Introduction to Numerology: Number 8

Your life is full of numbers: from your date of birth, your telephone number, address, to your work identification number. You’re surrounded by numbers. They’re used in computer coding, astrology, even cooking. Every number resonates to its own vibration. the study of numbers and how they relate to you as an individual is called numerology. The single digits 1 – 9, and the master numbers of 11 and 22, all have unique meanings. Understanding those meanings can help you to understand your life and the people in it more clearly. Let’s discover the interpretation of number 8.

What Does 8 Represent?

8 is associated with money, power, inheritance, big business, and responsibility. Having the number 8 prominent in your numerology doesn’t automatically mean that you’re destined to be wealthy any more than it means you’re cold and materialistic. It means that, somehow, that the career area of your life may revolve more around business and financial matters or authority; more so that the other numbers.

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Characteristics of an 8

An 8 at Work

If you look at the number 8’s physical appearance, you’ll see that it’s balanced and equal. It represents the laws of cause and effect put into motion. If 8 is strong with you, then Integrity is the key to success when working within this vibration.

You need to watch yourself, because there will always be repercussions to your choices, and they may not always be the consequences you were expecting. You are known as the money-maker and a provider and you may thrive and do well in these careers:

  • Entrepreneur or business owner
  • Accountant or financial advisor
  • Banking
  • Stockbroker
  • Real estate agent

An 8 in Relationships

You can be as harmonious as a 2 when your life is balanced. You bring together the tangible and the fanciful, the physical and the spiritual. You are discerning, and won’t fall for get-rich-quick schemes, bad relationships, or be duped into something with dubious principles. You are a provider for people that depend on you. You are goal-oriented, ambitious, and disciplined enough to achieve your goals, no matter what obstacles are in the way. You assume authority over your own destiny, with a realistic plan to make your vision a reality.

You embrace drive and aren’t afraid to lead by example. You want to see results from your efforts and you’re willing to work hard and take risks. You can fail and make mistakes like everyone else, but you also admit when you’ve misstepped. You will keep picking yourself up and going back into the task at hand. You don’t recoil from a dispute or a challenge. You use diplomacy, tact, and your understanding of how to guide people to work toward the desired outcome.

Challenges for an 8

Like every other number, 8 has its strengths and its flaws. If you don’t work with your assets, if you aren’t a team player, if you won’t cooperate with others and find the encouragement that you need, then you can fail just as easily as you can succeed. You need the support of others if you’re going to be truly prosperous, strong, and make your dreams come true.

Some 8s consciously turn their back against material success and prefer instead to live a simple, somewhat monastic, or frugal life. However, by doing this, you’ve created a self-fulfilling prophecy. Perhaps you choose not to be materialistic, yet you can still make success on their chosen path, taking authority for your own actions as only an 8 can.

You’ve got a flair for handling money. How you use that skill is going to depend on other factors in your life, including the choices you make. You’ve got the potential to do a lot of good and help a lot of people. Beware of your true intentions and how you conduct yourself. The temptation to make acquisition your main focus of your life is always going to tempt you You’re may be good with earning money, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to hang onto it. It could disappear as fast as it arrives.

You’ve been irresponsible in the past. It could have been the direct result of a bad decision on your part, or it could have been something that was thrust upon you by circumstance or other people. Either way, this lifetime is here for you to take responsibility for these actions in your past life and balance that residual karma. You may feel the urge to be highly responsible and provide for others.

You’re a natural visionary and you’ve got drive and ambition. Although, you know better than to go chasing rainbows. You understand that castles in the air belong there. You have the focus and mentality to be realistic and put a foundation under your dreams if they’re going to amount to anything. You inspire others to see the bigger picture, but don’t alienate them by becoming a workaholic. You need the support of others to handle the details, so you can pursue your ultimate goals.

If you’re an 8, then you’ve got quite a strong and determined personality. You’re confident, but you have to take care not to come across as arrogant or self-important. You’re generous and competent and you have the capacity to succeed while taking loved ones along with you. People naturally look up to you and want to put you into a position of authority. Don’t betray their trust by trying to cut corners and take the quick route to success.

It won’t be surprising to you that financial gain and professional recognition motivate you. You’ve got the business-sense to organize it and the responsibility to make it a reality. You have an uncanny knack for understanding people and knowing how to bring out the best in them. However, this same insight also reveals to you their weaknesses, and you must take care not to take advantage of them to climb the ladder of success on their backs.

Pay attention to your finances this year. Focus on your long-term investments (if you have any) and manage your money wisely. If you do, you will be able to establish a strong foundation underneath you and make great strides ahead towards your financial goals and material wealth. Hard work will bring a high reward; chase that promotion or pay rise. You will be acknowledged for a job well done.

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