Heart’s Desire vs. Hidden Passion Number – Learn the Difference

Ever wondered what you were meant to do in this lifetime? Or did you ever wonder what you LOVE to do or are passionate about? We all know the things we love and love to do. But we don’t all know that the things we love and love to do are our life’s callings.

It goes back to that old saying, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life,” often attributed to Confucius wisdom.

You may hear the words “heart’s desire number” or “passion number” when it comes to numerology. But do you really get what they mean? Well, they aren’t necessarily about romance. They’re about finding that thing inside you that you are destined for so that you can do it. We are going to have a look at these key terms today.

What is Your Heart’s Desire Number?

In every lifetime on this plane, we have a personality. There are many ways to characterize our personality. We can do that through personality tests that call us Introverted or Extroverted, through the personality traits of our zodiac sign and Rising sign, and through various methods of numerology. The Tarot can help us discover our personal themes as well.

There are many ways to determine your heart’s desire that lies at the depth of your soul and personality. Sometimes you can take personality traits from one lifetime to the next, especially if you have some unfinished karmic business.

But sometimes in life, we see so much chaos that we can’t find the forest through the trees, about our personal Selves. If you ever see your Daily Horoscopes read that you need some downtime or reflection time, or some meditation, you are being shown favorable dates to reflect on who you are as a person. But not many of us have that time. And when we take it, we often feel guilty.


Take that time. Even locking yourself in the bathroom for just 15 minutes a day can produce wonderful internal results.

But another way to discover your heart’s desire is through your heart’s desire number. Using numerology, you discover your heart’s desire number and the themes of that number. Every letter of the alphabet has a corresponding number. Every vowel in your name corresponds to one of those numbers. That is your heart’s desire number.

Discover your heart’s desire number right here When you read about its meaning, ask yourself, “How do these themes resonate in my life?”

For example, mine tells me I enjoy communicating. This resonates with my chosen career! So I’m one step closer to not only knowing my heart’s desire, but living it.

This number will reveal what is going on within, those underlying urges you have that you don’t know that you have that you long to be filled. It will tell you what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning, and why you do the things you do, good and bad. Knowing this, of course, will help you make better choices, but more importantly, live your destiny, your heart’s desire.

Everything that you do in this life has an underlying motivation. That is what your heart’s desire number tell you, why you get that chocolate bar (or not) or make that phone call (or not). This is useful in both work and love.

What is Your Hidden Passion Number?

The hidden passion number takes your desires to the next level and helps you to discover your unique gifts and talents. What are you good at? What do you LOVE to do in your spare time? Your desire number helps you to understand the WHY. Now, the passion number helps you to understand the WHAT.

My son is 16 and is worried that he doesn’t know what he wants to do for the rest of his life. I sometimes chortle when he says this. “How many 16 year-olds have it figured out?” I say.

But also, how many 56-year-olds have it figured out? Not many – I can attest to that! I discovered a heart’s desire that started when I was in high school when my English teacher told me to “never stop writing.”

But I didn’t listen. I followed society’s norms and expectations and wrote in my spare time, when I had time. Now it’s my career. Of course it is work, and of course there are practical responsibilities. But I consider myself blessed every day for it. And this can happen for you too.

I remind my son often that he can find his passion and learn how to be successful at it, regardless of what anyone says in his life or down the road. I tell him God gave him special miracles when he was born that are his gifts and talents. Those are the things you are good at in life. You love them because you are good at them – you may just not know that yet.

Right now he is an athlete, both varsity and Special Olympics. And there’s a gold medal hanging on his wall because he stopped worrying and started focusing on doing what he loves.

When you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life. And no matter who or what you believe in, what you love to do is also what you happen to be good at.

In this Age of Aquarius, we can all benefit from the money-making opportunities that technology has opened up for us. When I was a kid, I never had the opportunity to be a YouTube star. That didn’t exist. Now it does. Through geniuses like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, we can now have more opportunities than ever to make a career out of what we love to do.

What do you love to do? You may not even know it yet. Or, you may not even know how you can be successful with it. Are you the best knitter in Bridge Club? Do you bring the moistest brownies to the PTA? You can find a way to use your unique gifts to serve humanity.

Go online and discover ways you can help others, and even make money doing it. Video game developing? Website building? News reading? Or maybe you just like to tweet and can get friends and the world engaged with one powerful tweet every day? People make a living doing that, you know.

What is your passion? With numerology, you can discover this karmic lesson.

Concluding Thoughts…

When it comes to learning more about ourselves, we have literally millions of tools at our disposal. But you don’t need to sift through them all if you have an interest in astrology, the Tarot, and numerology. These are all divination tools will help you to discover what you love to do and why you love to do it.

Don’t beat yourself up if you feel old and haven’t figured it out yet. Some souls never do, and you likely had previous lifetimes where you didn’t. Now, in this lifetime, you can get one step closer to learning your heart’s desire and your hidden passions.

Keep reading your Daily Horoscopes to learn what is favored on this or that day, and then discover your heart’s desire number and hidden passion number. What are you going to do with your lifetime?

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