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Welcome to August, lovelies!

Although this month ushers in a mixture of energies, August is ultimately a spiritual powerhouse of 2022—full of activations, downloads, breakthroughs, and upgrades.

Essentially, August is known as the eighth month. Yet, in numerology, the collective numerology of this month carries the “number 5” vibrations of freedom and change.

The energy of 5 carries the power of:

  • Adventure
  • Curiosity
  • Growth
  • Flexibility
  • Self-confidence

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What To Expect Astrologically this Month

After the healing moments of July, the magic of August comes in with surprises, creation, sharp focus, and instant transformation. This is time to consciously focus on your growth and Soul evolution as the energies of this month nudge you to continue moving out of your comfort zone and into your truth.

The ebb and flow of life have us riding the passionate waves of the Sun in Leo into Virgo season. Further dynamic activations are brought on this month by the Lion’s Gate Portal, Venus, Mars, Uranus, the North Node, and an Aquarian Supermoon.

What does not serve you currently begins to fall to a lower vibration, ultimately leaving your life, proving to be an excellent time to clear, flush, and release.

It will be an interesting remaining second half of the year as the world around us continues to elevate and upgrade.

History is being re-examined thanks to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, and the old stories that aren’t compatible with this new frequency, are transmuted.

Be mindful of fear or anxiety-based action, as this energy is highly active in the collective. Check to ensure your actions aren’t being unconsciously driven by fear. One step at a time creates a journey of a lifetime.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the astrology for August 2022.

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What are the Major Transits Happening in August?

August 1st: Mars conjunct Uranus & the North Node

Aligning with Purpose

Warrior Mars meets Uranus, the “Great Awakener,” and the North Node is what you would call a shocking turning point that drastically alters the path we’ve been on, individually and globally.

At the end of July, Uranus met with the North Node for the first time since 2007.

Mars, the active yang force of primal energy, fire, vitality, and life, tightly conjuncts Uranus and the North Node while opposing the South Node. And because of these combustive energies, the desire for more stability, empowered self-worth, and self-sufficiency may feel like it’s hard to come by, challenging your overall security.

Be prepared for massive changes and unexpected events, but don’t assume the worst. It’s easy to become fearful during external chaos, especially since Mars’ intensity may have everyone feeling extra jittery or restless.

You’ll want to find creative outlets to channel extra energy, be patient, and get rest. If you avoid self-care, it could create accidents, illness, or fights.


  • Take a few slow, deep breaths and tune into your true nature. It’s ok to pause and take a time out.
  • Think before you jump into anything you may regret in the future.
  • Journal downloads and insights, as they have clues about your life’s path.
  • Learn to ride the waves of change with unwavering trust and faith.

August 4th: Mercury enters Virgo

Time for Refined Communications

    On August 4th, Mercury goes into its home sign Virgo to help the collective refine the relationship with self-care in all aspects: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual domains. When channeled productively, this influence can fine-tune the inner channels of communication and ground the mind in a higher frequency of discernment.

    To perceive something new or manifest your dreams, you need to shift the mind from the old default settings and strip yourself of old attitudes, assumptions, anxieties, and other limiting behaviors. Avoid criticism and nitpicking.

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    August 5th – 6th: First Quarter Moon in Scorpio

    The First Quarter Moon is a 90-degree square between the Moon and the Sun that demands action and change and makes suitable on our New Moon promises.

    Half of the Moon shines bright during this lunar phase, while the other half hides in the darkness. As a result, there is an intense desire to build, create, stabilize, and grow as light increases.

    This month’s First Quarter phase takes a deep dive in Scorpio and is busy with an opposition to Uranus and the North Node, tightly conjunct with the South Node. And at the same time, square Saturn, trine Neptune, and sextile Pluto. That is a deadly combo and a time of challenge and testing.

    You are likely to encounter choppy waters, which point toward some more significant and potentially volatile emotional events. But you can also expect to experience substantial breakthroughs and receive support or a good push forward. 

    Passions will be strong, and there’s an unflinching sense of courage to face the shadows.

    Questions to ask during this time:

    • Am I on track with my goals?
    • Am I moving in the right direction of my dreams?
    • Do I tend to avoid meaningful connections in favor of superficial ones?

    August 7th: Mars Square Saturn

    Ambitions are Blocked

    There’s a blockage of energy around August 7th, when Mars clashes with Saturn. This influence creates mixed feelings and difficulty in self-expression, which challenges your ability to succeed. 

    It’s vital to understand that the harder you force yourself to pursue your goals, the more resistance you are likely to face.

    It is not the best time for risk-taking, but best to re-assesses and re-evaluate your ambitions and life purpose. Instead of starting new projects, concentrate on what you already have.

    August 8th: Lion’s Gate Portal

    Today brings the dynamic astrological alignment, the Lion’s Gate Portal, which represents the rising of star Sirius, the “Spiritual Sun.” This spiritual gateway has roots that go back to ancient Egypt and has been long honored as a time of activations, downloads, and upgrades.

    Although Sirius rises at the end of July throughout most of August, the numerology of 8 has been considered the most potent day. During this profound gateway, you can expect increased energy and focus on manifesting your deepest desires and reconnecting with your ancestral and celestial wisdom.

    August 10th: Sun squares the North & South Node

    The Crossroads of Destiny

    You reach a turning point on August 10th, when the radiant Sun in Leo clashes with the lunar nodes. This energy moves quickly and draws you toward the actualization of your destiny by orienting you between the past and the future.

    Avoid looking at the bigger picture with anxiety, or goals and manifestations may feel stalled.

    As you examine current issues, be honest with yourself as possible. Events may feel chaotic, leaving you confused and indecisive. So, allow the inner voice of your power to guide you toward the best outcome.

    August 11th: Venus enters Leo during the Super Full Moon in Aquarius

    The Power of the Higher Heart

    Venus moves into Leo, where we gain courage and strength to open ourselves up unconditionally and access the wholeness of the heart. 

    In astrology, Venus is the goddess of beauty, love, relationships, cooperation, and wisdom. Venus is the key that turns knowledge into wisdom through the resolution of polarity. This fiery magnetic force brings opposites and people together to create beauty and harmony in life.

    When in Fiery Leo, you can expect connections with others to take on a more passionate tone. Venus in Leo also increases the opportunity for the creative spirit to serve its Soul purpose, strengthening the mind for the benefit of all beings.

    That same night, the last Super Moon of three takes place in Aquarius and serves as the final activation and illumination that will help us clear away the cobwebs and shine the light of the Soul.

    Full Moons are ripe for climaxes and magic. It’s a time of emotion, intuition, magic, and mystery. A supermoon enhances that aspect and delivers supercharged upgrades of higher consciousness. 

    And in Aquarius, this cycle initiates a radical expansion and awakening that transcends the old programs and systems of limitations.

    Your relationship with your current emotions might be more complicated or confusing at this time because the Moon in Aquarius has a strong need for freedom. However, since it is a Universal number 8 day, the energies are amplified to support power, strength, success, and overcoming weakness.

    These energies are about walking in your authenticity, taking a step back to appreciate everything, stepping into the flow, and embracing life’s cycles. After the Tower falls, the Star comes to light the way.

    August 18th & 19th: Third Quarter Moon in Taurus

    The Last Quarter Moon phase is a time in the lunar cycle to follow up and complete activities while taking closing action. Darkness heightens currently, signifying a powerful release and shedding of the past self.

    The energy peaked during the Full Moon and now wanes down to balance, reorient, and complete activities that began at the prior New Moon.

    The Last Quarter peaks at 12:36 AM Eastern Standard Time, in the Moon’s dignified position in Taurus, and during this Moon phase, the focus is on your domestic life and security. 

    Challenges may appear to test you before you receive a significant break. Use the energies of this phase to slow down and invest in yourself!

    August 20th: Mars enters Gemini

    The Revealing of Limitless Access of Universal Wisdom

    Passionate Mars enters intellectual Gemini, the Air sign of the mental body wisdom, where it will later station retrograde for about two and half months.

    Mars is an initiator, and Gemini is curious, quick, and diverse. Together, these two make quite an explosive combo. 

    From action, romance, fun-flirty, steamy conversations, or downright angry & fighting, whatever the case may be, you can expect Mars in Gemini to be adventurous and jammed pack with youth-full expression.

    Expect to find life more exciting and better understand both sides of everything. Allow yourself to see with fresh eyes and uncover life’s mysteries. Avoid argumentative or combative behavior toward others and belittling communication.

    August 22nd: Virgo Season Begins

    Holistic Refinement of the Heart

    At last, the beautiful Virgo season begins on August 22nd. 

    The clean-up crew is here and ready to get things in order. But don’t worry, the party won’t be over for too long. Usually, Virgo likes to come in and offer alignment, integration, and holistic healing for all the activations we’ve been experiencing.

    The sign helps us uncover and trust our inner mechanism for discernment, filtration, and truth. Virgo is an Earth sign, represented by the Virgin goddess, our spirit guide into manifesting good for ourselves. 

    Virgo reminds us to reshape and recalibrate in alignment with the heart.

    During the beginning of Virgo season, the Sun meets up with fixed star Regulus for its yearly conjunction. 

    Regulus has the honor of being the closest star to the ecliptic and, therefore, most proximate to the Sun. It is said to facilitate spiritual growth and make us bolder and more courageous in decision-making and our passions.

    Use the energies of Virgo season and its astrological transits to connect with your heart and truth.

    August 24th: Uranus goes Retrograde

    The Sacred Mysteries of Initiation

    Uranus, the “Great Awakener,” begins its backward dance through the skies in Taurus until 2023. 

    Uranus is the plant of change, innovation, rebellion, and awakening, aka the wild child of the planetary crew. When retrograde, Uranus is here to help you make the necessary life changes and upgrade to more innovative ways of thinking—ultimately inviting you to find higher thought frequencies.

    Overall, this is a new paradigm of consciousness awakening from the inside out. Significant themes currently involve transforming our relationship with the planet and its inhabitants.

    August 25th: Mercury enters Libra

    Mirroring Communications

    On Thursday, August 25th, Mercury goes into Libra, the sign of mirrored self. Mercury will soon retrograde in Libra, marking a significant journey of shifting ourselves and our current reality.

    Libra is charming, diplomatic, smooth, flirty, and fun. The sociable Air sign, paired with Mercury, makes it an excellent time for enhancing creative skills, business knowledge, communication, and the ability to manage daily activities. 

    But, on the flip side, this transit can make you more prone to indecisiveness, procrastination, and people-pleasing. So, focus on finding balance, especially when others test your patience.

    August 27th: New Moon in Virgo

    The Harvest of the Soul

    The month ends with an incredible divine attunement brought to you by the New Moon.

    New Moons are a time for planting seeds of intention and conceiving new ideas and projects. They bring in fresh new energy, perfect for laying the groundwork for what you want to manifest in the next six months. 

    In the sign of Virgo, this New Moon is ripe for clearing out the old, harvesting past deeds, calibrating divine wisdom, and purifying the lower body system.

    Mars is active under this New Moon, which can help us conquer any fears and take a leap forward in the direction of our dreams without hesitation—ultimately opening the gateway to divine birthing of the highest order.

    Give yourself permission to own your light, revealing your ability to manifest the intangible into form.

    Themes of this New Moon:

    • Focusing on health
    • Setting stronger boundaries
    • Energetic cleansing
    • Work and daily routine

    Use these Energy Tips for August

    August brings in all the resources and good energy you need to organize your life and thoughts and start working on unfinished projects. It’s a new beginning that will allow you to rewrite the story of your life the way you want.

    This month’s oracle card is “Life Restored,” Priestess of the Phoenix, brought to you by the Isis Oracle Deck.

    Life restored comes to you this month to remind you that spiritual restoration is gifted to you after a period of suffering, trauma, struggle, or defeat. Parts of your previously dead life are being revived and flourishing into new pathways of abundance.

    You are encouraged to focus on welcoming change, whether a lifestyle change, business plan, relationship, or practice. Because something important is making its way back to you, Isis is helping you restore life within you so that you may reach your goals comfortably and in new ways.

    You are deserving of this change. So, stay true to yourself and awaken the real you. Stay patient; this new transition can take form within days, weeks, or even months. You can the process and focus on the goodness in life.

    Just because something is falling off or leaving your life doesn’t mean it didn’t have value or a purpose. Its purpose was to aid your Soul growth, and now that chapter is over. So, enjoy your rebirth!

    August’s high vibrational energies encourage us to release old fear, negativity, toxicity, or attachments that have kept us locked in old traumas. Listen to the sacred wisdom of your body-soul and trust that a new level is coming your way.

    Make productive use of these energies by:

    • Focusing on physical exercise to alchemize your spirit.
    • Letting go of the habit of judging yourself and others.
    • Releasing old painful memories.
    • Playing with your inner child, kids, or pets.
    • Engaging in energy healing.

    In conclusion, August represents resurrection, restoration, strength, courage, and raw emotion. It brings in supportive energies for love, abundance, manifestation, and expansion. 

    If you are stuck or confused about how to proceed with something, stop, breathe, and revisit the past to provide clues and the guidance you need to move forward.

    Tune into your inner spirit with determination to provide you the confidence to overcome any growing fears, challenges, or self-doubt.

    Find the power within yourself to persevere this month.

    With love, August

    About The Author

    Tracie Ann

    Tracie is a charming Scorpio Sun, with an outgoing Sagittarius moon, and nurturing Virgo rising. She has a passion for writing and has studied metaphysics since 2011, finishing her masters in psychology. She is a certified Holy Fire Reiki Master and Soul Astrologer, working as a healer and clairvoyant to help others reach their full potential and unite with their soul’s purpose in this lifetime.She enjoys talking on her podcast called “The Cosmic Source”, along with her blog called “Daily Gems.”Tracie’s key phrase is “Restoring Sacred Heart Vibrations”, as she believe it is important to restore your Universal connection to source. She also enjoys esoteric studies and taking care of her energetic Aries daughter and adventurous Sagittarius son. Her goal is to help uplift consciousness so the realization of self may set in, allowing for the authentic self to shine through.You can also find Tracie Ann on her Instagram: @goddessinfusions
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