All About Aries Rising in Esoteric Astrology

This is the start of the soul’s journey as it travels through twelve lives of its esoteric journey. From Pisces to Aries, the soul must learn important lessons to cultivate its growth and become what it must: whole and fulfilled through the trials and tribulations it encounters on Earth.

The beginning of the soul’s journey takes place in Aries Rising, the sign of the ram.

When we think of Aries people, we think of bold, confident, and fearless people getting what they want. This strength is empowered by its traditional ruler, Mars, the planet of courage and dynamism.

However, in Esoteric Astrology, Aries is ruled by Mercury, and it represents Aries’ purpose at a deeper level.

Aries is first and foremost a sign of the mind. The lessons learned will be on a mind level. This is why in health astrology, it is associated with the head area; Aries commonly suffers from head ailments, such as headaches and migraines.

The purpose of Aries Rising in Esoteric Astrology is to tame the mind and cultivate self-awareness of one’s actions and the effects they have on others.

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Aries & the Fool in Tarot

In many ways, Aries is similar to the Fool in the Tarot.

Both start on their journey with enthusiasm and a certain type of innocence that is not yet tarnished by the darkness of the world. Both are bold and forthcoming. Nothing can stand in their way.

In the Tarot, the Fool is the first card of the Major Arcana and embodies a young person, fresh-spirited and ready to take on the world’s challenges. In Aries Rising, we see this same fresh enthusiasm, this same drive that says, “I can do anything!”

As with the soul’s journey, the Fool realizes that not everything is as simple as it may seem.

There are twists, turns, obstacles, and challenges that can be both spirit-breaking and heartbreaking. This is the energy that Aries Rising must also inevitably face, but for now, in this current incarnation, this fresh way of strength embodies the Aries soul.

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Aries Rising & Leadership

Aries is a Cardinal sign and a powerful leader.

Remember, Aries is a ram, not a sheep. The sheep follow, the ram leads. Aries needs to lead, so whether they are generals commanding an army or CEOs commanding a company, Aries Rising is one of the most effective and dedicated leaders. Their vision is not marred with doubt of the self or others; they see a goal, and they go for it.

However, this soul must learn that its actions can have consequences as well as victories. This is why Aries Rising will meet a series of challenges throughout their lives.

As a general, the men and women they send into battle never come back. As a CEO, the idea they invested in never comes to fruition. As a parent, the expectations they had of their children never come to pass. The bold, enthusiastic idea they envisioned in their mind is hit with the stone-cold realization of reality and experience.

Here, the soul begins to understand that the world does not necessarily work in the way imagined.

Ultimately, like the sign of Scorpio, Aries is a warrior. But while Scorpio, having already lived through seven lives of the soul, battles the dark forces within themselves and others, Aries battles the forces in the physical world, which include forming a sense of identity about oneself.

The often charming innocence of Aries Rising is akin to a toddler who says, “Me! Me!” as he learns to navigate his way through this strange world.

Like a child, Aries Rising can be stubborn (“Mine!” when someone tries to take his toy away) and very affectionate when someone is upset, comforting them with the type of innocence that one would expect from a child.

Aries Rising & the 7 Rays of Divine Light

Aries Rising is functioning on the First Ray of Willpower. This is the ray that breaks up existing structures to make way for new ones.

This is why many Aries Rising go into the armed forces, politics, statesmanship, and become rulers, leaders, and explorers.

At their best, Aries Rising, functioning on the First Ray, uses their courage and determination to benefit humanity. At their worst, Aries Rising uses their tremendous strength for selfish or ego purposes, manipulating people to follow them and becoming victims of their own pride.

Aries Rising is also operating on the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order & Magic, a ray that has the primary operation of bringing “heaven to earth.” Aries Rising uses their powerful cardinal energy to infuse the spiritual with the physical.

An Aries Rising operating successfully on this level is at an advanced state, becoming a shaman or occultist, or a film director, to name a few. At their best, they bring order out of chaos and use their mind to lead others towards a more spiritual state.

At their worst, they follow the rules too rigidly and are inflexible and pretentious.

Aries Rising Traits

business woman smiling holding a laptop

How to spot an Aries Rising? They often have a unique characteristic around the eyebrow area, just like the ram.

Below are some ways to spot an Aries Rising.


Those with an Aries Rising are courageous and bold people. They tend to have a commanding presence, and when they speak, people listen. They can be intimidating to shyer signs which are not used to the bold energy of Aries.


An Aries Rising will always let you know what they are thinking.

They don’t mince their words, and it can genuinely surprise them when they realize they have hurt someone’s feelings. Aries Rising is very clear about what thinks and what it believes should happen. They aren’t going to fluff around with being diplomatic like Libra.

They say what they want when they want!

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These people are independent and proudly so! Aries Rising women, in particular, thrive on their independence, and they are keen to inspire others to be the same. Aries Rising does not like to depend on anyone else.

They believe that if you want something, you need to make it happen yourself!


Aries Rising can be very short-tempered! You will know when this ram is upset with you. At the same time, their anger tends to disappear as quickly as it emerged.


The enthusiasm of Aries Rising is infectious!

If they have a vision, they will pull others into it and quickly infuse everyone with their ideas and plans. This is the magic of Aries and the power of the Aries cardinal fire. It draws others in, inspiring and leading, reminding you that you can take on the world.

Will Fight for Others

One of Aries Rising’s most admirable qualities is their innate desire to fight for others fearlessly.

Depending on other aspects in their chart, this quality may be direct or indirect. But this is a quality they all possess. When someone is in danger, they know only one thing: the person must be protected.

Are You an Aries Rising?

If you are an Aries Rising soul, your purpose is to use the energy of the Divine to inspire and lead others. The fire that exists within you can either light up the world or destroy it.

Your challenge is to remind yourself that your strength and courage are to be harnessed for the greater good and not for selfish means. Your soul is encouraged to use its mental capabilities to infuse the Divine light into the minds of others so you can bring about change in this world.

As an Aries Rising, you are just starting on your soul journey. It is believed that the soul must go through 12 cycles in each sign of the zodiac before it reaches its nirvanic state.

In Aries, you have the fire, passion, and drive to make great change and help those struggling. Others look to you for inspiration and guidance. Your leadership and enthusiasm are deeply valued in a world that desperately needs brave and strong individuals to lead the way.

The spark of the soul is embodied in you; go forth into the world and light a flame to shine a light in the darkness.

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