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Welcome to your Spring of 2021 Chakra Forecast! One of the most wonderful things about astrology is that it blends so beautifully with many other spiritual and metaphysical practices. It offers insight into how we can best approach these activities based on our charts!

Sometimes it can be hard to keep track of all the various healing techniques and metaphysical practices at our disposal – and one subject that often goes neglected is the subject of our chakras. By now, many people are aware that there are seven major fields of moving energy within our bodies that, when stuck or overactive, can cause emotional, physical, or mental discomfort.

But are we really taking the time to make sure that our chakras are healed and balanced?

We know you live a busy life, and sometimes it might feel impossible to try to fit even one more task into your overflowing schedule. But did you know that feelings of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm are often the results of imbalanced chakras?

Our chakras are deeply connected to our internal realm and our physical bodies, and our mental state of being. When your chakras are flowing properly, you feel like you’re on top of the world – as though you can handle anything that life has to throw your way.

And if you start to feel down in the dumps, unmotivated, or exhausted, there’s a good chance that your chakras have become out-of-whack. And as spring is a time of new beginnings, this is one of the best times of the year to focus on chakra healing and work this practice into your self-care routine – and we’re going to let the stars guide us along the way!

So, if you’re curious about what awaits you in your Spring of 2021 Chakra Forecast, as well as how to best to balance the chakras according to your Sun sign, keep reading!

Spring 2021 Chakra Forecast, Based on Your Zodiac Sign


This spring, you’re trying to figure out what sparks your passion and gets your creative juices flowing, Aries. That’s why you should focus on the Sacral chakra, the very chakra that connects to our creative center and help you express your emotions in artistic ways. While ensuring that all of your chakras are aligned is crucial, pay special attention to this chakra when you feel a creative blockage this spring.

To open this chakra, try taking a bubble bath with a few drops of sweet orange or patchouli essential oils – which both connect to this chakra. You can also spend time near art or listening to music that moves you!


Have you been feeling less inspired, Taurus? Not sure how to break away from the monotony of daily life and inject a little fun into your world? If you answered “yes,” you may need to spend some time balancing your Root chakra – the chakra that rules over your sense of security and stability.

When you’re not feeling secure in life, it’s nearly impossible for you to kick back and relax.

And the best way for you to balance this chakra, Taurus, is by spending time in nature – getting back to your metaphorical roots (pun intended). Try walking to your favorite park or spot in nature, seating yourself comfortably on the ground, and allowing that Earthy energy to wash over your Root chakra.


You like to spend time with others, Gemini, but this spring, you’re called upon to deepen your relationship with yourself. Do you feel uncomfortable or lonely when spending time on your own? If so, your Heart chakra may need some love. This is the chakra connected to your center of love – the heart – and it regulates both your love for others and self-love.

One way to heal the Heart chakra is by practicing daily positive affirmations, like “I am loved,” “I am beautiful,” or “I am powerful.” By repeating phrases that remind you of how wonderful you are, you’ll be sending healing energy straight to the Heart chakra, allowing you to open up and better share your love with others.


You may have a lot weighing on your heart lately, Cancer, but have you been sharing those heavy feelings with your trusted friends or loved ones? Sometimes you may feel like it’s better to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself, but the truth is that they need a form of release, so they don’t weigh you down – and confiding in others will deepen your bond while helping you feel supported.

This spring, focus on balancing your Throat chakra – the chakra of self-expression and communication. One of the most enjoyable ways to clear this chakra is by enjoying hot teas, particularly with lavender, peppermint, lemon, and honey.

Try sipping a cup of warm, soothing tea each afternoon until you begin to feel that Throat chakra opening up and itching to share.

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It may have felt difficult recently to get motivated or maintain focus on your projects, Leo. If you feel like you’ve been struggling to get moving, it may be the result of an imbalanced Solar Plexus chakra, the chakra that rules over willpower and intent.

When this chakra isn’t flowing properly, it can feel nearly impossible to self-motivate.

To open this chakra, spend some time outdoors in the sunshine! Not only is this chakra associated with the color of the Sun’s rays, but the Sun is also your ruling planet, and it infuses your spirit with the energy and warmth you need to get things done this spring. Try meditating under the sunlight, allowing the healing, golden light to penetrate and heal your aura.


It may have felt pretty hard to connect to your intuition lately, Virgo. Perhaps there are too many thoughts racing through your mind for you to listen to your internal wisdom, or perhaps your Third Eye chakra simply needs some attention. The Third Eye is our direct line to our intuitive center, and when it’s imbalanced, it may feel impossible to hear your intuitive center calling.

As a Virgo, you have a natural connection to Mother Nature and her healing herbs, making this one of the best ways to heal this chakra. Try working with herbs like jasmine, lavender, basil, and rosemary to heal this chakra. You can cook with them, add them to teas, or even burn them like incense to infuse your Third Eye with balanced, healing energy.


So, you want to get started on your creative projects, but you’re having a difficult time coming up with new ideas.

Springtime is one of the best times of the year for creativity, Libra, so if you haven’t been feeling the ideas flowing, you may need to give your Crown chakra some love. The Crown chakra is the center for awareness and spirituality, and when it’s clear, your mind is positively overflowing with creativity and intellectual thought.

One of the best ways to heal the Crown chakra for you is through breathing exercises. Yours is an Air sign, connected to wind and breath – and using your breath to heal your chakras has a particularly powerful effect on you. Try deep breathing and imagining a wave of healing, violet energy washing over your body to heal the Crown chakra and promote awareness.


You’ve been pushing yourself pretty hard lately, haven’t you, Scorpio? Have you forgotten how to let yourself relax and have some fun? If you said yes, it might be due to an overactive Solar Plexus chakra.

When this chakra is working too hard, your focus on willpower and hard work is over the top, and you may forget that self-care and rest are necessary parts of life.

To help this chakra calm down a bit, try burning incense or diffusing essential oils that contain the essences of lemongrass, myrrh, and sandalwood. Not only will the pleasant fragrances calm your spirit, but these essences have a deep and intrinsic connection to the Solar Plexus and help it relax, allowing you to do the same.


Perhaps your sense of adventure and wild spirit have felt tamed recently, Sagittarius. Maybe you’re not feeling quite like your usual cheery self. And if that’s the case, it may be due to an underactive Sacral chakra.

When the Sacral chakra isn’t flowing properly, we feel less creative, less expressive, and less warm-hearted – three aspects of your personality that act as staples.

To bring your Sacral chakra back to life, try incorporating these nutritious foods into your diet: Sweet potatoes, carrots, nuts, seeds, melons, pumpkin, and orange. These foods will not only give you a boost of energy and health, but they’ll get your Sacral chakra up and running in no time. Say hello to your optimistic attitude again, Sag!

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You work your fingers to the bone, Capricorn, partly because you desire success and partly because you need security in life. But did you know that feeling of insecurity or instability may be the result of an unbalanced Root chakra?

This is the chakra most closely associated with Earth signs, particularly yours, because feeling like you have what you need in life is crucial.

To balance this chakra, get your body moving! Exercise is one of the best ways to engage and heal the Root chakra, and it also provides an outlet for frustration or irritable energy. Try going on a walk when you notice that you’re pushing yourself too hard. Sometimes focusing on a different type of hard work can help you find the balance you need to finally rest.


You might be feeling rather adventurous this spring, Aquarius, but you may not know exactly what to do with all of this spontaneous energy.

If you’re having difficulty making decisions or coming up with creative ideas, you may need to focus your attention on your Crown chakra – your center of awareness. When this chakra is unbalanced, it’s difficult to focus and even more difficult to make decisions.

To clear and heal this chakra, focus on meditation, which clears negative energy from this chakra and promotes focus. Imagine your body is surrounded by radiant purple energy, flowing all around the Crown chakra. Breathe deeply and feel the healing energy washing over you. When this chakra is balanced, your awareness will increase, and the ideas will start flowing with alacrity.


Yours is a sign that naturally gravitates towards escapism, Pisces, whether through indulging in candy, wine, or other substances that are not good for the body.

If you’ve been trying to escape reality a bit more than usual, you may be experiencing blockages or overactivity in your Third Eye chakra. This chakra is connected not only to your intuition but your perception of reality. When it’s balanced, you’re more aligned with and appreciative of the real world rather than fantasy.

One thing that’s critical for balance in this chakra is adequate sleep. Have you been on a strange sleeping schedule lately? Try exercising for at least 30 minutes a day and meditating before bedtime to encourage deeper, more restful sleep. Your Third Eye will thank you, and you’ll probably be better able to remember your dreams, which may contain Universal secrets.

Where Will Your Chakras Lead You?

While each Sun sign is different, chakra health is a must for each and every one of us. So, while this guide may have directed you to focus on a specific chakra, remember that balancing each of the body’s seven major chakras is important.

When your chakras are balanced, you feel lighter, more positive, and more connected to the energies of the Universe. And if you’re feeling funky, you can bet that your chakras are in need of some attention.

Are you excited to start healing?

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