Let Your Zodiac Sign Help You Pick Your Battles

In life, we are sometimes called upon to brace ourselves and prepare for grizzly combats and epic arguments; tension is a natural part of the human existence, and often helps us to evolve into our most amazing selves. Interpersonal communication skills can greatly enhance our verbal exchange with others, however, they are not readily taught in our society.

Astrology can help you learn to choose your battles wisely, only engaging in the negative exchanges that will serve you in the end and build a connection with your sparring partner. Love and beauty can become part of these dialogue-induced stressors.

Each person has their own unique way of overcoming obstacles and battling their opponents. Let’s explore the nature of the 12 star signs to discover the best manner by which to choose your battles wisely.


Your nature is pulsing with intensity, and this often comes through in your interactions with others – sometimes in sudden and stormy ways. Whether loud or silent, your energy is palpable to those around you, especially when you are upset with them. Try to be patient with those around you, and to see things from their point of view.

Sometimes pressures arise simply due to misunderstanding, so make sure you truly grasp what someone is trying to convey before confronting them.


Taurus is represented by the bull, and with good reason. You may have a reputation as being a bit, shall we say, stubborn. While you may not see it this way – you’re just right… a lot – it would behoove you to become more flexible in situations that start to flare your nostrils.

Try opening your mind to different options and solutions when confronted with conversational challenges, and you might find your encounters running as smoothly as crushed velvet.


Your thoughts are sometimes scattered, and your conversations might seem to jump around from topics such as monkey hats to globalization and back to volunteer opportunities – you’re a well-rounded individual with many interests, after all!

Before you enter into any verbal battles, make sure you’re armed with a structured case to truly make your point; your opponent will appreciate the well-thought-out argument that you’ve crafted with discipline, respect and love.


Let’s face it, you can be moody at times; however, your emotional depth is what makes you such an amazing, thoughtful person. Just make sure that any confrontation you have to share is done so with a rational, clear-headed position, and not from a place of anger and sensitivity.

Sometimes we take things personally when they were not intended to hurt us and this can cause tension in our relationships. Before you make your case, make sure you aren’t doing so out of anger or spite.


You’re a fun, feisty spirit with a smile that brightens any room, but you can be quick to act. Sometimes, your impulsivity is charming and spontaneous, and other times it causes you to react too hastily to perceived affronts. Think through your immediate anger before you sharpen your claws to make certain you haven’t misunderstood intent or context.


Your independence is an admirable quality, and one that people appreciate among your many amazing characteristics. You sometimes adopt the theme of “my way or the highway,” so happy are you to spend your time living your life as you please.

Sometimes, we must make compromises in order to maintain healthy relationships, and one of these compromises is allowing others to have their own opinion, and share it without fear.


Your balanced nature often places you in the position of the devil’s advocate; you see every situation from all angles, and inspect it scrupulously. Sometimes, however, subject matter is simple and straightforward, with no inspection necessary.

Try to stay focused on the task at hand and listen to what a person is saying without trying to decipher its every possible meaning; those around you will appreciate your attention to their words over your attention to detail.


You are a slow burning entity, and your fuse is not typically short; but when someone truly gets under your skin, you eliminate them like a well-trained exterminator. Avoid these uproarious confrontations by letting someone know your feelings well before they’ve pushed you over the edge; most people will heed your honest advice and knock it off.


Your optimistic, bubbly personality comes with a bit of an edge. With the right provocation, you’ll have steam billowing from each ear with remarkable force. Try not to let others get to you, especially those who are icky on purpose.

There are some people in life who enjoy getting a rise out of others – I’m sure we’ve all met one or two folks like this – but letting them upset you will never bring you peace. Let their words roll off of you like rain drops off a water-repellent poncho.


Your fighting style is more silent and deadly than loud and in-your-face. You might just as soon turn a cold shoulder to an opponent, rather than engaging them. Confrontation is unpleasant, but sometimes necessary. Don’t shy away from telling your truth to others when they’ve upset you, just be sure to do so with respect and understanding.


You might come off as unflinching and cool-as-a-frozen-waffle, but you know how to stew and brew inside. When you deal with verbal challenges, try to express the emotions you’re feeling as well as the cold, hard facts you’re sharing.

Your emotions are valid, and sharing them in an appropriate manner might open up your opponent’s eyes and allow them to see things from your point of view.


Confrontations are not your cup of cocoa, but you are strong and can absolutely stand up for yourself when need be. Reconciling your soft side and your inner piranha can be a challenge, and you might find that both of them come out in times of stress. Just try to keep your head up and stay focused on the message you’re trying to share.

Be clear and concise about your feelings without giving in or biting their little annoying craniums off.

Stress and tension between people and in relationships are inevitable, but with a bit of preparation you can make your battles civil, smooth and productive – bringing you closer together by sharing your grievances openly, honestly and with a little help from the stars.

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