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Welcome to the beautiful month of August, lovelies! The light coming in this month is powerful as we continue our journey into the depths of the second part of the year. The energy of August carries a sense of renewal and transformation, offering a fresh start for those willing to embrace it.

If you have found yourself second-guessing your choices or feeling hesitant about moving forward, August challenges you to break ties with the past. It beckons you to let go of any lingering doubts and step into the realm of possibilities. And as the light intensifies, it illuminates areas of our lives that may require attention and adjustment—inviting us to evaluate our current circumstances and make conscious decisions about the paths we wish to pursue.

Which may involve letting go of outdated beliefs, relationships, or situations that no longer serve our growth and well-being.

August is known as the eighth month. However, August’s 2023 collective numerology carries the number “six” vibrations of love, peace, beauty, and harmony.

The energy of 6 also holds the magnetic vibrations of:

  • Creation
  • Self-awareness
  • Protection
  • Romance
  • Unconditional love

What To Expect Astrologically this Month

August begins with a powerful celestial event: a massive Super Full Moon. This lunar phenomenon brings much-needed change and a surge of transformative energy. It acts as a catalyst, propelling us forward on our journey of growth and self-discovery. Avoid being resistant to change; embrace this opportunity for growth and remain open to the revelations, decisions, and new opportunities that may present themselves.

Mid-month, we encounter Mercury retrograde during the arrival of Virgo season. Mercury retrograde, known for its potential to disrupt communication and technology, encourages us to slow down, reassess our plans, and reflect on our actions. It is a time to fine-tune our endeavors and ensure they align with our authentic selves.

Moreover, additional retrogrades during this month deepen the introspective nature of August. These energies invite us to delve into our subconscious and explore unresolved issues or patterns that require healing and transformation. They provide an opportunity for inner work and introspection, ultimately paving the way for growth and self-improvement. The end of the month also graces us with yet another Super Full Moon.

Navigating through the energies in the present moment may feel intense. However, it is crucial to understand that these intensified energies serve a greater purpose in refining our consciousness and aiding our spiritual evolution. The Universe provides more opportunities to shed old layers, beliefs, and patterns that no longer serve our highest good.

Now, let’s explore this month’s astrological transits!

What are the Major Transits Happening in August

August 1: Super Full Moon in Aquarius

Unleashing Cosmic Unity

The month begins with a Super Full Moon in Aquarius, marking August’s first Full Moon. The Super Full Moon in Aquarius sparks innovative and forward-thinking energy. It’s a call to honor our individuality, express our unique perspectives, and step into our roles as catalysts for change, illuminating the importance of community, collaboration, and the power of collective consciousness.

However, this Super Moon encounters challenging squares with Jupiter and later with Uranus, intensifying the energy of this period.

The square with Jupiter may magnify our desires for expansion and growth, but it also calls for moderation and a balanced approach to avoid excesses. The square with Uranus adds an element of unpredictability and prompts us to embrace change, even if it initially feels uncomfortable. We are being catapulted into our highest state of awakened consciousness as we heal and transform the collective root system of our karmic stories.

Overall, this energy provides an ultimate reboot and portal to break free from social limitations. It paves the way for others to grow and positively impact the world. Aquarius encourages connection with like-minded individuals, fosters community connections, and champions the causes that resonate with your heart. It’s time to honor the power of collective consciousness.

Themes to expect this Supermoon:

  • Embracing individuality
  • Activating the visionary spirit
  • Nurturing community connections
  • Catalyzing change
  • Seeking intellectual stimulation
  • Applying a futuristic outlook
  • Advocating for equality and social justice
  • Forming authentic connections

August 6: Sun-Jupiter Square

Navigating the Path of Spiritual Expansion

The Sun, our essence and vitality, clashes with Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, on August 6th, urging you to navigate the delicate balance of ambition and practicality. This alignment presents an opportunity to assess our desires, dreams, and aspirations and how they align with our material resources and physical reality.

With the Sun in Leo, we are encouraged to tap into our creativity, passion, and self-expression, aiming to shine brightly in our pursuits. However, the square with Jupiter in Taurus reminds us of the importance of patience and grounding our ambitions in the realm of the achievable.

It calls for a review of our situations and available resources, prompting us to seek stability and security as we pursue our goals. This transit acts as a cosmic reminder to balance our optimism and enthusiasm with practical considerations, ensuring we don’t overextend ourselves or neglect the steps necessary for long-term success. By welcoming a grounded approach and making informed decisions, we can harness the potent energy of this square, revealing intimate details of our divine soul plan.

August 9: Venus-Uranus Square

Embracing Unpredictability

On August 9th, Venus, currently retrograde, clashes with Uranus, guiding us to explore the depths of our relationships and values by revealing hidden dynamics and unexpected shifts. The square with Uranus in Taurus adds an element of surprise and disruption to this transit.

Uranus, known as the great awakener, seeks to liberate us from outdated structures and bring forth necessary change. Under this influence, we may experience sudden shifts in our relationships, a redefinition of our values, or a desire for greater independence and freedom as we break through old programming. It is critical to approach this period with an open mind and a willingness to embrace the unexpected.

Through the transformative energy of Venus and Uranus, we can navigate this transit with grace and courage, allowing for the emergence of authentic connections and a deeper understanding of our needs and desires.

August 13: Sun-Venus Conjunction

Aligning With Soulful Relationships

On August 13th, the Sun, residing in the regal sign of Leo, aligns with Venus in Leo, currently retrograde. This celestial rendezvous infuses the atmosphere with dynamic and passionate energy, tugging on significant matters of the heart. Their union invites us to reevaluate our values, relationships, and desires. It offers introspection and self-discovery, pushing us to delve deep into our emotions and assess the authenticity of our passions.

In addition, after recently meeting with Uranus, Venus provides new and innovative energy, filled with renewed purpose and authenticity. Use this period to seek a deeper understanding of your needs and desires and infuse your creative endeavors with love.

August 15: Sun-Uranus Square

Navigating Change

Brace yourself for a mix of electrifying energy that promises excitement, change, and unexpected shifts in various areas of your life, when the Sun clashes with Uranus on August 15th.

The square between the Sun and Uranus sparks tension that encourages us to break free from routines and old programming. Be prepared for surprises and sudden opportunities that may shake up your daily routine, relationships, or career paths. While this energy may feel chaotic, it offers a valuable chance to explore new horizons and push the boundaries of what’s possible. It’s essential to stay adaptable and open-minded.

Trust that the Universe has something extraordinary in store for you. Use this powerful energy to tap into your genius, express your individuality, and pioneer new paths.

August 16: New Moon in Leo

Reclaiming Your Personal Power

A fiery and passionate New Moon in Leo arrives mid-month, guiding us towards our most authentic selves through the playful spirit of our inner child. This New Moon brings forth a surge of vibrant energy that helps us shine brightly and embrace the most authentic version of ourselves. It may be challenging to embody that version, but bold Leo infuses the skies with self-confidence and love.

During this time, you are encouraged to engage in activities that ignite your passion, whether art, dance, writing or any form of self-expression that brings you joy. It is an opportune time to set intentions related to self-confidence, self-love, and letting go of self-doubt and step into your power.

However, this New Moon in Leo clashes with Jupiter and Uranus, adding an extra spark. The clash with Jupiter may bring a sense of expansiveness and a need for balance between grand visions and practical steps. Meanwhile, the square with Uranus may create a sense of unpredictability, urging us to welcome change and our authenticity even in the face of the unexpected.

On the bright side, this New Moon forms a harmonious trine with Chiron and the North Node, offering healing and growth opportunities. Chiron’s presence encourages us to embrace our wounds and use them as sources of strength and wisdom. The North Node guides us toward our soul’s path, presenting a chance to align with our true purpose.

The time is now to fully embody your true self and let your light radiate brightly for all to see.

August 22: Venus-Jupiter Square

Healing Through Love & Expansion

After meeting with the Sun and Uranus, Venus squares mighty Jupiter on August 22nd, and you can expect a whirlwind of surprises, transformative shifts, and a dance between love and liberation. During this Venus-Uranus square, be open to unexpected encounters and surprises. Expect the unexpected in relationships, careers, and finances. The Sun and Uranus challenge us to break free from stagnant patterns and create a new level of authenticity in our connections. It’s an invitation to revolutionize our approach to love.

Spend time reassessing what truly brings you joy and fulfillment in relationships. Seize the liberation of releasing outdated patterns and beliefs as you step into a more authentic expression of love. Let go, trust the process, and prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the magic that unfolds.

August 23: Sun enters Virgo & Mercury Begins Retrograde in Virgo

Harmonizing Mind & Matter

On August 23rd, the Sun moves into Virgo, signaling a time of precision and efficiency. However, this Virgo season begins with an added layer of depth as Mercury, the cosmic messenger, goes retrograde in its home sign of Virgo.

As Virgo season begins, there’s a need to embrace the qualities of practicality, attention to detail, and a desire for order in our lives. The Sun in Virgo illuminates our path with clarity, urging us to refine our routines and focus on the small steps that lead to our larger goals.

However, with Mercury retrograde in Virgo, our mental landscape turns inward. This journey inwards signals a profound time that brings our inner network of communication and personal messaging system into a new context of unity and wholeness. It’s an invitation to review, reflect, and refine our thoughts and communication. Use this retrograde period to reassess your plans, relationships, and projects.

During Virgo season with Mercury retrograde, take advantage of the precision and analytical skills that this earthy mixture provides. Embrace the gift of introspection and self-reflection, as it can lead to personal growth and a clearer understanding of the path ahead. Stay adaptable, practice patience in communication, and use this time to refine your strategies and plans. Trust that the lessons learned during this period will guide you toward greater efficiency, productivity, and success.

Happy, Birthday Virgo!

August 27: Sun-Saturn Opposition

Balancing Inner Authority

Are you ready for a dynamic cosmic showdown as the Sun in Virgo opposes Saturn in Pisces? This cosmic tug-of-war generates a clash between structure and expansion, responsibility and freedom. During this Sun-Saturn opposition, it’s essential to cultivate patience, perseverance, and a solid plan.

Use the analytical energy of Virgo to assess your goals and responsibilities while acknowledging the need for flexibility and adaptability. Seek the lessons Saturn offers, knowing that by committing to structure and aligning your actions with your long-term vision. You can overcome obstacles and achieve lasting success.

August 28: Uranus Retrograde

Reconnecting With Higher Consciousness

Uranus, the planet of innovation and change, begins its backward dance in the skies on August 28th, ushering in a profound period of awakening the higher mind through self-discovery and breaking free from stagnant patterns. Uranus’ retrograde motion will root new awareness into our cells and the planet while upgrading our capacity to think with our hearts.

For the next five months, you can expect a reflection period that will help us process and move through the significant changes that have occurred in our lives over the past few months and the changes we need to make going forward. Uranus’ retrograde motion helps us upgrade our mental bandwidth, in alignment with the inner workings of our heart, to focus on applying all we have learned to bring us closer to what we truly desire in life.

August 30: Super Full Moon in Pisces

Surrendering to Divine Flow

Prepare for a truly magical finale as the second Super Full Moon graces the skies in Pisces, casting its ethereal glow upon us all. This Super Full Moon brings a profound unveiling of the heart, opening the floodgates and clearing our channels to reveal our connection to the source. Prepare for a magical spectacle that shines the spotlight on spirituality, empathy, surrender, and release.

As the Super Full Moon illuminates the dreamy sign of Pisces, it invites us to transcend the boundaries of the material world and dive deep into the realm of the soul. This lunar spectacle acts as a sacred mirror, reflecting the hidden corners of our hearts and guiding us toward a profound sense of interconnectedness. This mystical water sign offers evolutionary energy, encouraging us to release what no longer serves our highest good. So, let go of emotional baggage, old patterns, and limiting beliefs. Focus on making space for new possibilities and spiritual growth.

In addition, it is crucial to remain alert against deception, lies, manipulation, and addictive behaviors. The strong energies of this Lunar phase amplify our sensitivities, making it imperative to stay aligned with truth and authenticity. By consciously releasing any negative influences or self-destructive patterns, we can fully harness the potential of this lunar event.

Themes to expect this Super Moon:

  • Heightened intuition
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Emotional release
  • Compassionate connections
  • Creative inspiration
  • Surrendering
  • Letting go
  • Healing and forgiveness
  • Nurturing self-care

Use these Energy Tips for August 2023

August’s oracle card is “Divine Destiny,” path of the divine warrior brought to you by the Isis oracle deck.

This oracle aligns us with our divine destiny and emphasizes the importance of surrendering to the flow of life. Through surrendering, we allow for the best possible manifestations to occur. It is a reminder to let go of control and trust the Universe. It does not mean giving up; it means releasing resistance and allowing the natural course of events to unfold. If you are struggling to manifest your desires, shift your approach and change your expectations. Sometimes, we get caught up in rigid thinking or limited beliefs that hinder our ability to attract what we truly desire. Being open and flexible creates space for new possibilities to enter your life.

Moreover, this card suggests going within to access the resources you need to succeed. Often, we look outside ourselves for solutions, but the answers lie within us. Take time for introspection, meditation, or any practice that allows you to connect with your inner guidance. By tapping into your inner wisdom, you will find the strength and clarity necessary to overcome any obstacles that come your way.

How to Make Productive Use of August’s Cosmic Energy

The mystical haze of August calls us to navigate the delicate balance between resting in the now and transforming into the new.

Here are some spiritually empowering ways to make productive use of this energy:

  1. Cultivate Self-Care: Prioritize self-care practices that nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Take time for meditation, exercise, and rest to maintain inner balance and resilience.
  2. Foster Open Communication: With Mercury in retrograde for a portion of August, be extra mindful of your communication. Practice active listening, express yourself clearly, and seek to understand before responding.
  3. Embrace Flexibility: Squares and oppositions may bring unexpected changes. Stay flexible and adapt to new circumstances. Embrace the opportunities that arise from these shifts and approach them with an open mind.
  4. Seek Harmony in Relationships: Be patient and understanding in your interactions with others. Practice active compassion and seek to find common ground, even amid disagreements or conflicts.
  5. Stay Grounded: Connect with the Earth element to ground yourself amidst the cosmic turbulence. Spend time in nature, practice grounding exercises, or incorporate grounding crystals into your daily routine.
  6. Set Boundaries: Honor your own needs and boundaries, especially during challenging interactions. Communicate assertively and respectfully to maintain healthy relationships and protect your energy.
  7. Practice Self-Reflection: Use the introspective energy of this month’s lunar cycles to delve deep into your inner world. Engage in journaling, meditation, or therapy to gain insights into patterns and areas for personal growth.
  8. Embrace Transformation: Remember that August’s planetary shifts bring opportunities for growth and transformation. Embrace the lessons they offer, and trust that you can emerge stronger and wiser through these challenges.

In conclusion, August’s energy invites us to explore the depths of our being and courageously step into our true authenticity. This journey of self-acceptance requires us to recognize and change unhealthy patterns and beliefs that no longer serve our highest good, creating space for new experiences and opportunities.

So, fully embody your authentic self, and watch as the world around you reflects the transformation within.

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