Larvikite – Why You Need Norwegian Moonstone

If you need grounding or protection in your life, you need larvikite.

Also known as Norwegian moonstone, larvikite is actually a member of the feldspar family, which also includes moonstone and labradorite. (The nickname, Norwegian moonstone, is actually misleading, as this crystal is much closer in composition to labradorite.)

Leopold von Buch traveled through Norway in the 1800s and described the spectre of the beautiful crystals he encountered:

All cliffs and rocks shine like they are from a strange world, such we are not used to seeing. This freshness and lustre in the feldspars, such large crystals, the extraordinary blue colour and the frequent labradoritic play of colours.

Like other feldspars, the most striking aspect of larvikite is the shimmering blue quality that can be seen under different lights. This illumination is known as chatoyancy, which is the optical reflectance of beautiful colors within the stone. Larvikite resembles labradorite, with its dark shades of grey and its illuminating flashes of blue lights. And like all stones, larvikite comes in all shapes and sizes.

This stone is associated with the zodiac sign, Aquarius, the element of Water, and the Root (or base) chakra.

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Healing Properties of Larvikite:

Larvikite is a grounding stone that helps you get connected to your center and stay rooted firmly in the Earth. It can be easy to float off into our daydreams from time to time, but larvikite helps us get back down to reality when the situation calls for it. It can also stabilize the emotions that cause one to feel less grounded than usual, especially negative emotions. The grounded foundation that this crystal helps you build inspires confidence for making new adventures and taking opportunities.

The calming energy of larvikite can be felt by all of those who work with it. This unique stone has a soothing vibration that is palpable and comforting, like a warm, spiritual hug. It provides a sense of balance within yourself that helps you see both sides of any situation. If you need objectivity or clarity of emotion, larvikite can help you find it. It helps you shift your perspective and see things from a new, more productive point of view.

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Larvikite provides a spiritual peace that inspires a sense of understanding, compassion, and patience. When you aren’t at peace within yourself, it can feel almost impossible to share any positive feelings with those around you—it can feel even harder to keep your negative feelings to yourself. In order to be a beacon of light, you must first feel a sense of balance within yourself. Larvikite instills this balance, allowing you to embrace patience and understanding. 

This patience will help you see certain situations or relationships through, whereas impatience may have caused you to prematurely give up. This sense of patience is also extremely helpful during hard or consuming work projects. You will feel drawn toward the idea of completing a goal when larvikite is by your side; it instills a sense of motivation to get the job done.

Larvikite is a great crystal for students, as it helps your brain more readily absorb information. It opens your mind’s eye and allows you to soak in incoming ideas and facts. It is also useful for those with learning disabilities.

Physically, larvikite removes toxins from the body as well as negative energy. It can also encourage the end of events or situations that are no longer serving you. While larvikite instills patience, it can also reveal to you the ways in which a relationship or job is toxic, allowing you to set yourself free from negative bonds. You’ll not only feel relieved to release a source of negative energy from your life, but you’ll also be able to more appropriately appreciate the flow of positive energy that larvikite promotes.

Working with Larvikite

Like any crystal or gemstone, there are many ways to work with larvikite, and your personal preference is the only determining factor for which method will work best: it all depends on how you prefer to practice crystal healing. You might choose an activity as simple as carrying a chunk of larvikite in your left pocket or placing a small piece on your desk while you work.

You might enjoy larvikite-infused water—let your water soak up the energy of this stone by placing a small piece in your drinking glass or bottle for 30 minutes. Just be sure to remove it before you consume its positive, grounding potion!

How you choose to work with larvikite is up to you, but one thing is certain: you won’t regret picking up a shining piece of this gorgeous Norwegian moonstone.

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