Here is Your September 2022 Lunar Tarot Reading

The mysterious rhythms of the Moon have enchanted us for millennia — what can it tell us? How does it affect our lives?

The truth is that the link between the Moon’s movements and cycles may be mysterious, but it isn’t incomprehensible! We know its power in our bodies and in our bones, as we are just as connected to it as it is to us.

This is why we track the Moon phases and use astrology to understand what it all means — what the celestial body is really bringing to the cosmos (and, therefore, bringing to our Earth).

We can further understand this connection by diving even deeper with additional tools, like the Tarot

We’ve pulled one card from the Major Arcana and one from the Minor Arcana to accompany each significant lunar phase for September 2022 to fully unpack what’s on the Moon’s mind this time!

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Your September 2022 Lunar Tarot Reading

September 3rd: First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon & Knight of Swords

In times of the First Quarter Moon, we continue planting seeds for our growth and take hold of the energy that was set in the New Moon. In wild Sagittarius, this energy is especially potent in advancing our understanding of philosophy, adventure, and culture.

How do we take advantage of this Moon phase? The Moon card itself is on the table and implies some aspect of mystery and intrigue still involved.

You may find that although the urge to create and move forward is present, you’re still not exactly sure how.

The Knight of Swords assures us that some action is better than no action. Be confident in your self-expression and momentum, and be open to making mistakes.

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September 10th: Full Moon in Pisces

The Chariot & Queen of Pentacles

Oh, how we seem to adore the magic of the Full Moon!

Under the light of the Full Moon, we release what we no longer need. And in imaginative and dreamy Pisces, it’s likely that this particular Full Moon will be powerfully emotional indeed. Emotions might run high, but so will our intuitive nudges and insights — so watch out for those.

What do the cards say? 

The Chariot and the Queen of Pentacles tell you to keep your eye on the prize. While The Chariot points to your long-term goals and asks you to channel everything you’ve got authentically into manifesting there, the Queen of Pentacles informs you of the approach.

And that is — you should allow yourself to move slowly and gently here. Full Moons can be powerful, but the Queen of Pentacles grounds things down and asks us to do the same.

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September 17th: Last Quarter Moon in Gemini

The Star & 2 of Cups

Although the Last Quarter Moon doesn’t always get as much love as the other moon phases, its power shouldn’t be underestimated! This Moon phase highlights the power of forgiveness and gently putting things to rest. 

While the Full Moon cleanses the slate fully, the Last Quarter Moon helps us heal and process these changes. In witty Gemini, you may want to focus on themes of communication and thought.

What’s the ideal approach? 

The Star reminds us that ultimately, this is a time of gentle healing and rejuvenation. We need to be open to filling our own cup sometimes in that process.

Additionally, the 2 of Cups notes that if you do plan for reconciliation and making amends, an affectionate and loving approach is highly recommended.

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September 25th: New Moon in Libra

The Tower & Queen of Wands

There’s beauty in starting over — that’s what the New Moon tells us, anyway. Here is where we set new intentions and look to the Moon as we do so.

In charismatic Libra, this energy may assist us in forging meaningful and beautiful connections (or at least taking the first step in doing so). We may also feel inclined to make strides in altering our appearance (or in general playing with style, design, and aesthetics to match our internal changes).

What’s in the cards? 

The Tower hints that this New Moon may not go down easy. Change isn’t always pretty at first, and it may come with wrestling with some harsh truths first about what no longer fits in your new vision.

However, the Queen of Wands asks that you stand firm in your confidence and passion, and take a leading role in opening yourself up to new beginnings. Don’t back down in the face of transformation.

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Use This Powerful Moon Phase Tarot Ritual & 3-Card Tarot Spread

Below is a small but mighty ritual and Tarot spread you can use to connect with the energy of any Moon phase with power and intent in mind.

1. First, intentionally take out a card that you want to bring into your life. 

As you do this, imagine that you are taking its energy out of the Universe and pulling it into your own hands. You are also surrendering to the truth that it currently may not resonate with your current situation, but would like it to.

2. Second, place it somewhere visible. 

Perch it up on a window, on a desk, or by your mirror, for example.

3. Third, conduct this quick 3-card Tarot spread

You may have accepted that your desired card’s energy is not yet on the table, but you can use this spread to discover how to make strides toward achieving it.

  • Card 1: What do you need in order to achieve this desired energy?
  • Card 2: What is a daily attitude or action you can undertake to get one step closer?
  • Card 3: A reminder of something to cultivate gratitude for

4. Finally, give gratitude as you place the card back into your deck. Thank the cards and the Universe for showing you the path forward. As you allow the original card back into the deck, imagine that it has re-entered the deck with new power and intention, and is closer to you than before.

How to Move With the Rhythms of the Moon

Our connection to the Moon may be mysterious, but with the right intent, we can take active strides to flow with its current rather than against it.

With the Tarot and astrology already under our belt, we’re pretty close as is in understanding what it would require of us in return if we want to sync with its energy. Of course, that’s only one piece of the puzzle.

The second piece of the puzzle is, of course, you! It’s now up to you to connect the dots between the information you’ve learned and your personal goals and circumstances. And from here, you’ll be able to take the power of the Moon into your own hands.

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