Which Goddess Are You, Based on Your Sign?

Astrology signs have their own traits and characteristics, much like the goddesses of mythology. The world of mythology is home to monsters, gods, goddesses, battles, war, love, light, and creation stories. Myths are prevalent in every culture across the world, and even today, these myths can fill our spirits and inspire us with the morals of their stories.

Gods and goddesses are fascinating subjects, as they have both strengths and weaknesses, just like us. Have you ever wondered which goddess could best represent you? With the help of astrology, we can narrow down the options.

Let’s take a look at the astrology signs and reveal their inner goddesses!

Finding the Goddess in Your Astrology Sign


Aries are some of boldest, fiercest people of the astrology signs. While they may not create outright wars, they know how to fight for what they believe in. Therefore, Aries are best represented by the powerful goddess Freya.

Freya was a bad-to-the-bone Nordic warrior princess who traveled the land with the destructive Valkyries. Freya set her own boundaries and made sure no one crossed them, demanding respect and justice. Let this fearless warrior help you connect with your ability to stand up for yourself in the face of adversity!


Your sign is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of love. Therefore, your goddess counterpart needs to be concerned with love and beauty, much like Taurus. Aphrodite is the perfect representation of astrology signs that enjoy the arts and have refined tastes.

Aphrodite is a goddess who appreciates beauty and spreads love all around her. Focus on the positive energies and emotions associated with all things beautiful when faced with issues or problems, and the most suitable solution will appear from within.


Your intellect and quick wit are rarely rivaled, and you reside in a mysterious space between this plane of existence and your own. Gemini, you are best represented by Iris, the Greek goddess who connects the earthly realm to the heavens.

Iris, the rainbow messenger, links humans with gods and goddesses in a way that allows them to communicate and share ideas. Allow Iris to help you pull your ideas from the heavens, sprinkling a celestial glow on all you do.


Your natural ability to comfort and care for those around you is a true gift possessed by many Cancer astrology signs. You are nurturing through and through, loyal to your loved ones, and always willing to lend a helping hand. Your astrological goddess is Hathor, the ancient Egyptian goddess of music, joy, fertility, and love.

She acted as a midwife for mortal women giving birth in ancient Egypt and assisted them with the entire process. Hathor’s intuitive and helpful nature is perfect for the loving and loyal Cancer.

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Leos are warm and bright, and rightfully so, as their ruling planet is the Sun. Imagine your personality as a vessel for all that light, bringing joy to each person’s day. Your personality glows like the rays of the warm sun, and the Greek goddess Eos is perfectly attuned to your being.

Eos was a goddess of the Sun whose chariot shone as it traveled across the sky each day. Let the luminescent aura of Eos flow through you, boosting your already loving and inviting personality and making all others comfortable and happy in your presence.


As one of the most practical Earth astrology signs, Virgo is aligned with the goddess of the Oglala Sioux nation, White Buffalo Calf Woman. White Buffalo Calf Woman taught lessons of conservation and appreciation for nature, urging people to kill animals only out of necessity. To her, every part of an animal’s body was a gift that could be used to create tools, meat, leather, and even jewelry.

White Buffalo Calf Woman urges you to be resourceful and crafty, much like the natural inclinations of the Virgo.


While the goddess Venus may seem like the obvious choice, I’ve got something else in mind for the Libran. Your energy is balanced and aesthetically attuned; you appreciate beauty on a level that many others do not, and you value balanced justice above all else.

Isis, the ancient Egyptian mother of Horus and wife of Osiris, is your corresponding goddess, who restores balance to life. Isis is full of wisdom and creativity and can help Librans delve deeper into their inner well of treasures. Tap into the loving energy of Isis to feel it flow within yourself.


Mysterious Scorpio, you are best represented by the Egyptian goddess of scorpions, Selket. Selket assisted those transitioning from this realm to another, helping them peacefully into the afterlife. Said to heal the sting of a scorpion, she was often depicted wearing a headpiece decorated with scorpions.

Her connections to sex, transformation, life, and death make her the perfect representation for Scorpio. Selket calls upon the intense life-force within you to fulfill your dreams and desires.

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Classic Sagittarian optimism and mysticism most clearly resonate with the Celtic goddess of the fairies, Rhiannon. Rhiannon was a misunderstood goddess, a feeling we suspect you identify with. Rhiannon was said to have been born during the very first Moon rising and ruled over transformation, wisdom, magic, beauty, and the arts.

Your inquisitive, philosophical nature is much like that of Rhiannon’s, whose songbirds would follow her wherever she went. Think of your ideas and goals as those songbirds trailing behind you and inspiring you along your path.


The sign of Capricorn is ruled by the Earth, and as such, you are a grounded individual, someone who is one with nature. The Greek goddess Persephone is essentially the offspring of Mother Nature, derived from Demeter, the goddess of the harvest, and Hades, the god who ruled the underworld.

Persephone can help you better align yourself with the earth and enrich your relationship with Mother Nature, who guides your path and keeps your mind clear, practical, and safe from negative energies.


While your sign may be known as the ‘water bearer,’ Aquarians are actually ruled by the element of Air, which is evident in your intellectual and quick-witted nature. Dodola is a Slavic goddess who rules the air and the winds.

Dodola was thought to create rain while milking the cows she kept in the heavens, inspiring creativity and innovation. Dodola was prayed to in times of drought, and when you feel as though your well of ideas has run dry, you can call upon Dodola to rain inspiration down upon you.


Pisces is an intuitive Water astrology sign that embraces emotion and dreamlike qualities. Yemaya is the African goddess of waters, also known as the Mother of the Sea. Yemaya is sometimes seen as a mermaid, traversing through the waters of intuition and creativity.

Yemaya wades in the realms of the mysteries of women. Allow her to inspire you to action, turning your dreams into reality. Learn from Yemaya and become one with the waves of your own intuition; you’ll soon find yourself at peace.


Each of us has an astrology goddess within us, and we should bring them forth into the world. Allow the spirits of these goddesses to wash over and fill you with a sense of your own personal power. Discover fascinating information about the astrology signs on Astrology Answers!

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