Rune Basics: Can They Help You Attract Abundance?

Is it time to attract some abundance in your life?

If you’ve tried Tarot, chakra healing and crystals, and you’re still looking for answers, maybe it’s time you took a look at the ancient divination tools called Runes.

Runes and rune stones are known as the spiritual and astrological world as methods of divination, though technically they are the letters of the ancient Nordic alphabet. Each symbol of each letter is said to hold a specific meaning and gift of spiritual truth.

Many believe these letters came through the magic of an oracle, or that they were a ritual language of the Nordic people. It’s also believed that rune stones (with the rune letters etched into them) can help attract abundance and other positive attributes into their lives.

A rune is defined as ‘something hidden’ or ‘secret’ and many believe runes hold the secrets of the universe within them. As you’re getting ready to cast rune stones, there is a process of preparation necessary. In order to attain an accurate reading and start to pave the way to attracting positivity in your life, the secret is in asking the right question and making sure your intentions are positive and clear.

Make sure you’re not focusing on a negative approach to your issue, i.e. “Why are my husband and I fighting so much?” ask with positive intent – “What can I do to ease the friction between my husband and I to bring harmony back into our home?” Notice the difference in intent? Going in with a positive perspective can help you gain positive results!

How are Rune Stones Used?

The 24 ancient symbols of the Nordic alphabet are used for runestones and rune casting. Runes can be carved into pretty much any material, including stone and wood, but the best material for rune stones is amethyst.

Amethyst is preferred because it has natural properties to help quiet and clear the mind of negative energy, allow focus and protection for the person that is using it.

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Rune Casting

Rune casting is the easiest way to read your rune stones for a single question. This process involves putting your rune stones into a small pouch and randomly drawing one, then translating the meaning of the stone.

This is, by far, the easiest method to get an answer to a burning question using rune stones. Most sets of runes come with an instructional booklet that will explain each rune stone symbol and its meaning. When you are first navigating your rune stones, it may be more comfortable to use an instructional guide, but learning to use your own intuition will give you a more powerful and connected experience.

Using your intuition will guide you through this stage as well, so making sure you go in with a clear and uncluttered mind will keep you in tune with the universe. The more you practice, the more your confidence will grow and the more clear your readings will become.

Rune Spread

When you have more than one question, consider using the Rune spread method of reading stones. The process is the same, except you pick 3 stones randomly, instead of one. This method works better for broader and multiple questions and can offer a more in-depth understanding of your questions.

  • Get your runes.
  • Put them in your rune pouch and toss them gently while thinking about the question you want to be answered.
  • Draw the 3 runes from the bag any way you like and keep them in your hand until you have drawn all 3.
  • Drop the runes onto your table or scarf in front of you. Pay attention to what runes fall in the center, face down, and around the edges of the situation at hand.
  • Start reading the runes in the center one by one, but not those that are face down. These represent you and the current state of the situation you are asking about. These will give you an idea about the reality of the situation, instead of just your perceptions. If you can remain open-minded, you may see something revealing about your situation you weren’t aware of. Take notes as you go through each rune!
  • Next, read the runes that have fallen around the edges of the spread. These runes represent outside influences and you have no control over them. Someone might help you, an actual storm may be on its way. Take notes on these as well. You might learn more about your situation here because you have no control over external influences and you can’t see them happening right now. Don’t gloss over these, you’re consulting them to answer to things you don’t already know. This is important information, so really listen to your intuition.
  • This represents what the future holds in the situation you asked about. If there is only 1 rune face down, that’s your future outcome. If there are 2 runes face down, the first one you turn over-represents 1-6 months ahead, and the second one represents 6 to 12 months ahead. If all 3 runes face down, your runes are saying most of the movement in this situation is happening in the future.

Cast Your Runes Completely

The traditional method of casting runes is to focus on your question (which usually entails a degree of meditation, cleansing and clearing the mind of thoughts and negative energy) and cast your stone into a white cloth. Your stones must be tossed from East to West – toward the sun – in order to receive an accurate reading.

Once your stones have been cast, the runes that remain with their face up are your answers. Simply look up the meaning of those stones to get your answers. Bear in mind that if they are upside down, they have different meanings as well, so be specific in the position the stones are in when you look up the meaning.

Wunjo – the P of Positivity in Rune

The Rune Wunjo symbol resembles a pointed letter P. This is the rune that represents peace and glory, harmony, prosperity, self-worth, joy, pleasure, peace and positivity. It is truly one of the best runes you can draw when practicing a rune cast.

For example, if you asked a question about a new future career move and draw the Wunjo stone, that’s a positive sign for you to go after whatever is in front of you and throw fear to the wind.

However, as mentioned previously, a Wunjo stone that appears upside down offers the reverse meaning and advice. ‘Proceed with caution,’ would be the message received for that same question if the Wunjo stone were upside down. An upside-down Wunjo represents sadness, friction in relationships, stress, dissatisfaction, and delays.

Rune Magic has a Vast History

Runes and their magic have a long history that dates back to medieval times and across various ethnic groups and cultures. Often, victory Runes were carved into the handle of a sword, as they were thought to ensure the wielder would be victorious.

Runes have been used for thousands of years for a reason, which is why they remain popular today. Using these ‘divine secret’ holders to help answer burning questions can help bring more happiness, love, abundance, and peace into your life.

Remember that it is essential to have your mind in the right place before you begin casting runes. Your mind must be free from clutter and negative energy in order to tune in completely with the runes and receive the divine guidance that you seek.

Doing a simple meditation before you get started could be a great way to clear your mind for your Rune spread. Consider that as part of your practice and help yourself to reap the benefits!

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