. She lived in a Milwaukee ghetto and was a victim of sexual abuse as a child. She worked hard in school because her strict father pushed her.

She has become one of the most wealthy women in the world, while making generous contributions to charities.

Jackson Pollock – Born in Wyoming, he grew up with an abusive, alcoholic father. Kicked out of two schools, he finally pursued his creative artistry. At only 18, he moved to New York city to paint.

Struggling with alcoholism in the era of the Great Depression, he met and married another artist and became one of the most famous avant garde painters of his time, breaking boundaries in art. He had his struggles as we all do but he changed history and helped open a new genre.


Steve Jobs – Born in San Francisco, he was put up for adoption by his parents and was a college dropout. He founded Apple computers and revolutionized technology, but he tried different things before his computer company. As a youth, he was a prankster, and later in life went to India to seek spiritual enlightenment and at his death was worth $7 billion.

Rihanna – Born in the Barbados, her father struggled with alcohol and crack cocaine. She signed to her first record label at age 16, just two years after her parents divorced. She became a hip hop icon under the mentorship of Jay-Z and was the victim of domestic abuse. The singer became a fashion icon and branched into acting.

Al Gore – Born in Washington D.C. he played football, was involved in arts and student government. On the summers he worked on a hay and tobacco farm. An avid environmental activist, he served as Vice President of the United States. He was a representative and state senator from Tennessee. He won the Nobel Peace Prize and a Grammy.


Cesar Chavez – An activist born in Arizona, he grew up toiling in the fields as a migrant farm worker. He improved conditions for farm workers and was a civil rights activist, leading peaceful protests in the form of marches, boycotts and hunger strikes. He was a labor leader and community organizer. He made it possible for farm workers to unionize.

Robert Frost – Born in San Francisco, he ended up winning four Pulitzer Prizes. His family life was tragic. His father died when he was young and many of his children died young as well. He had a string of different jobs, including professor and famous poet and even wrote a poem for President Kennedy’s inauguration. He was awarded 40 honorary degrees.

Lady Gaga – Born in New York City, she was accepted to Juilliard at age 11. She went to NYU’s Tisch School and left to find inspiration, working three jobs to survive. She was a gogo dancer and performed in burlesque shows before she became a pop icon, reaching number 1 on the charts.

She performed at the Super Bowl and created a fanbase called My Little Monsters. She has also become a fashion icon.


William Shakespeare – He lived between Stratford and London and is known as a playwright icon. His plays are still widely performed as classical theatre which includes tragedies and comedies. He was a prolific artist that studied Latin and Greek drama.

Many words he created and used in his plays changed the English language and his work shaped English culture. He’s still the world’s best known playwright.

Queen Elizabeth II – She is the longest living British monarch and female head of state. She has a deep sense of civic duty, putting the monarchy before personal opinion. She has upheld the morals the monarchy stands for while also doing her best to evolve with the changing times. She is patron of over 600 organizations and charities and an avid equestrian.

Tina Fey – Born in Philadelphia, she was interested in comedy at a young age. She did choir, drama, tennis and was co-editor of her school newspaper. She grew up watching Saturday Night Live and later starred on it and wrote for the show. She is an actress, comedian, writer, producer and New York Times Best Selling author.

She has received Emmy’s, SAG awards, Golden Globe awards and Writer’s Guild of America awards.


Morgan Freeman – Born in Tennessee, he grew up and joined the Air Force but it wasn’t for him. He then began acting but wasn’t successful for many years, until his career finally took off and he became a widely known performer. Growing up in a low income home, he scraped together money to see movies.

He now has many charitable endeavors, received an award from President Barack Obama and started his own production company.

Venus Williams – Born in California, she lived in Compton and learned tennis from her father. Her dad wasn’t a professional and they trained on public courts. She won an Olympic Gold medal and many awards playing doubles with her sister Serena. She has since pursued a degree in interior design and has her own clothing line and interior design company.

John F. Kennedy – Born in Massachusetts and at first a mediocre student, he finally learned to apply himself and graduated from Harvard. This man became the 35th president of the United States after being a member of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. He was able to set in place a Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty while in office as president.


Tom Hanks – Born in California to a hospital worker and cook, he became an A-list actor. He went to college for performing arts and started performing Shakespeare. He has won multiple Oscars and his movie Forest Gump made more than $500 million. He went on to do Broadway, direct and write screenplays, even with type-2 diabetes.

Angela Merkel – Born in Hamburg, Germany, she pursued a degree in quantum chemistry and was a research scientist. She is now the first female Chancellor of Germany and became President of the European Council.

She provided refuge to Syrian’s fleeing civil war in Germany and has been considered the de facto leader of the European Union; named the world’s second most powerful people by Forbe’s magazine.

Nelson Mandela – This man spent 27 years in prison for his human rights activism and ended up becoming the first black president of South Africa, changing the racist policies in the country. He won the Nobel Peace prize, wrote an autobiography and dismantled the apartheid system of the country. He is known for his non-violent defiance.


Halle Berry – Born in Ohio to a hospital worker and a nurse, she grew up in an inner-city neighborhood, where her father abandoned her family. Inspired to excel from the racism she experienced, she went to college for news reporting and then changed her mind, becoming a model and actress. She was the first African American to win best actress at the Academy Awards.

Barack Obama – Born in Honolulu, he became the first African American president of the United States. His father wasn’t really present at all in his upbringing and he excelled in school as one of three children. He went to law school and became a civil rights lawyer. He is also an author and professor.

Chris Hemsworth – Born in Melbourne, Australia, he grew up surfing with his two brothers who also act. His parents, a teacher and a social services counselor, raised him in the outback with buffalo and crocodiles. He began acting in the land down under and then made the journey across the world to follow his dream. He became an A-List actor for his role as Thor.


Jimmy Fallon – Born in Brooklyn, this college dropout left to pursue his dream to be a comedian. He became an actor, musician and television host as well. He studied with The Groundlings in Los Angeles and performed stand up across the US. He also performed on Saturday Night Live. He married a Hollywood producer and is now a father.

Beyonce – Born in Texas, she performed as often as she could. This singer joined a girl group before going solo and then getting into acting. She is a multi-platinum Grammy award winner and talented dancer married to Jay-Z. Known as the hip-hop power couple, they have both become icons in the music industry.

She has performed at the Super Bowl and had her own clothing line, fragrance and modelling career. She is a mother and was given the award of highest earning female musician of the year.

Bernie Sanders – Born in Vermont, he went on to run for President and became the longest serving independent politician serving in Congress. He actually grew up in Brooklyn and his parents were immigrants from Poland. His working class roots led him to fight for equality and he sparked a political revolution among the youth and progressives in the USA.


Oscar Wilde – Born in Dublin, Ireland in the 1800’s, he became an acclaimed playwright, poet and author. He lived unconventionally and was imprisoned for homosexuality in Victorian England. Growing up, he was very studious and loved Greek and Roman studies. He went on to study at Oxford where began writing.

His magazine work promoted respect for women’s opinions and feelings and he became one of the most well known classical playwrights.

Barbara Walters – Born in Boston, she became a famous interviewer. Her early career as a journalist and writer led to her becoming the first female co-anchor of an evening news broadcast. She received her degree in English and has moderated Presidential debates and is well respected for her probing interview style.

She interviewed many world leaders and became executive producer of The View.

John Lennon – Born in England, he went on to found a legendary band called The Beatles of which he was a singer and songwriter for. He became an icon in the peace movement with Yoko Ono. He was a prankster in school but showed artistic talent. He became a solo artist and is still admired for the uplifting social messages for love and utopia in his songs.


Willow Smith – Born to famous parents, she was able to learn the ropes of Hollywood at a young age. She became a singer and actress and then an avid philanthropist helping with causes like AIDS, orphans and kids in Africa. She became a child pop star working with Jay-Z as producer and has a strong sense of individuality and a hard but fun work ethic.

Bill Gates – Born in Seattle, Washington, he grew up in a very close knit middle class family. He founded the world’s largest software company, Microsoft, and became one of the richest men in the world. Stepping down to found and run a non-profit called The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he’s supported world health, investment in low income communities and education.

He donated a lot of money to the research of Alzheimer’s and is funding a smart city in Arizona with cutting edge technology and infrastructure on 25,000 acres.

Katy Perry – Born in Santa Barbara, California to two pastors, she was not even allowed to listen to rock and roll. She rebelled, pierced her nose and became a singer, songwriter and musician. It wasn’t easy. She had three record deals fall apart before stardom.

Known for her quirky style, you wouldn’t guess she had gotten her GED and moved to LA with no money, but she went on to reach the top of the charts and marry public figure Russel Brand for a short while.


Tyra Banks – Born in Inglewood, California, she became the first African American on the cover of Sports Illustrated and GQ as well as the first African American woman in a Victoria’s Secret catalogue. She was a supermodel before her TV success on America’s Next Top Model and her own Emmy winning talk show.

A serial entrepreneur, she has gone on to launch a makeup line and has championed the cause of helping young women deal with self esteem issues and even attended Harvard business school.

Jay-Z – Born in New York City, he grew up around a lot of drugs in the projects. He became a hip-hop icon as a rapper and later married Beyonce. He started a clothing line and a record label. He went on to support the first African American presidential campaign, gay rights and other charitable causes with his riches and fame.

John Stewart – Born in New York and raised in New Jersey, he didn’t have it easy. He attended William and Mary Law School, where he studied psychology and then tried different jobs. He finally started stand-up comedy and became famous as an Emmy-winning talk show host. He’s also an actor and writer who has been a political voice for the progressive youth.


John Legend – Born in Ohio, he was introduced to music early in his church choir. He did work with a consulting firm but never let his music die. He went on to win Grammys and an Academy Award for his music. He is involved in many charitable causes for education reform inspired by where he grew up. He’s worked with many successful artists in collaboration on his way to stardom.

Michelle Obama – Born in Chicago, she went to college in Princeton, studying law and becoming a writer. Her parents taught her to be studious and she excelled in school growing up, working at a law firm after graduting. She is known for being the first lady and wife of President Barack Obama but also for her many charitable endeavors in the areas of poverty, health and education.

Denzel Washington – Born in New York, he didn’t always know he wanted to be an actor. He studied journalism at Fordham, left the school and later returned to study acting. He then went to the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco and went on to do Shakespeare, later became an A-List actor. He is an Oscar nominee and Golden Globe award winner.


Feeling inspired? Why not read the full stories of a few people who you feel an affinity with? Want to take it one layer deeper? You can look up your own moon sign and find a role model who shares your moon sign. It’s important to know that many successful people consult astrologers regularly and talk about this subject frequently.

Consulting the stars is a great path to unlock your potential. Taking this concept one step further, let’s choose role models who have contributed to society and didn’t just live for themselves. This is a great topic to discuss with your friends to inspire them as well. You’ll find all sorts of obstacles that people overcame to get where their soul was nudging them to go!

The journey of our soul requires intuition and a strong sense of trust that we do have a purpose. That trust, for me, is always strengthened when I see the common themes in astrology matching people’s natural abilities.

You can also get inspiration from the Greek God associated with your sun sign!

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