How to Use a Pendulum to Reap Chakra Miracles in Just 5 Minutes

Have you ever felt stuck over something? Like no matter how much you try to make progress with something, it’s just not happening? There’s a reason for that. When this feeling of “being stuck” or “blocked” happens to you, it′s a message from the universe that you need to do some clearing.

Most of the time a little bit of work on your chakra centers is all you need to unblock. When you clear those blocks, you will either see why you were blocked, that the universe does not want this for you at all, or, you will clear the channels to the progress you seek. If you ever feel like you are banging your head against the wall, stop doing that.

Chakra healing is an ideal way to turn those stumbling blocks into dust, every time. Here′s how to do it with the divination tool known as a pendulum.

1. Get the right tools.

Believe it or not, chakra healing for miracles is possible with just five minutes of your time, if you have the right tools. The tool you want to use for this kind of chakra healing is a pendulum. We′ve talked about pendulums before. They are divination tools that can help give you yes or no answers to life′s questions.

A divination tool is perfect to use when life is throwing you a stumbling block. Do I pitch this idea at work? Yes or no. Do I propose to this girl? Yes or no. A chakra pendulum then works to clear the chakras needed for these stumbling blocks, while giving you answers at the same time.

2. Calibrate your chakra pendulum.

Calibrating your chakra pendulum shouldn′t take more than a few seconds. The amount of time it takes for you to ask your pendulum two questions is all you need for this one. First, holding the pendulum in front of you, ask the pendulum a question you know the “Yes” answer to. “Is my name…” is a great one.

Wait for the pendulum to respond. It will move in a certain direction. That is the pendulum showing you what the answer “Yes” looks like. Now, ask the pendulum a “No” question. Again, note the response. You′ve just calibrated your chakra pendulum.

3. Identify what chakras you want to work with.

Before using your chakra pendulum as a divination tool, identify what chakras you will be working with first. You can work on just one if you wish, or try and clear and unblock them all. Here′s a brief review on each of the chakras and what they rule, to give you an idea on what questions are best for each chakra.

Root Chakra (Red): Rules basic needs food, shelter, work, survival; found at base of tailbone.

• Sacral Chakra (Orange): Rules sexual needs, fertility matters; found in pelvis.

• Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow): Rules self-esteem, pride, personality, ego, values; found across shoulders.

• Heart Chakra (Green): Rules emotions, love, relationships; found in heart

• Throat Chakra (Blue): Rules communication all forms; found in throat

• Third Eye Chakra (Indigo): Rules foresight, planning, seeing the future; found between two eyes

Crown Chakra (White/Violet): Rules higher level thinking, your direct connection to the Divine; found at top of head

For example, let′s say you are wondering if you should propose to the girl. The two chakras most associated with these life matters would be throat chakra and heart chakra. Throat chakra rules communication, and heart chakra rules, you guessed it, your love buttons.

You want your throat chakra in good condition if you decide to propose, or you want to know if your throat chakra is ready for that. Same with your heart chakra, so these two chakras will be where you focus your chakra pendulum.

4. Relax, think about your questions.

Lie down and get comfortable and begin focusing on the areas you will be working on. Meditate on those areas, and even the colors of the chakras you know you will be working with. You may even feel physical changes in those areas.

5. Ask the pendulum the questions.

Now, hold the pendulum over the chakra centers you are going to be working with. Ask the pendulum the questions you have. Remember to ask questions with yes or no answers only. Let′s go back to the proposal example. Try the question on your heart chakra.

Hold the pendulum over your heart chakra, and ask, “Is it the right time to propose to this girl?” or some other yes or no question related to your blocked situation. The pendulum will tell you. You may ask a few more questions if you want, there is no right or wrong amount of time to spend with your chakra pendulum.

You can ask the same question on different chakras and see what responses you get as well. This process takes as little or as long as you want it to take. Consider it information gathering. Gather as much as you can, until you feel you are done. How will you know? You will know. It′s your question.

6. Meditate.

Once you have gathered your information, spend some time in meditation on the color of that chakra center you just worked to unblock. You don′t need to take a million years to do this. A few minutes in your chair or while you are still lying down is enough. Just lie down, focus on the color of the chakra center you just did your chakra healing with.

You should begin to slowly feel more unblocked as you do. You may even receive more information during your meditation session, such as, how to ask her to propose, or a vision of what that day will look like for you. Follow the experience and it will give you everything you need from it, and more.

Concluding thoughts…

We love astrology and numerology and everything we learn and benefit by when it comes to Daily Horoscopes, Weekly Horoscopes, or even in-depth readings. One thing we cannot use astrology for is immediate answers, unless you are talking to your expert. That’s not always possible.

For those times you need an immediate answer to your daily life’s questions, or just need to get “unstuck” on a life situation, you have your chakra pendulum. When do you use yours most? How do you unblock your chakras?

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