Which Tree is Associated with Your Zodiac Sign?

Astrology can help us learn and understand more about ourselves than we ever thought possible through its rich use of symbolism and symbiotic relationships—each astrological sign is associated with many elements, from flowers to colors to crystals and nearly everything in between, including trees.

Trees are one of the most mystical creatures in nature, with their ancient energy full of wisdom and understanding. You can feel the majestic power of a tree from a mile away, and its magical aura is palpable. It’s hard to be in the presence of such wonder without feeling gratitude for the beauty of life.

Keep reading to find out which tree most closely resembles the unique personality of your zodiac sign.

Aries: Daring Dogwood

Dogwoods are beautiful, flowering trees that produce delicate, rosy blooms. Like the fiery sign of Aries, dogwoods represent durability, tenacity, strength, and resilience. The Dogwood doesn’t give up in challenging conditions, and neither do Aries. While your personality contains beauty and grace, you’re a force to be reckoned with.

Taurus: Whispering Willow

While the earthy Taurus may be known for being stubborn, they can actually be quite malleable. A Taurus will literally bend over backwards for their loved ones, much like the flexible, loyal nature of the Willow tree. You’re truly dedicated to your friends and family. The willow can also act as a reminder for Taureans to learn to surrender to forces beyond our control.

Gemini: Wise Oak

Geminis are ruled by intellectual Air, and their big brains prove it. Like the noble oak tree, Geminis move at their own pace, gathering knowledge and wisdom along the way. The oak tree is a symbol of honor—much like the indecisive but genuine Gemini. While you may struggle when face with too many choices, you always manage to stay true to yourself.

Cancer: Holy, Holly!

Water-ruled Cancers have a loving, giving heart that glows with compassion and empathy. Cancers like to take care of their loved ones, making sure they feel appreciated and supported. The Holly tree shares the same protective qualities, and it is said to keep one safe from evil or negative energies or spirits. Like the loving Cancer, Holly represents peace and good will.

Leo: Inspiring Hazel

Leos, ruled by Fire, have an energy that everyone around them can feel; their spirit buzzes with warmth and vigor, and their aura can be quite the inspiration to those around them. Similarly, the Hazel tree is associated with inspiring spirituality and creativity. The spirit of the Hazel reflects Leo’s wisdom, encouraging energy, and connection to the spiritual realm.

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Virgo: Far-Reaching Aspen

Virgos are earthy and grounded, with their eyes clearly focused on the goals they want to accomplish and the tasks that need to get done for that to happen. Like the beautiful aspen tree, Virgos represent independence, focus, and adventure. Aspens can also help one understand unconditional love, a reminder for Virgo to be gentler on themselves and others.

Libra: Resilient Poplar

An Air sign, Libras are known for being drawn to beauty, truth, balance, and love. However, while Libras are likely to prefer peace and harmony, they are resilient under duress and able to endure challenging times with an air of grace. Like the resilient Poplar, a Libra can see the silver lining in just about any situation and find a way to press forward with determination.

Scorpio: Healing Hemlock

Scorpios feel deeply, their emotions flowing like the Water that rules their sign. When a Scorpio is wounded, that wound takes time to heal. The Hemlock tree is a symbol of healing, and reminds you to tend to your emotional pains, Scorpio. While you are strong like the Hemlock, which represents longevity, you must learn to take care of your more vulnerable side.

Sagittarius: Transformative Elder

Sagittarians are a fiery sign with a chameleon-like personality—you are keen on transformation, and you shift yourself often to suit your needs. Like the Elder tree, your personality represents the many different and beautiful phases of life, from birth to death and beyond. This tree reminds you to stay true to yourself while you grow and change—you are beautiful as you are.

Capricorn: Positive Birch

The Capricorn’s earthiness results in hard work, determination, and a reserved nature. Sometimes, your go-go-go attitude can lead to negativity and stress, which is why you should connect yourself to the Birch tree. This tree represents protection and new beginnings, and its branches have the power to sweep away negativity, reminding you to stay positive and try new things.

Aquarius: Inventive Ash

Aquarians are ruled by the innovative planet Neptune, resulting in a personality that is full of thought-provoking ideas. Like the Ash tree, the Aquarius seems to float between realms, accessing the knowledge of a Universe that we can’t see. The Ash tree is associated with wisdom and encourages you to have faith in your otherworldly ideas.

Pisces: Wild Olive

Water-ruled Pisces are compassionate and empathetic to a fault—you sometimes feel and experience the pain of others so deeply that you forget what your own emotions feel like or how to embrace them. Like the Wild Olive tree, you extend your branches of peace to those who need it most. But the Wild Olive tree also reminds you to shower some of that empathy on yourself, as well.

Arbor Adoration

Trees have a lot to tell us and share with us—their wisdom, their energy, and their protection from the metaphorical storm. There is so much to love and adore about trees, that it’s no wonder many of us want to give them a hug.

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