Goddess Astrology for Beginners

At first blush, astrology seems to many people to be comprised primarily of cute daily horoscopes that you find in your local newspaper, however, astrology is such a multifaceted tool that you may not realize how deeply it encompasses other aspects of life, like mythos and spirituality.

One connection astrology has that might surprise you is its connection with the goddess.

On our patriarchal globe, the goddess is easily forgotten, even swept under the rug. Most notions of spirituality, origin story, or a higher being involve some ancient male figure. Yet, the goddess as an archetype for strong women everywhere is more important today than ever. Of course, there are many, many goddesses, but each and every goddess is embodied in the term “the goddess,” which represents the goddesses as one class or body.

The goddess does not confine herself to any certain realm; not only does the goddess concern herself with the stars, she rules over them. Keep reading to learn more about how the goddess tangles herself elegantly in the web of the cosmos, specifically in the four elements that comprise the astrological signs within its wheel.

The Goddess & the Elements:

Astrological signs fall within the four elements: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. As such, the goddess also correlates with these elements.


Gaia, or Mother Earth herself, is the obvious representation of the earthen element. Earth signs include Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo and all are sensual and responsible. Gaia is grounded, rooted, firmly planted, solidly constructed – she is the ultimate embodiment of discipline and structure. Gaia, like the earth element in astrology, is connected to the microcosmic physical body and the macrocosmic earth body. She is associated with the senses and urges us to act, to create, to work, to focus. She draws our attention to the present and helps us find our center. She promotes a realistic attitude, though that is not to say she does not embrace positivity.

The keywords associated with Gaia are caution, reliability, pragmatism, sensuality, creativity, tenacity, nourishment, responsibility, dependability, and trustworthiness.

Careful consideration of Gaia and her qualities will help you better understand the Earth signs and planetary transitions that deal with them.


The Air signs are comprised of Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra and possess qualities of intellect and wisdom. Air is associated with Amunet, an Egyptian goddess who rules over wind and air. She is mysterious and clandestine. The name Amunet, or jmnt, is translated to “The Hidden One.” Given her invisibility, she can go anywhere unnoticed, slip into any crevice of the Earth with subtlety. She breathes life into the planet with her command of the skies.

Amaunet represents the consciousness, our intellectual mind, our thoughts and ideas, our psychology. Air signs are fiercely connected with communication, connection, and thought. Like Gaia, Amaunet concerns herself with the present, but unlike Gaia, also considers the future and how to build it. Amaunet urges us to connect with our mind, to sharpen it and arm it with knowledge and wisdom.

The keywords associated with Amunet are open-mindedness, detachment, subtlety, communication, imagination, rationality, thought, wisdom, and consideration.

Contemplation on the qualities of Amunet will help you interpret those with Air signs in their chart as well as transitions that involve this element.


Water signs include Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio and possess qualities of intuition and sensitivity. This element is associated with Tiamat, Babylonian goddess of the seas. She represents the primordial creation of the world and the chaos involved – waters can be calm and still or thrashing and violent. Tiamat represents fluidity, the ability to ride the waves of change with trust and confidence. Perseverance is paramount to Tiamat whose tenacity allows her to surge through any obstacle.

Tiamat represents the subconscious as well as the emotions that exist within its realm. Her strength lies in her ability to feel, whether those feelings are pleasant or troublesome. Tiamat concerns herself with the past, considering its events and learning how to learn from them.

The keywords associated with Tiamat are depth, emotion, adaptability, self-reflection, sensitivity, compassion, peace, perseverance, protection and secrets.

Attuning yourself to the energies of Tiamat will give you better insight into Water signs and planetary transitions that involve this element.


Fire signs are passionate and wild and include Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. This element is represented by the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet. Sekhmet, like the Sun, gives life through warmth and light. She is a powerful healer, yet, her passion can quickly turn to anger. Her energy radiates heat and her strength is palpable. She is spirit, she is rage, she is intensity, she is excitement.

Sekhmet is associated with the will, determination, and intention. She represents the drive to see anything through. She is a powerful lioness who will do whatever it takes to protect her pride, her family. She is idealistic and positive, willing herself to see the best in every situation.

The keywords associated with Sekhmet are dynamism, intuition, drive, passion, idealism, energy, honesty, strength, enthusiasm, and direction.

Understanding the association between Sekhmet and the element of Fire will shed light on those with this element displayed prominently in their chart and planetary transitions involving fire.

How the Goddess Shares with You

No matter your gender, understanding the correlation between the goddesses and astrology, even minimally, will help you better understand yourself and those around you. The goddess, though hidden and mysterious, longs to share her wisdom with us and show us the secrets of the universe.

Open your heart and your ears to the wisdom she whispers into the wind and look for the clues she leaves among the stars.

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