Can Numerology Predict Love Compatibility?

How many of you have checked today’s love horoscope?

And if you did, you’ve also checked your partner’s, right?

Questions about love compatibility rank among the most searched within the worlds of Tarot, numerology, and astrology. Love is tricky, so it makes sense we would look at all the tools we can find to avoid heartbreak! That being said, we are going to dive into love compatibility from a numerology perspective.

Just like you check your compatibility from the perspective of the zodiac, numerology can also do the job!

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Numerology & Love Compatibility

You might be wondering…How can numerology teach you anything about romance?

Well, your Life Path number is aptly named and concerned with the trajectory that your life may take. It can show your talents, strengths, and weaknesses that you may have now or develop later. It can also show you challenges you might face or how you may achieve success.

So naturally, when it comes to matters of the heart — whether it’s for a casual fling or you’re deep into looking at marriage compatibility — numerology also has a hand in love compatibility.

However, like the signs in your chart, you have more than just one Core number. Think of your Life Path number as akin to your Sun sign. It is an important focal point, but by no means is it the only aspect to consider.

Now that you understand more about the Life Path number, how it correlates to romance, and how to find your unique number, keep reading to discover which numbers you are most compatible with!

First: Finding Your Life Path Number

Not sure what your Life Path Number is? No fret, calculating your Life Path Number is actually not all that complicated.

For those familiar with astrology, it functions very much like your zodiac sign, in the sense that you use your birthdate to come up with your Life Path number.

All you have to do is add up the numbers of your birth date and year to one final number. Today, however, you can skip the mental math and try our free life path numerology calculator to discover yours instantly.

Now let’s see how this rolls out!

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Your Life Path Number’s Unique Numerology Compatibility

The fun part about Life Path numbers is that as long as you know someone’s birthday and birth year, it’s easy to figure out their Life Path number too.

Check out your compatibility below, or check up on a loved one to see if they’re a match for you as well.

Life Path 1

This Life Path number has a big personality, bringing devotion and intensity to the relationship.

Because of this, the number 1 prefers to be the dominant partner in a relationship and may have difficulty relinquishing control, but can equally be a devoted and loving partner as they’ll certainly give their all to something they care about.

Compatible with:

  • Happy-go-lucky Life Path threes are a good match for you — they get along with mostly everyone! Threes have a mellow personality that will balance out your strong will.
  • Life Path fives are lucky in general and will add some fun to your relationship. Versatile and adaptable, they’ll be able to go with the flow of what you need.

Tricky love matches:

  • Other Life Path ones may be too headstrong for you. This would be a relationship that requires a lot of compromises and hard work.
  • Eights are often leaders and decision-makers, which will equally be a difficult match for your strong-willed personality.

Life Path 2

Diplomatic and sensitive twos can find love an intriguing but difficult topic.

Born romantics, this number is sensitive and sincere. You don’t toy with people’s emotions, but you may have trouble finding others who are as deeply honest as you are.

On the bright side, your romantic nature makes you compatible with many numbers.

Compatible with:

  • Life Path eights are business-minded and strong initiators, which would complement your sometimes indecisive nature. Additionally, your preference for intimacy and deep conversation would make you most compatible with this contemplative number.
  • A Life Path 1 would also experience a harmonious connection with you, as you share core values and strong visionary qualities.

Tricky love matches:

  • A connection with Life Path 4 or 7 may seem appealing at first, but you’ll have to find a way to sustain the initial spark. While you have a knack for creating chemistry with these two, it’s not always cut out for a long-term connection.
  • Life Path 5 would be a difficult match to sustain as their happy-go-lucky personality may frustrate your tendency to plan and think seriously.

Life Path 3

Social, communicative, and bubbly, your friendly disposition can easily connect you to various social groups and circles.

So when it comes to love, Life Path 3 is not always the first that’s eager to settle down. And while you may seem flighty and unpredictable to the outside eye, no one values good conversation more than you.

So, in fact, you probably value a long-term partner who can provide that to you with deep seriousness.

Compatible with:

  • Sevens will add an air of appreciation and depth to your life — if there are two exceptionally harmonious numbers together, it would be the compromising threes with the truth-telling sevens.
  • Additionally, fives are equally social and curious, and you’ll keep their egos in check with your honest advice and genuine perspective. Plus, the number 5 is adventurous and spontaneous enough to keep you satisfied.

Tricky love matches:

  • The leadership and strong communicative skill of Life Path eights will attract you, but you might not be able to handle their ever-present need for perfection and control.
  • Life Path fours have a deep focus on plans, practicality, and more tangible matters of the world. While they may provide a level of stability that initially intrigues you, you may not have much in common.
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Life Path 4

Everyone can count on the fours of the world.

When your tire goes flat, you call the fours in your life. In return, you also need someone grounded and rooted.

Life Path number 4 is one of practicality, stability, and loyalty. So while you may not show your affection with grandiose gestures, you deeply value commitment and devotion and show it in your own unique way too.

Compatible with:

  • Number 4 will benefit from the intuitive personality of the number 6, who will understand the depth of your feelings from your actions rather than your words. As a result, pairing up with the number 6 might relieve you of the need for over-the-top romantic gestures.
  • Number 8 would be a great match for you, as their leadership and your groundedness could even reap monetary abundance together. You would also appreciate the organized and responsible qualities of a number 8 who shares your commitment views.

Tricky love matches:

  • Life Path 5 lives a creative, unpredictable, and social lifestyle. You may have difficulty finding much in common when it comes to your long-term goals.
  • Life Path nines need to travel and heal the world will clash with your need to stay rooted in one place. This can be a case of “opposites attract” somehow, but it’s ultimately a hard connection to sustain.

Life Path 5

Never one to complain about how many partners or potential suitors you have, social and lucky fives may find settling with one person a bit of a test.

Extroverted and friendly, this number likes to live in the moment. You have an open mind when it comes to romance, but your own insecurities can make it difficult for you to jump in — even though your personality makes you attractive to just about everyone.

While you are loyal, you need spontaneity in your life.

Compatible with:

  • Life Path 1 could be a refreshing match for you as they are driven but outgoing kind of individuals. You could use some control and leadership from the ones of the world.
  • Truth-telling 7 is probably your best match; they know how to be the center of attention but will not compete with you for the spotlight!
  • You would also benefit from the take-charge attitude of the playful, optimistic attitude of a number 3.

Tricky love matches:

  • Life Path 8 may be initially attractive to you as a mysterious, powerful type, but be careful — if you don’t give them everything, they will walk! While you are the one who is used to being adored, you’ll likely be put outside of your comfort zone with this tricky love connection.
  • Life Path fours will be inclined to want to settle down for the long haul, and this may not appeal to your outgoing, spontaneous ways. This would be a difficult match, but we all know that opposites do attract, of course.

Life Path 6

If you’re a Life Path 6, you probably wonder what all of the fuss about compatibility is about because you probably get along well with…everyone.

The intuitive nature of the number 6 makes it easy for you to be a supportive, loving partner. You are generous, nurturing, and, because of this, you can get along with just about anyone.

However, you have to be careful to avoid partners that would take advantage of your kindness!

Compatible with:

  • Life path twos will be your best match, as they love to be partnered with peaceful people like you — their gentleness will keep your approach to life soft and sweet.
  • The balanced and selfless number 9 would also be a great match for your nurturing character.

Tricky love matches:

  • Number fives might be a little too scattered for you. Your approach to life is not as bold and spontaneous as a 5, so you’ll have to be willing to compromise in this connection.
  • Life Path threes are people-oriented just like you, so you may think you have a lot in common. However, your communication styles are still wildly different, so this match is not as compatible as it seems.

Life Path 7

Looking for a long-term partner?

A 7 is the most committed of them all, but the catch is that they’re certainly not short on potential partners.

The number 7 is rather independent and does not take relationships lightly. You do not wish to lose your personal freedom to a partner that isn’t worth your time, but once you commit, you do so for the long-haul!

While you may not be as likely to settle down and get married, you might find that you are more than able to create loving relationships within which you are comfortable.

Compatible with:

  • You’re best matched with an inquisitive 3 who can inject a little fun into your life and who also values their autonomy.
  • Fives will also be enjoyable partners, and you’ll keep each other challenged and on your toes.

Tricky love matches:

  • You may find yourself drawn toward the feisty number 1, but you may find that both of you being so independent leads to irreconcilable differences.
  • Life Path 8 appears to be independent and strong-willed like you, but their priorities are still too grounded for your more spontaneous nature.
  • Likewise, you may feel easily constrained with relationship-oriented Life Path 2, who will be eager to get you to settle down quickly, setting off your alarms.

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Life Path 8

You’re not happy unless you’re the leader of the pack — eights want to be in control of everything around them. You’ll need a number that can either keep up with your style of leadership or be an eager follower.

The number 8 can be organized, competitive, and focused on abundance and career. You like to be in control, and while that isn’t a bad thing, it can make finding a partner a bit harder.

You might be more concerned with coming out ahead than finding true love at times, but the right partner will open your heart to romance.

Compatible with:

  • Twos are good matches because both enjoy long-term stability, planning and have similar tastes with the finer things in life. If you’re both able to break down each others’ walls, a loving and intimate connection can be forged here.
  • The practical and logical number 4 would also appeal to your responsible sensibilities. This combo easily can lead to some power couple projects and antics!

Tricky love matches:

  • Fives are your type if you want a fling, but their spontaneity and need for freedom may eventually weigh on you — and your ambitious, career-centered nature on them.
  • Life Path 7 may seem to be a mirror image of yourself at first — contemplative, ambitious, and independent — but too much similarity may lead to you parting ways later down the line as you chase your individual goals and dreams.

Life Path 9

Humanitarian nines will have the most trouble finding love compatibility in numerology as you don’t just like to be alone… you prefer it.

The number 9 can tend to isolate themselves, and as a result, may have difficulty finding relationships—on the off chance that they even want one.

You like your solitude and time spent alone, and there is nothing wrong with that. If you do choose to let love into your life, you would be most compatible with someone who is understanding and accepting of your need for space.

Compatible with:

  • Life Path sixes will make for a harmonious life together, as they will share many of your same goals.
  • The sevens of the world are truth seekers that have a sharp wit and strong personality just like you, and you’ll enjoy this common ground together.
  • While it initially looks like an odd match, the empathy and sensitivity of a number 2 would potentially help you come out of your shell a bit more and learn to trust people.

Tricky love matches:

  • Fellow Life Path nines will share much in common with you, but neither are likely to be willing to sacrifice your own independence and freedom. Still, you can easily make great pals.
  • Life Path fours will probably be the most difficult match for you of all. Their stable nature is likely a mismatch to your free-spirited whimsy.

Life Path 11

Master number 11 is an intense number with big dreams and ambitions, and love is not always something that comes easy to them.

Psychic, eccentric, and always on the prowl for something meaningful, and 11 doesn’t settle for anything less than amazing.

When it comes to love, you need a partner that will understand your desire for creating or sharing something big and important and can support you on that journey. As honesty is also incredibly important to you, you’ll need a partner that can be open and intimate with you as well.

Compatible with:

  • Life Path nines have dreams and ambitions just like you, and they’ll be able to be as open and honest as you need. And since you both respect the other’s need for space, you’ll be able to create a harmonious love connection.
  • Life Path twenty-twos have a lot in common with you, as they themselves contain your number, just duplicated! This would make an incredibly powerful romantic duo because of those core similarities.

Tricky love matches:

  • Life Path fours will probably be a tricky match for you as they require a kind of grounded thinking and planning that doesn’t always vibe well with your eccentric and free-flowing spirit.
  • Life Path 8 leads an independent lifestyle like you but in an entirely different way. You’re two sides of the same coin but will rarely see eye to eye.

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Life Path 22

When it comes to love, Master Number 22 tends to stand out, for better or for worse.

With a knack for being a quality team player but with an eccentric style, Master Number 22 is often a “black sheep” of a crowd, wanting to contribute but being picky about what team is truly right for them.

Love is no different, as twenty-twos tend to need a partner that shares similar goals and aspirations. With this number, the ideal partner is someone that can work with you on all your big-picture dreams.

Compatible with:

  • It’s rare that a duplicate of a Life Path number is all that compatible with their mirror image. However, fellow Life Path twenty-twos share so much in common with you and have similar needs and goals that a mirror image may just be what you need.
  • Life Path twos face a lot of the similar life problems and feelings that you undergo, and finding one will be a blessing for both of you if you do hit it off into a love connection.

Tricky love matches:

  • Life Path nines aren’t so much about working with you so much as working side by side with you, which is a bit of a mismatch for how you typically prefer to operate with your partner.
  • You may have a hard time getting to the bottom of what a Life Path 5 is really all about. While you don’t have direct conflicts, you don’t have a whole lot in common that draws you two together either.

Life Path 33

Of all the Master Numbers, Life Path 33 is more inclined to want to find a life partner.

Communicative, empathetic, and easygoing, thirty-threes light up every room just like a Life Path 3. With the combined energy of 3 + 3 making 6, however, Life Path thirty-threes have a tendency to fall into strong teacher and thinker categories, while still wanting some taste of home life stability for themselves too.

As a result, the ideal partner for Life Path 33 is someone who can keep up with your fast-paced mind but accommodate your desire for something long-term and nurturing.

Compatible with:

  • Life Path sixes are a fantastic match for you, as they want to build strong, nurturing foundations with their partner but know how to keep things fun and exciting just like you.
  • With a Life Path 1, you’ll find a best friend and a partner. Although Life Path ones tend to be quite headstrong, if anyone can handle their spark, it’ll be you!

Tricky love matches:

  • You may find the communication style of Life Path 8 difficult to deal with, and it’ll be hard to get to the bottom of what they’re truly about since they don’t let many see behind their emotional walls. And with you, openness is key.
  • Life Path fours may offer stability and foundations, but they’re not quite in the form that is ideal for you. You still need intellectual discussion and communication, which is a priority over any practical matters.

Are the Numbers Not Adding Up?

Numerology is not as cut and dry as astrology can be, so if you read your life path and found out that your mate has a Life Path that is way off your destiny, don’t worry.

This is simply one of many pieces of your cosmic puzzle!

If you want to further explore your love compatibility, you can look at a variety of astrological placements, consult the Tarot cards, or check out the other relevant numbers that may tell your love story.

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