November Numerology & Master Number 11 – Everyday Signs of Your Twin Flame

When it comes to love and romance, in our field of work there are levels.

It’s not that there is one level better than the other, it is that there are just… different levels. Soul mate love and twin flame love are the kinds of love that are considered to be the highest echelon of unconditional love. Especially since you have to admit, love is hard to find no matter what level it is today. To find soul mate love, even more, rare and more difficult but one thing we do know for sure is that it IS out there for each and every one of us.

Many of us look for our twin flames in search of this highest echelon of love, but knowing it has happened is a lot different than just wondering it is out there. It IS out there, that is always a given. Whether or not it has happened depends on your individual situation. So today, since the twin flame number is 11, and we are in the eleventh month of the year, we are going to look at the numerology master number 11, and indicate some everyday signs you have found your twin flame.

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Twin Flames, Numerology & the Number 11

In the field of numerology, we have numbers from 1 to 9 that are the standard numerology numbers. In addition to that, we have the master numbers 11, 22, and 33. Master numbers are the numbers that hold the highest level of spiritual vibrations, and help us to not only reach our goals but also help us to reach them at the highest level of spiritual enlightenment.

The master numbers all mean different things, but the master number 11 is especially important when it comes to romance and the highest level of romance we call twin flames.

This is the combination of two number 1s, with each party in a twin flame union representing a 1. So one of the first signs you will hear of when it comes to everyday twin flame signs is the number 11:11. You will usually see this on a clock, but could also see that on addresses, phone numbers, anything. If you see the combination of 1111 in your every day, the angels are sending you a message that your twin flame is near or praying for you or thinking of you.

If you see this number or sign, you will be resonating at a high spiritual elevation, or your twin flame is and is trying to send you a message. Pay attention to their thoughts, particularly if you can hear their voice. Telepathy is very common among twin flames, and they may be talking to you without you even knowing it, or without knowing that you can hear them. It happens all the time.

Six is also a soul mate number, and you can see that in Tarot as well, with The Lovers, 6 of Cups, and more.

When you see 11:11, spirit is nudging you towards some high-level love stuff! It’s very exciting. Now onto more looks at what a twin flame is.

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What is a Twin Flame?

A twin flame is the literal other half of you.

If you know the “you complete me” line from a movie, then you know that that means. At the beginning of your lifetime journey, you were amongst other souls in your soul circle, usually about 40 to 50 of them. Each of them is one of your soul mates, and you will meet them on and off throughout your various lifetimes. It is rare to see them all in one lifetime, but it’s been known to happen.

Your twin flame was there too but was literally the other half of you that split off to form their own soul journey. You actually share the same soul mates with each other. So if you’ve found your twin flame, and you both feel the same great love for some of your mutual friends, then you know that person is also probably part of your soul circle.

At one point in this soul circle, you all went off to your own journeys to live your blueprint and experience the lifetimes you needed to experience to learn, make mistakes, and progress towards complete enlightenment. Your twin flame was literally your other half, and then split from you to do the same. This lifetime you have now is one section of that blueprint.

So you can imagine that a number of intense feelings arise if your twin flame comes to you in this lifetime. That’s because when you meet them, or any member of your soul circle, intense feelings come up and they are usually good. You will instantly have soft spots of unconditional love for these folks, even if they don’t stay in your life forever. It is a non-judgemental kind of unconditional love.

That love stays between you and your soul mates no matter what happens in this lifetime. The twin flame relationship is a bit more complex, and thus more complicated. You are meant to see and learn from them to grow, and they are from you as well. Sadly, there is more time apart in your lifetime than with your twin flame. Even so, they are the kind of person in your life that one taste of them keeps you going on the plane of unconditional love for years, decades even.

Fun fact: Intense friendships are also known in twin flames (even if the relationship isn’t romantic or sexual).

Twin flames are also usually romantic interests in your life, and your sexual chemistry is out of this world because they are on exactly the same place spiritually as you. You can’t keep your hands off each other. It’s even been known that you can feel them being sexual from countries away. This is how intense this connection is, you love that feeling. It is this kind of physical telepathy that keeps that love going for you. You can handle separation because you know they are thinking of you no matter what is going on with them, or who is in their life.

Let’s have a look at 11 common signs that are tipping you off to your twin flame.

11 Signs You’ve Found Your Twin Flame

Since twin flames use the signal 11:11 to send telepathic messages to each other, we will introduce you to 11 basic every day signs or feelings that you know you have seen or met your twin flame.

1. You hear their voice in your head.

You may not have met them but if you have, and you hear their voice in your head as if they are talking to you, they might just be! They may be looking at a picture of you or thinking of you and all of a sudden you hear them say something to you. That’s telepathy, even if you don’t realize it’s happening.

2. Time stands still.

20 years could pass and when you see each other again you will pick up like nothing happened.

3. Instant chemistry.

When you think of them, your first thoughts are usually sexual, almost tantric. It’s frustrating and lovely all at the same time.

4. You just get them.

In a way nobody does, and there’s little to say above that as it is difficult to explain. You understand their pain because as their twin, you’ve felt it.

5. Nothing can stand between you two.

Fighting with them can be awful, but the making up is beautiful. Forgiveness comes in a snap because it is true unconditional love between you two.

6. The numbers 11:11 or 1111.

You see 11:11 and 1111 around a lot. They are praying for you or wishing on you. This is usually more obvious when you are in a rough patch. If you see 11:11 on the clocks or other formats during a dark period, they feel pain somewhere in the world and know they are connected to it somehow and are praying for you.

7. You have a lot in common, and weirdly so.

When you are together you finish each other’s sentences because you can almost read their thoughts. You like the same things, weirdly. You may have just bought a book they bought as well for example. There are a lot of weird synchronicities or coincidences with each other because you are literally the same person, just split into two bodies.

8. You learn from them.

And they become better people with you too. One of the reasons for twin flames is to grow. So if you’ve heard people say, “I am a better man with her in my life” that is a cue of a twin flame. You learn from them spiritually and become better people just knowing them as well.

9. You share dreams.

One way our twin flames communicate with us is in our dream periods at night. You may have a lot of dreams of them, and they will have a lot of you as well.

10. You have similar fears and paranoias.

Especially when it comes to love. If you are the jealous type, they will be too. If you have a bunch of insecurities, they will too. Growing through these together is an unbelievable and amazing experience.

11. Intimacy.

You sense when they are physically close to you. It’s called situational awareness. If they are in the same city as you, you may not be able to stop thinking of them that day and not really be sure why. It’s wonderful and awkward at the same time.

    And, as we are in the throes of a Mercury retrograde, you can expect we are going to be feeling these signs more.

    Find out why: Lovers in a Dangerous Time – Mercury Retrograde & Soul Mates

    Final Thoughts…

    That’s it! Meeting your twin flame is an experience unlike any other. It is both beautiful and painful at the same time and at different times, but it feels big. It feels big because it is big. It’s the biggest love you will ever have. Enjoy it when you have it, and pray for them when you don’t. Ask for them to come to your dreams and meditation sessions, and they will! And keep using our Free 3 Card Love Reading to get more questions answered about your twin flame and romantic life.

    So what do you think, do you think you’ve met your twin flame?

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