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Brace yourself! Venus moves into Scorpio on December 4th, 2023. 

If you’re wondering what the “brace yourself” part is referring to, then read on. Chances are, if you know quite a bit about Venus – the planet of love and relationships – and Scorpio – the sign of intensity and jealousy – then you’ve probably got a good idea of what happens when these two meet each other.

Explosions and fireworks, to say the least!

What Does it Mean When Venus is in Scorpio?

When Venus moves into Scorpio, we have almost an entire month where passion will be the main focus and agenda in relationships.

Of course, passion can manifest in many different ways. It can be that hot, heavy night with a lover that you never forget and most people only dream about, or it can be jealous explosive rages that you’d rather forget about but never can.

Venus is about that charming, beautiful side of you that you show in relationships to attract the most sensual love, so when Venus is in Scorpio, watch out!

As Venus transits through Scorpio, you′re likely to find your attraction to the good things in life intensifying.

Scorpio doesn′t know how to do things by halves; it’s all or nothing. Scorpio′s symbol is the scorpion, and it is not the most benevolent of creatures! In the body, Scorpio is the sign that rules the genitalia, so it’s a little wonder that this sign is presumed to be the “sex sign” of the zodiac.

During this transit, you can expect plenty of intensity, passion, and the type of whirlwind situations that you come to associate with the sign of Scorpio.

Venus in Scorpio in Your Birth Chart

If you have Venus in Scorpio in your birth chart, then you will know about it. Likewise, if you are dating/have dated someone with Venus in Scorpio, then you will still know about it and have either been addicted to it or are wiping your brow with relief that you escaped it.

Venus is in detriment in Scorpio, which means she struggles to express her energies. Unlike Venus in Pisces, where Venus is exalted and therefore able to express the very best of herself, Venus in Scorpio is often a challenge for those with it in their natal charts (and those who come into contact with it!)

Venus in Scorpio brings a lot of sex appeal and mystery to the naive.

You will usually spot a Venus in Scorpio because they have oodles of sex appeal. They are often brooding and magnetic, and you can’t help but be drawn to them. They’re a bit like that bad boy/girl that your mother warned you about, but you just can’t help yourself.

Venus in Scorpio comes with excitement and passion, but it also comes with jealousy and obsessiveness. Venus in Scorpio often struggles with jealousy, and this can manifest in explosions and intense rages. There is an “If I can’t have you, no one can!” mentality about them which less intense signs can find overwhelming.

Venus in Scorpio also has trouble letting go and can resort to obsessive tendencies that can even be stalkerish in their behavior. When hurt or betrayed, they can be extremely vengeful and will rarely, if ever, forgive and forget.

However, this sign brings plenty of excitement to the relationship. They will make you happy in bed, and they will provide you with a love that is so intense that it is magical in its entirety.

Venus in Scorpio is best matched with other Water signs:

  • Venus in Pisces –this match is out of this world. Venus’s exaltation and detriment meet as two opposite halves to form a perfect whole, as Venus in Pisces is drawn to Scorpio’s intensity, sex appeal, and ability to go deeper than other signs, while Venus in Scorpio is thrilled that Pisces can understand and soothe them in a way others cannot
  • Venus in Cancer – Cancer is nurturing towards Scorpio’s sometimes volatile nature, while Scorpio feels safe in the warm embrace of Cancer.

Positives & Negatives When Venus Enters Scorpio

During Venus in Scorpio season, one thing you have to be careful of is the negative traits of Scorpio’s personality: jealousy and possessiveness. At the same time, excitement, allure, and passion are some of the most profound positives of this transit.

Below are some tips for dealing with the negatives and positives of Venus in Scorpio.

1. Avoid playing games. This is no time to be playing games or making your lover jealous on purpose.

Venus in Scorpio does not tolerate rivals, and if Scorpio feels their affection is under threat, the stinger comes out. Instead, tread carefully, watch your words and be open and honest—Venus in Scorpio values honesty above all else.

2. Be aware of mood swings. This is also a time to keep an eye on your mood. While Scorpio is not as moody as a fellow Water sign, Cancer, Venus in Scorpio transit can generate dark and suspicious moods, especially where love is concerned.

Accusations of infidelity may be more common, and it is important to be more reassuring and patient during this season to counter any negative feelings.

3. Be careful of suspicion. Heightened suspicion in relationships is inevitable. If your partner has trust issues already, it is important to be extra reassuring at this time. Accusations may rise to the surface and can provoke uncomfortable or explosive conflicts.

4. Revelations rising to the surface. Expect revelations of all kinds in relationships during Venus in Scorpio.

Scorpio is a sign that tends to drag what is hidden out into the open, and this can be challenging for some. On the other hand, it paves the way for much stronger relationships and closer bonds.

5. Phenomenal passion! This is a time for some incredible passion and hot times between the sheets! If you’re looking to spice up your relationship, Venus in Scorpio season is the time to do it.

This is also a time when you are at your most attractive, especially if there is a strong Scorpio in your chart. Scorpio is the sign of sex and bestows strong sexual energy, so expect the sparks to fly.

6. Unwillingness to back down. Remember, Scorpio’s traditional ruler is Mars, and you may be more determined to win the fight than usual.

Just remember, the ultimate goal is to find communication and compromise within a healthy relationship. If you feel a bit testier during this transit, try to take a step back from the situation and remind yourself that these intense emotions are temporary.

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Love Horoscopes for Your Sign with Venus in Scorpio

If you want to know how Venus in Scorpio will affect you during this transit, read on.

Fire Signs Will Feel Some Heat


As both a Cardinal and Fire sign, you′re likely to experience this transit with absolute passion, Aries—in every sense of the word.

With Venus in Scorpio working your 8th house of intimacy, there will likely be some powerful and intense breakthroughs in your relationships. Just keep an eye on your temper. Like you, Scorpio is ruled by Mars, and this transit can bring out your temper like no other can!


Venus in Scorpio is working your 4th house of roots, Leo, and you will find more intimacy and depth in relationships when you focus on your home life with the obsessive mind of the Fixed sign that you are.

You’ll likely feel bolder at this time, too, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself approaching that attractive stranger on the street and inviting them for a drink.


Despite your jovial nature, Sagittarius, you may feel bristly during this transit. The intensity and depth of this transit are all a bit much.

Venus in Scorpio works your 12th house of endings, and yes, it’s intense. If there is a relationship on the rocks, you may have trouble letting it go, but this transit will push you to do what is in your best interests, however difficult it may be.

Still Waters Run Deep for Water Signs


This is going to be a fun transit for you, Cancer, with Venus in Scorpio working your 5th house of fun and pleasure.

Venus in Scorpio brings passion and intensity to your relationships and also heightened sexual excitement. You may have a few admirers knocking at your door, though you’re probably more interested in the deep romantic stuff long-term, so take your time, Cancer.


With Venus in your sign, you’ve never been sexier, Scorpio! Watch the admirers come flocking in – you may just have to bat them away. There are so many!

Jealousy and obsession are likely to increase, so keep an eye out for jealousy tendencies. Be aware of self-destructive tendencies, too, as this transit can be challenging for you. Your relationships are likely to undergo a dramatic change.


As the Mutable Water sign, your task is to think big under this transit and be open to every possibility in love. Venus in Scorpio works your 9th house of big-picture dreams, and the sky really is the limit, no matter what your relationship status is right now. This is a time of very powerful romance for you.

Venus in Scorpio brings out your strongest desires and the need to find “The One.” Just don’t rush into anything, Pisces – this transit is a bit of a headrush, and you may come tumbling back to Earth with wild thoughts of, “What did I do?”

Earth Signs Will Enjoy Feeling Grounded in Love


There is likely to be a strong attraction between you and someone else under Venus in Scorpio, regardless of your relationship status, Taurus. This is something that won’t just be superficial.

Venus in Scorpio works your 7th house of big-time love, so prepare for a lot of suitors or princesses to come your way. This transit heightens your sexual allure as Venus is your ruler, so brace yourself!


You are likely feeling particularly vulnerable and feel as though others are coming at you from all angles under Venus in Scorpio in your 3rd house of communication. They are not, really. It′s just the heightened emotional energy not meshing with your logical approach to things.

It’s time to get in touch with your feelings, Virgo! It can be a little uncomfortable at times, but this transit brings it out of you.


Your social network is where you will find the most excitement and experience in love, Capricorn.

Venus in Scorpio is working your 11th house of groups and has some very attractive opportunities for you. During this transit, you may find that taking the lead and opening yourself to others will be deeply enriching to your romantic affairs.

Air Signs Will Feel the Wind Beneath Their Wings


You may find things too intense and people too clingy during this transit which goes against your Mutable Air sign grain, Gemini. You’re not too keen on all this intensity! All this depth of feeling does not make sense to your mercurial mind.

Use that mind to pay attention to the little things in love with Venus in Scorpio in your 6th house of details. The little things will become the big things.


As the Cardinal Air sign, you like to take the lead, Libra. When your ruling planet Venus enters Scorpio and works your 2nd house of earned income, you will attract partners that enjoy your leadership. And you do it in such a charming way that others can’t help but resist!


You′re a natural social butterfly, Aquarius, with lots of acquaintances but few really close friends.

Venus in Scorpio in your 10th house of career destiny will dial up your public status in love. If there is someone you want to get your hands on, you’re willing to put the necessary work and effort in to get them!

Turn Up the Heat With Venus in Scorpio

Remember, for all the intensity and possible conflict Venus in Scorpio brings, it also brings passion and profound love. It also brings things that are hidden to the surface, and in the long-term, this is always for the best (think the Tower card in the Tarot!)

If your relationship has become stale, or you’re single and have been hoping for things to spice up, Venus in Scorpio can bring the excitement and adventure you’re looking for.

But the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for,” does apply to this transit. A rollercoaster is something we all love to some degree because it brings passion and thrill to our lives. But what happens when you can’t get off? You get dizzy, you get scared, and you’ll likely wish you hadn’t jumped on the ride in the first place!

This sums up Venus in Scorpio. For all the wonderful and magical things it brings, it can also be overwhelming. So moderation is key. Keeping a good emotional balance and not getting too swept away in the heat is pretty important when going through this transit.

Otherwise, enjoy the wild rides! Hopefully, this article has given you some idea of how you can ride the waves of love during Venus in Scorpio!

Make sure to check out the 2023 astrology calendar to stay updated on all astrological transits!

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