The 11th House: Where Your Wild Things Are

The 11th house in astrology is one of the 12 astrology houses, each of which governs different parts of your personality and life. The 11th house is the house that doesn’t follow the rules and doesn’t care for convention. The 11th house is the wild child in you!

Want to embrace your inner wild child? The first step to understanding your 11th house better is finding the sign your 11th house falls in and any planets you may have in your 11th house.

Don’t know your 11th house sign or planets? Use our free birth chart calculator to create your natal chart!

What the 11th House Represents:

Let’s dive into what the 11th house represents in astrology. The 11th house rules your hopes and dreams for the future, what you hope will happen in your life and what you envision your future to be. This house is always looking forward, not backward. Because of this, the 11th house is also linked to change, and doesn’t like things being kept the same. That doesn’t move you forward!

Your friendships are ruled by the 11th house, and you can see the friends you make and how you treat friendships through your 11th house. The 11th house also rules groups, the groups that you belong to and participate in (and because of this, the 11th house also links to fame, which puts you before the masses).

The 11th house rules the causes that you champion, pushing you to make the world a better place. The 11th house takes a wide view of life and the world since it rules the future, and has better objectivity than most of the other houses. This view allows the 11th house to show where you can find causes that you pursue in your life.

Innovation and invention fall under the domain of the 11th house. Being so forward-thinking, this house believes in pushing boundaries and leaping outside of the box. This allows the 11th house to come up with entirely new ways of doing and being and thinking. The 11th house is the inventor and scientist, the rebel and iconoclast. Rules are more like loose guidelines!

Since this is the case, the 11th house rules originality and individuality. This house doesn’t want to be boxed in. It wants to celebrate the wild child! This goes along perfectly with the natural ruling planet for the 11th house, Uranus. Uranus is THE original. It takes whatever’s traditional and turns it on its head! You should explore further and check out this article about original Uranus in your birth chart.

The 11th house is one of the Succedent houses, which are the houses that naturally link to the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius; the 11th house links to Aquarius). This helps to ground the wild energy of Uranus so you can do something with it instead of letting it grow out of control.

You can focus on your 11th house by the sign the 11th house falls in and planets in the 11th house. If you have many planets in the 11th house (3+), then the 11th house has a major influence on your life. You may be someone who is a true original, rebel, and does everything your own way. If you have no planets in the 11th house, there’s extra emphasis on the sign the 11th house falls in. An empty 11th house doesn’t mean you have no wild child in you!

Harness the Wild Energy of the 11th House:

There’s a wild child inside of you, an independent, unique individual. Want to harness the 11th house energy? Embrace that! Embrace what makes you different and special and one of a kind.

Too often, we’re taught to shove that away and avoid being different, desperate to fit the mould society or family has created for us. The 11th house wants you to shed what you think you should be and be who you really are, warts and tails and fins and all! Don’t worry about the rules that are designed to make you boring beige. Be hot pink! Harness the energy even more with a crystal (and be super 11th house by creating your own talisman!).

11th House Signs:

Here is a little guide to the 11th house in the signs and planets in the 11th house:

11th House Aries:

Having your 11th house in fiery Aries can show you’re someone who is a true independent warrior. You can take charge with change and try to be true to yourself. You know what makes you original, and you can enthusiastically embrace your wild child. Go forth down new roads and be the iconic pioneer you’re capable of.

11th House Taurus:

Having your 11th house in grounded Taurus can show you’re someone who can let your wild child out when you feel secure and safe. Even then, you may be someone who is a rebel in quieter ways, and you may slowly but surely make changes. One thing is for certain though – no one can tell you what to do!

11th House Gemini:

Having your 11th house in intellectual Gemini can show you’re someone who is a rebel of the mind. The way you communicate, the ideas you come up with, and the plans you make can be totally unconventional and way left of center, but you can find a way to make it work and get others to see things the way you do.

11th House Cancer:

Having your 11th house in nurturing Cancer can show you’re someone who can express your individuality when you feel emotionally secure and stable. Being supported by others can encourage you to pursue the unconventional and do things differently. You may also feel at home with change sometimes, and the wild child can become quite natural once integrated.

11th House Leo:

Having your 11th house in creative Leo can show you’re someone who can be a wild child creatively. You can find creative ways to push boundaries, and you can express your individuality through creative outlets. You can be the visionary artist that becomes an icon for a generation.

11th House Virgo:

Having your 11th house in hard-working Virgo can show you’re someone who may need to push boundaries in your daily life. Having a normal day job and normal routine may drive you bonkers! You need to shake things up all of the time, and can be an icon and visionary with the work you produce.

11th House Libra:

Having your 11th house in airy Libra can show you’re someone who may need to push boundaries in your relationships. Not in an unhealthy way, of course! But you may be someone for whom a conventional relationship just doesn’t fly. You may go for an unconventional relationship type, or for an unconventional person.

11th House Scorpio:

Having your 11th house in transforming Scorpio can show you’re someone who embraces change as a way of transforming yourself and your life, and who transforms your life as a way of making change happen. The two go together like PB&J for you, and you can be quite skilled at making major transformations.

11th House Sagittarius:

Having your 11th house in expansive Sagittarius can show you’re someone who loves freedom, loves independence, and can’t get enough of it! For you, being true to who you are is part of what allows you to breathe. You can focus on expanding your life and the experiences you have through the changes you make.

11th House Capricorn:

Having your 11th house in ambitious Capricorn can show you’re someone who takes your own approach to your goals and ambitions. What you strive for, the road you take, and how you get there may be completely unconventional, and you can embrace that (which can make you a wanderer for life, or an iconic success!).

11th House Aquarius:

Having your 11th house in ruler Aquarius can show you’re someone who is comfortable with change, independence, and free-thinking. You can embrace your wild child whenever you want, and understand the importance of doing things in your own time and way. Other people can’t control you!

11th House Pisces:

Having your 11th house in mystical Pisces can show you’re someone who takes your own approach to your spirituality. You’re likely highly intuitive, highly compassionate, and highly empathic, but you may keep some of this to yourself. You’re a wild child not in your bones, but in your soul.

11th House Planets:

Sun in 11th House:

When your Sun is in the 11th house, this makes you the ultimate wild child. The Sun shows your true self and where you’re comfortable, and you can be completely at ease with embracing the unconventional, the unusual, the futuristic, the eccentric. You may be known for this, and you can be proud of that!

Moon in 11th House:

When your Moon is in the 11th house, you can feel quite comfortable with being unique and different. You need change in order to feel secure emotionally, and you can gravitate toward what’s different. You can change pretty easily with the times, always staying relevant and in tune with the masses.

Mercury in 11th House:

When your Mercury is in the 11th house, you can think outside of the box – way outside! You believe in challenging your thinking and making everyone question the status quo. If we never do, we never move forward! You can come up with wild ideas and talk others into seeing things your way.

Venus in 11th House:

When your Venus is in the 11th house, you can embrace unconventional relationships, and may attract some really strange people to you. To you, they’re not strange, they’re interesting and spice up your life. You may be attracted to the rebel, the icon, the visionary, and can be extremely supportive of them on their quest.

Mars in 11th House:

When your Mars is in the 11th house, you may feel driven to pursue your dreams, go for the changes you want, and have a strong desire for independence. Boxing you in is likely a great challenge for all! You can push pretty strongly against anyone who tries, and place a lot of value in your free spirit.

Jupiter in 11th House:

When your Jupiter is in the 11th house, you can find it easy to be the wild child. It might be your greatest attribute, and at times, can be like a good luck charm. You can be open to anyone and everyone, and want others to be free to be themselves like you are. Your wild child can lead you to success and prosperity.

Saturn in 11th House:

When your Saturn is in the 11th house, you may struggle with embracing your wild child, especially in youth. You may feel that you need to be traditional and avoid going outside of your comfort zone, even a little. Over time, this should start to change as you release whatever has made you feel this way. Then you can become a strong, independent force.

Uranus in 11th House:

When your Uranus is in the 11th house, this puts Uranus in the house it naturally rules, so you can feel more at ease with change, independence, and individuality. You’re not just comfortable with it, you may demand it at all times! Being the wild child is a part of who you are, and others can be impressed by your eccentricities.

Neptune in 11th House:

When your Neptune is in the 11th house, you may be a little different with your spiritual pursuits and beliefs, likely into whatever you consider to be alternative. Neptune can be a little foggy at times, so you may have a hard time grasping your individuality, but when you’re operating subconsciously, it can kick in big.

Pluto in 11th House:

When your Pluto is in the 11th house, there can be great potential for you to be a powerful inspiration to others to be true to themselves. You may need to work on issues around power and control first, but once you do, you can have a strong belief in yourself and what makes you special, and show the way for others.


The 11th house may be the wild child, but that doesn’t mean the energy is so wild that you can’t use it. Understand what your wild child wants, and find the rebel in you.

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