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For the Month of: July 2024

July - Welcome to the hot summertime vibes of July, charming Libra! A call to have some fun and unwind. The month ahead is all about manifesting financial opportunities, networking, health, and powerful change. With a second full moon in your emotional sector, the energy is ripe for rediscovering the deepest parts of yourself and also redefining what tribe and family mean to you. The energy also reminds you that setbacks aren't roadblocks, they are stepping stones to success and evolution. It's time to learn something new or improve your skills. Whether you're learning a new language, mastering a musical instrument, or something else, the universe is cheering you on. Who knows, you might uncover a talent or passion you never knew existed. So, let's dive into your monthly horoscope and discover what goodies are in store.

The month begins with Neptune turning retrograde on July 2 in Pisces. Neptune retrograde is all about your emotional and mental well-being. There's also push to review yoru daily routines and work life. It's an ideal time for reassessing and refining your habits and approaching certain aspects of your life from a more realistic and organized perspective. You will benefit from holistic practices or creative outlets. Address any confusion or unrealistic expectations about yourself or others.

A New Moon arrives on July 5, in its home sign of Cancer, bringing caring energies to your public life and long-term goals. As you know, New Moons signal the start of the lunar cycle. This one encourages some time out for self-care and take plant seeds regarding the next steps you need to take toward your goals. It's the right time to lay the groundwork for a project, seek a promotion, or spend more time with family and loved ones. Pay attention to how you want to be perceived in the world. Reflect on your aspirations and long-term goals. Are they aligned with the impression you want to leave on this world? Consider what steps you need to take to align your outer world with your inner values. Don’t be afraid to take risks that align with your true calling.

After your ruling planet, Venus, forms a harmonious trine with Neptune, it struts into Leo on July 11, lighting up your social circles with vibrant energy. Venus in Leo brings fun and excitement to your friendships and group activities. Expect lively gatherings, summer parties, creative collaborations, and plenty of opportunities to shine in and out of the bedroom. Just be mindful of the dominating energies that sometimes accompany Venus in Leo. While it’s great to take the lead and inspire your friends, be mindful that you’re also listening and allowing space for others to shine.

Expect major insights or surprises on July 16 when Mars aligns with Uranus in Taurus. It can bring unexpected revelations and intense transformations, especially when it comes to shared resources, intimacy, and deep-seated fears. Topics like shared investments, assets, bonds, and inheritances are important. Try not to stress if everything feels chaotic.

Then, on July 10, Mars enters Gemini, signaling a time for discovering new understandings about yourself and the world around you. Mars in Gemini is known for its curiosity, liveliness, desire to explore, have fun, and move fast. This is also an excellent time to focus on how your communication is a direct tool to manifesting your desires. Are you speaking confidence or fear into your life?

The next day, July 21, a Full moon arrives in Capricorn, bringing earthy and some much needed groundedness to your life. Capricorn demands structure and order. For you, this is all about your emotional foundation and your vision for the future. The moon's energy encourages you to take a practical approach to your personal life, focusing on stability and long-term goals. Set clear intentions and create a structured plan. It’s a powerful time to make lasting changes that will improve your security and well-being. Home improvement projects are also in the works.

Leo season begins on July 22, and it's all about contributing to worthwhile causes, pursuing your dreams, and expressing what lights you up. This period highlights your connections, networks, and friendships. It’s a powerful time, as you might align with an old friend or a potential business partner. After taking some time out, you're now ready for more spotlight-or all of it. Step forward and share your passions with the world. This is your time to shine.

A few days later, on July 25, Mercury enters Virgo, turning your attention inward. Mercury in Virgo can be slightly picky, however this is great for meditation and uncovering hidden patterns in the subconscious mind that influence your behavior. Use this period to organize your thoughts or living space, clear mental clutter, and spend time writing your thoughts down.

The month ends with the Sun smoothly connecting with the South Node in your sign on July 31. The past becomes present as you reflect on how far you have come in karmic lessons. You are moving with a renewed sense of purpose and direction. You own your life and it's showing.

In summary, July is full of laughter, love, sleepless nights, drinks, and amazing food Libra. Your life will become more abundant when you embrace a healthy daily practice. Ask yourself, Am I truly taking time to recharge from an over-stimulated environment?

Self-care tip: Make self-care a priority by reconnecting with your inner child. Engage in playful activities that spark your imagination and bring you joy. Whether it's coloring, playing an instrument, or making something with your hands, tap into the carefree expression of you.

July's affirmation: "I let go of expecting too much from others and myself. I value understanding and acceptance in my relationships, allowing room for growth and authenticity without judgment."

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