Love Adds Up with Numerology: Your Heart’s Desire Number

Few things are more enthralling than the first blush of new love. Spending time together, getting to know each other, forming a connection – these all make the early days of a relationship feel so exciting, like the possibilities are endless.

For those that don’t want to leave the fate of their heart strictly to chance though, it can be worthwhile to investigate your romantic compatibility with a new or future partner. While everybody nowadays checks a love interest’s zodiac sign, you may want to delve a little deeper into your potential for a love match by comparing your numerological compatibility as well.

What Is Numerology?

For those that are not familiar with numerology, it is the belief in the significance between the facets of our personality and the numbers associated with our lives, such as names, birth dates and other personal details. While that may sound a little mystical or supernatural, numerology actually has its roots deep in the history of ancient mathematicians.

Pythagoras (yes, the same one you learned about in algebra) believed that mathematical constructs were more universal and understandable than physical ones, and posited that the relationship between people and numbers could hold substantial meaning. While this was probably the earliest form of numerology, it’s by no means the only one, as the practice of this art has been recorded through most cultures around the world.

How Do You Find Your Heart’s Desire Number?

If you’re worried you need an advanced math degree to uncover a heart’s desire number, don’t worry- it’s easier than it sounds, and all you’ll need is a pen and paper… or our handy calculator.

The simplest form of numerology involves assigning numbers one through nine to each letter of the alphabet and then adding the numbers that correspond to the spelling of your name as well as that of your love interest. You’ll keep reducing those numbers down until you have a single digit number.

Using the name John James Doe as an example, John would be 2 (1+6+8+5= 20, further reduced as 2+0=2), James would be 3 (1+1+4+5+1=12, further reduced as 1+2=3), and Doe would be 6 (4+6+5=15, further reduced as 1+5=6).

Adding 2+3+6= 11, and 1+1= 2, so John James Doe’s numerological calculation would make him a 2.

How Compatible are Your Love Numbers?

Once you have your number and theirs, you can compare how compatible your heart’s desires are. Each number has core values that influence their personality, and how they approach love and relationships, so be sure to read both and see if there are enough common points for your partnership to thrive. For example, a 2 and a 7 might have difficulties relating, since one values thoughts over feelings. Likewise, a 1 and an 8 would be a grand romantic pairing that nurtures one another.

Read on to discover if the odds are in your favor!


A numerological 1 is very sensual, completely enraptured with their feelings and yours. This lover is passionate in all aspects of their romantic relationships; this passion may come across as perfectionism sometimes, but it’s easy to get them to let loose and relax once you know how. A 1 loves to feel adored and admired, so be sure to express how appreciative you are of ALL their attributes, not just the physical ones. This love number thrives on quality time with their chosen partner.


If your mate’s love number is 2, you can expect to woo and be wooed in return. People with this number are nurturing, genuine lovers that believe emotion is the foundation of a successful relationship. Sex is a means of expressing their feelings for you, and they may not be very comfortable rushing into a physical relationship until they know you well. Patience pays off here though, as 2’s will cater to your emotional AND physical needs once you’ve earned their trust and affection.


Numerological 3’s have a joie de vivre that makes them exciting to be around. Impulsive and unpredictable, a Three wants to keep you on your toes while making your toes curl. Their need for new and engaging experiences can sometimes mean they bore easily, so be prepared to put in work to keep this love number interested. While their sense of spontaneity means there’s never a dull moment with a 3, it also means you may have to set the majority of boundaries in the relationship.


One of the least outgoing and expressive of the love numbers, a 4 is very conservative in how they approach their relationships. Don’t expect skydiving and roleplay from this numerological partner- their idea of adventure is leaving the lights on. Don’t dismiss the potential in a 4 though; this conventional attitude means they’ll have equally traditional values of how they believe they should treat you, which is with care and respect. If you crave a stable and thoughtful partner, 4 may be perfect.


You’re going to have your hands full in more ways than one with a numerological 5! This playful and lively love number has a tireless amount of energy for their romantic interests, both in and out of the bedroom. They’re pretty open-minded and curious about everything, so they’d be an ideal partner if you’re looking to get out of your comfort zone. Since a 5 treats their love life like their favorite sport, be sure you’re ready to play on their level, or everyone will end up losing here.


One of the more sensuous love numbers, this personality is intense and passionate. A numerological 6 wants to get close to you in every way possible, and will be invested in your relationship – so be sure you’re taking them equally seriously. Their desire for closeness means a 6 values a strong sexual connection as well as an emotional one, which creates a meaningful intimate experience. This personality doesn’t appreciate being kept at a distance, so be sure you’re ready to open up to them.


Whoever said the brain was the biggest sexual organ must have had a numerological 7 in mind. People with this love number tend to be creative and intelligent – meaning they’ll have no problem thinking of ways to wow you in and out of the bedroom. They’re equally attracted to the same qualities in their partners and expect a reciprocal level of intellectual bonding. Don’t worry about 7’s getting too stuck in their heads to have fun though, since this sign is more inventive than analytical.


If your love interest is a numerological eight, be prepared for grand gestures and the kind of romance that would put a fairy tale to shame. This type of lover believes in the time-honored approaches to relationships and will appreciate things like a bouquet on your anniversary – and flower petals on the sheets too. 8’s want to be romanced in a similar manner to the way they treat you, so it’s best not to take their gifts and attention for granted, lest they feel scorned or taken advantage of by you.


Enthusiastic and engaging, this love number has a dynamic personality. Their approach to relationships is exuberant and focused; they’ll want to learn every part of you, emotional and physical, and their appetites are almost endless. Intimacy is a sign of a thriving connection to a 9, who also places a premium on contact- not solely sexual though! They appreciate a solid cuddle as well. You’ll have to give a lot of attention to a 9, but know that you’ll get twice as much back in return.

Do The Math!

As the saying goes, the numbers don’t lie. Once you’re able to calculate your heart’s desire number and your potential partner’s, you’ll be able to better understand how your romantic compatibility adds up – math pun totally intended. With this new metaphysical art in your repertoire, you’ll be calculating a love match in no time!

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