How Labradorite Creates Magic in Your Life

Ask yourself this question: Do I feel like I need a little more magic in your life?

If you answered, “Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!” Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The real question is: Who doesn’t want more magic in their life?

You probably already know that crystals have healing, nourishing properties, but did you know that some stones have truly magical qualities? Today, you’re going to learn about the stone-to-end-all-stones, the crystal that packs such a mystical punch that its intense, shimmering vibrations can be felt instantaneously.

We’re talking about Labradorite. The stone of magic.

A Brief History of Labradorite

Labradorite was officially discovered on the Isle of Paul, an island off the coast of Labrador in Canada, although lore holds that the splendor of labradorite has been celebrated for many centuries. Thankfully, it has since been found in places like Madagascar and Finland. Labradorite is a dark, somewhat translucent stone that flashes intense shimmers of blues and greens in the light. This sparkling effect in crystals is called adularescence. The beautiful rays of light that labradorite gives off is so special, so magical, that it has its own name: labradorescence.

From the moment this stone was discovered, its mesmerizing qualities were observed and adored. There are four variations of labradorite including the type originally discovered in Labrador.

  • Spectrolite is found in Finland and looks similar to labradorite but gives off more of a rainbow of light flashes.
  • Rainbow moonstone, despite its name, is a type of labradorite that is found in Madagascar and appears lighter in color.
  • Finally, there is Andesine-Labradorite which is a bit of a mystery but is thought to result from man-made copper-infusions into yellow labradorite.

Why Labradorite is So Amazing

Some legends have it that labradorite is associated with the lost land of Atlantis, and that those who are drawn to it have spiritual or physical ancestors from this ancient, mysterious world. Natives of both the Innu and Inuit indigenous cultures of Canada have their own folklore surrounding labradorite, and they suggest that the beautiful lights of the Aurora Borealis are actually trapped within the body of this gemstone. One look at photos of labradorite and the Aurora Borealis side-by-side and we can see why and how this legend formed. Some theories even suggest that the lights shimmering lights displayed by this crystal are messages from extraterrestrial beings.

Labradorite has long been used by spiritual teachers, diviners, and shamans for centuries. This stone represents both the visible and hidden forces of nature. The dark grays and greens of this stone are associated with unseen realities, while the shimmering flashes of light correlate with that which is illuminated in life.

Psychic Protection from Labradorite, the Stone-of-All-Stones

This stone has protective qualities and provides a psychic barrier or shield from harmful vibrations. It is said that this crystal has more protective powers than any other stone at our disposal.

One way that labradorite brings magic into your life is by allowing you to access your deepest psychic intuitions without leaving your aura open for attack. The protective properties of labradorite are especially strong when using visual techniques. Imagine a protective, egg-shaped bubble surrounding your aura that glimmers with flashes of crystalline seafoam green and the blue hues of the Northern Lights that labradorite possesses. When you visualize a protective shield that resembles the mesmerizing characteristics of labradorite, the stone’s energy will gather and strengthen in this space you’ve created.

Labradorite’s connection to the metaphysical realm intensifies your innate ability to perceive the energies around you. This stone is especially useful for empaths due to its protective qualities and its talent for inspiring connections between yourself and your deepest center of truth and beingness. Empaths experience so many vibrations along the emotional spectrum that they can become drained, particularly when surrounded by psychic vampires – people who are emotionally exhausting, whether or not they mean to be.

Labradorite gives you a clear sense of the energies that will serve you and those which will not. The benefits of labradorite’s energies here are two-fold: yes, your intuitive perceptions will be stronger, making it easier for you to pick up on both negative and positive energies from your peers. The psychic protection that labradorite provides, however, assures that these energies won’t permeate your aura or drain your energy.

The Crystal Ball of Crystals

Beyond increasing your intuition, labradorite enhances most any psychic abilities, including clairvoyance and claircognizance. It does so by providing a balance between your physical body and your spiritual self. Labradorite has been called the “temple of the stars” because it so effortlessly connects its energy to the heavens.

When your physical being is aligned with your spiritual being, magic flows into your life with alacrity because your psychic senses are sharp; when you are more spiritually attuned with the world around you, you are better able to choose situations, people, places, and events that are most likely to benefit you and encourage enchanting experiences.

How to Manifest Labradorite’s Magic

Labradorite can be used in many ways, from wearing labradorite pendants to infusing spring water with its potent essence.

Because labradorite is so ethereal and powerful, it can be used to effectively open all chakras. Despite its global chakra-application, it is most powerful when worn or used higher on the body. Labradorite earrings or a necklace featuring this stone will work silently throughout the day to boost your magic-manifestation.

You can also meditate with labradorite. Clear a space for yourself where you are comfortable and not likely to be interrupted. Grab your favorite piece of labradorite and, holding it in your left palm, meditate on its intense, healing energies, imagining them traveling all throughout your body, into each cell and molecule.

Try enhancing your water by adding a small piece of labradorite to your glass, making sure to thoroughly cleanse the stone first. Drink in the refreshing, reviving energies and imagine them filling every space in your soul.

You can also simply place labradorite throughout your house, or even try sleeping with a small piece tucked into your pillow to enhance the psychic qualities of your dreams.

How to Care for Labradorite

Like any crystal, labradorite can and must be cleansed occasionally to remove any negative or stale energy that it has absorbed. Most of the earth’s elements can be used for stone purification.

You can cleanse your labradorite by placing it in a window sill and allowing the sun to purify it. Running water will also work, although natural spring water is best for clearing stagnant energy from stones. Labradorite can also be buried in the earth for 24 hours to remove impurities. It can even be cleansed under moonlight, or simply by visualizing the stale energies evaporating.

Think of your labradorite as a spirit that wishes only to help and share your gratitude for its willingness to create a magical life for you.

In time, you might even come to think of labradorite as the ultimate magician in your life.

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