Align Your 7 Chakras for New Year’s Resolution Success

Did you know that one of the simplest (and often overlooked) ways to activate your New Year′s resolutions and manifest abundance is to align your 7 chakras?

Your chakras are your internal energy system. It′s where all manifestation begins; where your life energy is nurtured and brought to fruition. So if you want to manifest wonderful and abundant things in 2019, aligning your chakras is where you start.

Often when it seems like we are blocked from reaching our goal or stuck in a situation, it’s actually an energetic block that can be resolved by clearing your chakras. Doing the chakra meditations below can help balance your chakras and it’s also important to eat plants of a variety of colours to harmonize the systems in your body. If you still feel foggy or off, it’s always helpful to get a chakra clearing Reiki session from a trust energy healer which are usually not hard to find. If Reiki is a new experience for you, it’s a calming and relaxing experience and there’s nothing to be nervous about.

The chakras are the connection point between your internal and external energy. They basically pick up vibrations from your environment and so if you’ve been around some stressed out people or Debby Downers, your chakras may need some clearing. Breathwork is a great way to clear your chakras (look up videos on Breath of Fire) and mantras can also help activate your chakras as well.

Make Goals, Not Resolutions

Resolutions are simply things you “resolve” to do. Goals are a completely different thing, and much more likely to be successful than anything you “resolve” or “plan to do later.” Think more about those resolutions as goals and you are more likely to see success. Whether your goal is to lose a few pounds, gain a new relationship, or activate abundance, chakra work can help. Properly aligned chakras allow you to stick to your goals and make your dreams a reality! With Saturn in Capricorn until March 21, 2020, you’ll have the energy to be responsible about the goals that you commit to as well.

Each of your seven chakras is like an internal organ system. Working on just one is not that effective. It would be like only working on heart health to be healthy. But you still need good liver health, good brain health, good fitness levels, and more. So you want to work on each of your seven chakras to have a balanced system that will prepare you for success, and, manifested goals in 2019.

Let′s have a look at each of your 7 chakras and how aligning each of them will impact your life and support your New Year′s resolutions.

1. Crown Chakra

  • Your Connection to the Divine.

When your crown chakra is blocked, overworked, or out of alignment with the rest of your chakra system, you′re likely to experience life as somewhat pointless. You may feel a sense of abandonment and deep-seated loneliness.

Align your crown chakra with meditations on pure white light in order to ensure you stay connected to your Higher Self and to the Divine. After all, it′s a lot easier for your Higher Self to stick with commitments than relying solely on your personality to do the job! There is no better way to stick to those goals than by having an open portal to the Higher Powers.

2. Third Eye Chakra

  • Your Second Sight.

Your third eye chakra is your connection to intuition, inner vision, and even psychic powers.

When your third eye chakra is blocked or overworking, you′re likely to experience headaches, a lack of confidence in decisions (because you can′t ‘see′ the potential consequences of a decision.) You may also have encounters with others who are not trustworthy (again, because you cannot intuitively sense or “see” people′s true vibration.)

Align your third eye chakra with meditations on indigo light in order to ensure you can keep a clear vision of your dreams, goals, and intentions. You will be able to deal with obstacles or naysayers that come your way.

3. Throat Chakra

  • Speak Your Truth.

Your throat chakra is your connection to your voice. It impacts your capacity to speak up for yourself. It’s also the channel through which you speak your truth.

When your throat chakra is blocked or out of alignment with the rest of your Chakra system, you′re likely to feel like you are not heard in life. You may lack confidence in expressing your thoughts and opinions to others. You may have a heightened fear of judgment. A blocked or overworked throat chakra can lead to sore throats, losing one′s voice, or stumbling over one′s words (especially in emotionally charged conversations.)

Align your throat chakra with meditations on blue light in order to ensure your words are clear, you feel heard by other people and that they are supportive of your dreams, no matter what anyone else says. Even wearing a blue scarf or tie helps tweak this chakra.

4. Heart Chakra

  • Love Sweet Love.

Your heart chakra is your connection to compassion and love – for self, others, and all life.

When your heart chakra is out of alignment, you′re likely to feel a sense of longing for more love, acceptance, and understanding from people. It′s a lonely place to be. An overworked heart chakra is the result of taking on other people′s emotional baggage and it often feels like emotional exhaustion.

A prolonged blockage in the heart chakra can show up as a desire to let go of life itself, deep despair, and even heart disease.

Align your heart chakra with meditations on green light in order to ensure you love and accept yourself enough to receive the abundance of the Universe. It will help to attract only loving supportive people into your life. Wearing green clothes or gems helps pick up the energy pace in this chakra.

5. Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Your Confidence Center.

Your solar plexus chakra is your connection to your own personal will and sense of self-esteem. When people feel “puffed up” in the chest, their solar plexus is highly activated. When you feel deflated, your solar plexus is blocked or out of alignment.

There′s a disconnection from the flow of life with a misaligned solar plexus chakra. This person may try so hard to achieve their goals and get down on themselves when something doesn′t come through for them.

Align your solar plexus chakra with meditations on yellow light in order to ensure you have the will to face life′s inevitable obstacles with even-keel energy, confidence, and the certainty that you can manifest your dreams. Adding spots of yellow around the home helps tweak this chakra as well.

6. Sacral Chakra

  • Sense and Sensuality.

Your sacral chakra is your connection to your creative self-expression, and your sexual energy. Sexual energy isn’t just used for sex either, it’s your passion center that fuels all motivations.

When your sacral chakra is blocked or out of alignment you′re likely to experience a loss of libido, lack of creativity, or lack of inspiration for having any fun in life. “Ho-hum” is a good way to describe the feeling of a misaligned sacral chakra.

However, an overworked sacral chakra can look very different: manic bouts of all-night painting, writing, or sex addict behaviour are indicators of an over-active sacral chakra.

Align your sacral chakra with meditations on orange light in order to ensure you maintain a healthy balance of creativity, sexuality, and personal energy on a day-to-day basis. Wear orange to feel like a sexy warrior!

7. Root Chakra

  • The Root of Every Matter.

If your root chakra is out of alignment, it sets the tone for your entire energy system. Your root chakra is literally your connection to the physical world and tends to your basic needs. When it is blocked, overworking, or out of alignment with the rest of your chakra system, you′re likely to experience life as a survival struggle.

Root chakra troubles show up as living below your hopes and dreams for yourself; feeling held back and unable to manifest what you want; and a sense of deep fatigue, restlessness and detachment from life.

Align your root chakra with meditations on red light in order to ensure you can actually manifest in tangible, physical form the goals and resolutions you′ve set for yourself. Many people feel better just wearing red.

It’s no coincidence that holiday colours are red and green. Red symbolizes the root chakra and the roots of your family and friends and the people that ground you. Green symbolizes the heart chakra and the sweet and unconditional love of the season.

Concluding Thoughts…

The more you are able to activate and align your chakras, the more personal power you have to command and create the life you want. You are the captain of your Fate. Remember that all manifestation begins from the inside out. When you can become a clear, energetic match to what you desire, it will become real.

If you sit quietly in meditation, you can often sense which chakra is off by any unease you feel in your body. If you look up the body part that is achy or tense and find which chakra it corresponds to, you can go on a treasure hunt for the emotion that needs to be released. You can also ask if there are any thoughts or memories you need to release that are keeping your chakras out of whack by meditating and setting the intention to release negative memories you discover that are still affecting your consciousness like a moldy residue. Once you set the intention to release those thoughts or the energetic imprint of an experience, energy can begin to flow through the affected chakra again. Sometimes the beliefs we have that were formed in childhood and adolescence aren’t serving us or are diminishing our light. It’s always valuable to meditate and ask if there’s an energy pattern you can release to truly find freedom and let your energy connect to a higher state.

Not sure which of your chakras is blocked? Find out Which of Your Chakras Needs a Tune Up by taking our quiz!

About The Author

Shannon Yrizarry

Shannon Yrizarry has taught metaphysical subjects since 2013 including the deeply esoteric lineage of kundalini yoga. She has worked as a healer, clairvoyant and card reader and been featured as a dream interpreter on Viceland’s Nuts + Bolts show as well as for Mercedes Benz and Refinery29. She has read Tarot for The Zoe Report, done readings for stars and aims to bring the empowering wisdom of astrology mainstream.With a bold voice, she wants to uplift consciousness to help us evolve to a healthier more spiritual society. Her classes can be found online at www.HOI.TV/authors/shannon and you can follow her daily inspirations on Instagram @shannonyrizarry. She also teaches kundalini yoga in Portland, Oregon. What gets her out of bed is helping people align with their soul purpose.Shannon is the author of two books published by Llewellyn Worldwide, Psychic Yoga and Modern Guide to Meditation Beads.
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