How the Root Chakra Can Help You Make Money

When it comes to making money, there are a number of things we can do to be successful or create abundance for ourselves. Sometimes there are things that are blocking us on our quest of financial greatness, and sometimes they aren’t things you can see with the naked eye.

If you are a work horse but find you are still just barely making ends meet from month to month, chances are you have some root chakra problems to contend with. This is an easy fix. Believe it or not, a tiny little invisible wheel house at the base of your spine may be exactly what is holding you back from greatness.

Today we are going to talk about this misunderstood wheel house called the root chakra, and how ignoring it could be the biggest financial mistake you ever make.

What is the Root Chakra?

There are 7 chakras in the body, and they are invisible wheel houses of energy that help keep our “flow” in check. This is the flow of life force that helps us to stay rooted on this plane, while staying in touch with the divine. When all energy wheels are humming and clear, you live a positive and joy-filled life that is successful, whether you have $5 in the bank or $5 million.

This simple concept is how Deepak Chopra became one of the wealthiest figures in New Age teachings. With the help of the 7 chakras, you can keep one foot rooted on the ground and be the most grounded person around, while also connecting with the divine on a daily basis through the crown chakra.

From the root chakra, or Muladhara, at the base of your spine, to the crown chakra, or Sahasrara, at the top of your head, these 7 energy wheels are all working to keep your life balanced and challenge free. When one of those wheel houses is out of balance, physical, financial, and spiritual problems manifest.

When all of those energy wheels are in balance, abundance and enlightenment are the result. This is why you always want to have clear chakras.

The root chakra is located at the base of your spine, and is symbolized by the color red. It is the first of the 7 chakras, and for good reason. The root chakra is the energy center you are rooted in. It symbolizes your upbringing and how rooted you do or do not feel in safety and security in this world.

The root chakra is your sense of “roots,” or the foundation upon which you build to feel happy, healthy, and confident in this world.

The Root Chakra and Money

All core functions of your body and physical being are stored here, and so are all of your ancestors, or, your roots. You can see why this chakra could lead to poverty or wanting when it is out of whack. When it is blocked, you will have problems identifying your sense of self and your sense of purpose. You will also not feel secure in this world.

Without that, you can’t go out into the world and feel confident enough to show off your gifts and talents in a way that will make you financially successful. The root chakra is all about confidence. You’ve heard us talk about using your gifts and talents to succeed financially before, either here or in your Daily Horoscopes or Weekly Horoscopes.

You can’t go out and market the beautiful gifts that make you amazing, and make money and be successful from that, if you aren’t confident in yourself. If you don’t actually believe you can make money by doing your favorite thing, then you won’t. If you clear your root chakra, that belief and confidence you need to do just that will appear.

It’s a bit of a catch 22. If your root chakra is blocked, you don’t feel secure and you will continue to feel this way due to poverty or financial lacking. At the same time, if you start with poverty or lacking, it’s difficult to find a sense of security and confidence to bring your self out of that hole. What do we do here then?

Clear the root chakra and restore your sense of confidence. It’s not just important for financial purposes. All good things are built upon firm roots or foundation. You will have problems with your other chakras if you don’t take care of this one, as all energy flows to all chakra systems starts here.

How to Know if a Blocked Root Chakra is Keeping You From Success

There are a number of physical and mental ailments that will present themselves when your root chakra is blocked. You may have an overall sense of insecurity or anxiety, or both, or you may have back problems, prostate problems, kidney problems, eating disorders, or a weak immune system.

You may not have any of those things, but simply struggle from pay check to pay check. Those physical ailments can also be attributed to many other problems, so don’t beat yourself up if you have a sore back, healing that may not necessarily be the key to your financial success.

The real way to check and see if you have a blocked root chakra is to take a good and honest look at the things that go through your mind when it comes to making money. Do you ever hear yourself telling yourself any of these things? Be honest. There’s no wrong answer and nobody is looking:

  • More people would love me if I had more money.
  • If I bought presents for everyone I know, even if I can’t afford it, my life would be better.
  • I can’t earn more than my partner or we become an unbalanced couple, and he might leave me.
  • It’s okay if I don’t have family or friends, money and work make me happiest anyway.
  • I don’t want to contribute to this discussion in a meaningful way. I’m broke and who is going to listen to me anyway?
  • I’m really good at this one thing, but if I try to make money from it, people will laugh.

Clearing the Root Chakra

It is not just a “possibility” that living with these kinds of beliefs can be financially debilitating. It is a reality. If you believe you can’t earn more than your partner, you won’t, and you will never reach your fullest potential. If you try to buy love, you will always be searching for it. If you refuse to really show off your amazing gifts to the world, you will never make money from it.

That’s because your roots are fractured, and no strong house can stand on that, and if that is you, don’t beat yourself up over it. Identifying the problem is half the battle, and we have all been there. Clearing your root chakra is the way to set foot on that first stepping stone of financial success. When you do, you will go from, “I think I can,” to “I can’t wait to see where this goes!”

Concluding thoughts….

A clear root chakra is the first step to financial freedom. That doesn’t necessarily mean wealth, but rather a place where you feel good about your financial security. Meditation on the root chakra, harnessing the color red, and chakra healing work on your root chakra are all ways to unblock and clear this chakra. Let us know if we can help!

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