Crystal Healing – 6 Easy and Cheap Aquarius Eclipse Rituals To Manifest Miracles

It′s New Moon ritual time! Remember, New Moons are when you see only a sliver of a Moon as it begins a brand new cycle. In February, the New Moon arrives in the air sign of Aquarius, but all zodiac signs will feel the effect. The theme of every New Moon phase in the calendar month is one of new beginnings.

The New Moon begins the cycle, the Full Moon waxes all things to a close or shuts out what is no longer serving a purpose in your life. You can move forward in whatever area of your life you choose. It’s the perfect opportunity to start fresh, and let plans develop into reality. Anything is possible under a New Moon!

Where in your life do you want to hit the reset button? What area of your life do you want to take to the next level? Are you willing to embrace your potential? Harness the power of this energy and discover how to conduct New Moon rituals. You can do this with crystals and crystal healing. It’s easier than you think! Let′s get started!

New Moon in Aquarius – The 5 W’s

What is it? The New Moon is the beginning of the monthly lunar cycle. New Moon rituals, intentions, or wishes need to be about new beginnings and launching new cycles in your life. Where do you want to improve your life?

When is it? The Aquarius New Moon arrives on February 15 in the Northern Hemisphere and February 16 in the Southern Hemisphere. To benefit from this energy, crystal healing New Moon rituals should be performed between February 12 and February 18.

Where does it occur? The February 2018 New Moon occurs in the zodiac sign of Aquarius, a fixed sign.

Why does it happen? No system is static in the universe. Every month the New Moon arrives in a different zodiac sign to breathe life into the themes that zodiac sign rules. This month, your new beginnings and New Moon rituals should focus on the strengths of the air signs. It’s when you embrace that potential that you see miracles happen.

Who does it impact? The New Moon in Aquarius will be felt most intensely by Aquarians. However, fellow air signs Libra and Gemini will feel its impact, as well as fixed signs Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio will also. Even so, the New Moon in Aquarius arrives for all of us, and so all people and zodiac signs will be under its spell.

All New Moon rituals will be blessed, no matter what zodiac sign you are.

New Moon Crystal Healing Rituals to Embrace Your Inner Genius

1. Amethyst—Embrace a New Chapter

The New Moon in Aquarius is about air sign themes, which are intellectual in nature, logical, and word based. It means that this New Moon allows you to begin a new chapter. Making plans and starting things you’ve always wanted to do, or that you’ve been putting off is a great plan during this time. Put your intentions into reality.

The first of the New Moon rituals you perform this month is to acknowledge your wishes. Put them into words, say them out loud, put pen to paper and write them out in a journal. Then, lie down and prepare for some crystal healing. Use amethyst as your crystal of choice for this ritual, and place it on your third eye chakra, which is located between your eyes on your head.

Close your eyes for five minutes and visualize what you just put into words on that paper. See it happening in your life. What does it look like, feel like, taste like, smell like? Do this with amethyst every day for the New Moon and eclipse period. Thoughts become things. The Law of Attraction is very powerful right now.

2. Yellow Stones— Be Inventive & Adventurous

What makes a New Moon in Einstein-like Aquarius so powerful is that it encourages innovative thinking, enhanced by the solar eclipse. Try something new, invent a new solution to an old problem in your life that has been bothering you. Be bold. Don’t do what you would usually do. Do what you wouldn’t do (so long as it’s legal)!

Is your love life not working out? Are you looking to advance on the career front? Take a new approach this time. Be inventive and luck will follow. Aquarius marches to the beat of their own drummer and now you need to as well, creating those fantastic new beginnings.

We’re going to work with your solar plexus chakra on this one, the invisible wheel center right above your naval, and along your chest, to help build the confidence you need to be brave and bold and innovative. You’ll know you did it right when you want to puff your chest out and be proud of yourself.

Yellow is the color of this chakra, and so we’re using yellow stones for your New Moon eclipse ritual here. There is no wrong one: Citrine, Topaz, Tiger’s Eye, Yellow Tourmaline, Yellow Jasper, you get it. Anything yellow will do. Even gold will do!

Create a new New Moon ritual this month that will allow you to set the intention of creative, intelligent new beginnings to improve your lot. Lie down again, and place your yellow crystal healing stones over your solar plexus – anywhere from above the naval to your chest area. Breathe in and breath out for a few minutes until all your thoughts are clear.

A white candle lit beforehand is very helpful. Now you are going to just clear your head, and ask the angels and your guides to send you the information you need to be an innovator in your life. Ask them to tell you want you need to do next. Wait for the pictures, the sounds, or the images to appear.

3. Spirit Quartz— Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Along with being inventive, be different. Aquarius is so outside the box they don’t even know what the inside of the box looks like. Do something in a way nobody else ever has or will, in the area of your life where you want new beginnings. Aquarius is a bit of a rebel that way, so model your New Moon rituals accordingly.

This means you need to let out one of your more unconventional sides. For this month, let your New Moon rituals center around something you’ve never done before! Make it a New Moon ritual to let that freak flag fly, baby. You may not be sure how to do that. Just do it. That thing you are itching to do, just do it.

If you don’t know, ask your angels and guides through a New Moon eclipse ritual that connects you right to the divine by focusing on your crown chakra. Your crown chakra is located at the top of your head, and is clear white color, the purest white you can imagine.

It’s also sometimes violet, so crystals that are lavender in color, or a combination of lavender and clear or white, like spirit quartz, are perfect for this New Moon eclipse ritual. Lavender quartz, amethyst, clear quartz, spirit quartz, lapiz lazuli, are all good starts when working with your crown chakra for crystal healing.

Again, lie down wherever you are comfortable and won’t be interrupted. You may prefer sitting, as the crystal healing will be performed on the top of your head. Place your crystals on the top of your head and imagine a beam of light coming from your head. Close your eyes and focus on this beam and ask your angels and guides to show you the way.

What can you do to step outside the box in your life? What do they want you to do? Ask them. Images, sounds, and messages will arrive through the portal you have just created. That is information you can use in your life, today.

Concluding thoughts…

When it comes to setting New Moon intentions or developing rituals under the New Moon in air sign Aquarius, it′s all about using your head. Aquarius is the sign of intellect and language, they think outside the box. Put your New Moon wishes and intentions to writing as your first New Moon ritual, and then let them manifest abundance in your life.

What are your New Moon wishes? What New Moon rituals will you perform this month?

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