Manifest Your New Year’s Resolutions with the Moon Cycles

It’s time to set your New Year’s Resolutions for 2019! A new year is upon us and with the beginning of 2019 comes new goals. What are your personal and professional goals for the year the year? We have a strategy you can apply to make these goals happen and it involves manifesting with the Moon cycles. The ancient system of astrology uses the cycles of the Moon to capture the tides of energy that affect all of us to make our manifesting process more smooth.

Timing your goals with these cycles increases your manifesting abilities and is a process that many cultures are aware of. With this information, this could be the year you become truly empowered to change things like never before! We will help you understand the timing as well as how to hone and sharpen your focus. Setting a broad new years resolution in 2019 won’t work as powerfully as setting clear and specific goals so if you can, get more specific about what you really want.

An Ancient Secret with a Modern Use

It wasn’t just witches that used the Moon phases for magic, the Moons are followed by farmers for planting and many ancient cultures used the Moon cycles to time their decisions and actions. Greek, Egyptian, Druid, Native American, Mayan, Incan and many other cultures depict the phases of the Moon in their art and have passed on their rituals for centuries.

We can see how much value was placed on the Moon in ancient monuments. The very structure of the Egyptian pyramids was designed as an astrological calculator. While we may not be deciding when to move our herds or plant our harvest, we still have decisions that can be assisted when timed properly.

How can following this monthly cycle help you in your daily life? Let’s say you want a new job. Try as you might, you may not get it if you are applying and following up when people’s minds are not open to something new. The Moon cycles can help us pursue our goals with more efficiency and to know when to initiate, follow up and let go when we’re stubbornly holding onto an idea.

Sometimes, letting go can help us see other possibilities that were trying to come into our life. This is helpful for our personal relationships and our emotional growth, as well as bringing resources we need to accomplish our goals.

Break Your Goal Into Steps

You may have set a New Year’s Resolution to get healthy. You could make that goal even more specific with monthly goals like, ‘go to the gym 5 days per week,’ or ‘eat greens every day.’ When you set small, specific goals, it helps you chart a clear path to your bigger New Year’s Resolutions for 2019. Each month, you can focus on one or just a few things to move toward your larger goal. Before using the Moon to manifest, you can make a list of your personal goals. Your New Year’s resolution can be something in your emotional life, your health, your spiritual development, your career, your education or your home.

Don’t be afraid to dream big! You are going to be equipped with extra potent manifesting abilities that only get stronger the more you work with and fine tune them.

For example, if you want to make a major change such as start a career you are truly passionate about, you may first need training, a new marketing approach, a mentor, and money to cover any overhead costs. You can work on small parts of your goals each month to make the power of your thoughts that much more laser-like.

The thoughts we generate are extremely powerful, especially when they have a single focus. Write down your goals and be willing to shift as your intuition guides you in this process. Also, tell yourself that the process is going to be fun and blessed! If you’re dreading it, you’re already attracting negative vibes.

How Does It Work?

You do not need to memorize the full 8 phases of the Moon to begin manifesting. Just knowing when the new and Full Moon is each month is a fantastic start. You can use our astrology calendar to know where we are in each cycle. The cycle takes just about 30 days in total so we have 12 Full Moons each year.

Every two and a half weeks we move from a New Moon to a Full Moon or a Full Moon to a New Moon. It’s exciting because every day is a new step in your manifesting process and it’s a relatively short cycle.

The 8 Phases of The Moon

There are a few important things to know when manifesting. The first is that it is not an exact science, and when something feels blocked, it may be for a reason. Don’t push so hard you become frustrated. Sometimes things take longer than one Moon cycle to manifest, so always do it with an element of surrender as well as effort.

The second important thing to note is that you can have clear goals and the Universe can help you a ton, but if you don’t take action of your own making, you’re not providing the proper energy for your seeds to grow. Don’t just stay home wishing and hoping, make an effort to give yourself the best possible outcome! Energy flows where attention goes.

  1. New Moon – When you look in the sky and no part of the Moon is illuminated. This is a time to set your intention.
  2. Waxing Crescent – A waxing Moon is when the Moon is moving towards full and each day you see more light when you look at it. During a waxing crescent, less than 50% of the Moon is illuminated.
  3. First Quarter Moon – This represents the crisis we experience when we come across our first obstacle to our goal or the first thing moves forward. It’s always some type of change. The Moon is half illuminated. Keep making steps towards your goal at this time.
  4. Waxing Gibbous – There is more than 50% of the Moon illuminated in the sky. There is building energy and we keep following up on the seeds we’ve planted at the new Moon.
  5. Full Moon – The Moon is completely illuminated. We see our seeds come to fruition. We release distractions, bad habits and goals we no longer want to pursue.
  6. Waning Gibbous – A waning Moon is moving from a Full Moon towards a New Moon. This is not a time to start new projects, but a good time to follow up on what came at the Full Moon. The illuminated part of the Moon is decreasing daily during this phase. More than 50% of the Moon is illuminated.
  7. Third Quarter Moon – This is when the Moon is again half illuminated. It represents the beginning of our descent into the void where we empty our minds to prepare for the ideas coming on the New Moon.
  8. Waning Crescent – We clear out space in our lives for the new. We rest and rejuvenate our energy. We don’t begin new projects at this time. There is less than 50% of the Moon illuminated.

Know the Zodiac Sign of the Full Moon

Depending on which zodiac sign the Full Moon is in, we will likely see things move forward in different areas related to those signs. For example, a Full Moon in Libra or Taurus may advance things that have to do with romance, art, or beauty. On a Full Moon in Capricorn or Virgo, we may land a new job or see a new approach to our plan that works better.

We may finally get to travel on a Gemini or Sagittarius Full Moon and we may get more intuitive insights on a Cancer or Pisces Full Moon. Knowing the traits and element of each sign can help you know when to approach certain tasks and when your mind and the collective consciousness just won’t be ripe for them.

How to Sharpen Your Focus

Many people who have an altar at home will sit in front of it and meditate on the New Moon, asking what is most important for them to focus on for this cycle. It could be a smaller goal that will help you with one of your bigger goals for the year or it could be something your meditation brings through that is for your higher good. Sometimes our mind thinks in terms of physical goods or things that we think will make us happy yet when we get into a meditative state, we are able to access ideas that will fulfill us on a much deeper level.

Even if you don’t have an altar, find a space and set a time to meditate on the New Moon with a journal. Ask what would be for the highest good for you to set as a goal and be humble in your approach so that you get information that will be actually good for you and not just a selfish empty goal. Once you clearly define one to three goals for the month, create a clear list and place it in a spot you’ll see every day. Take time to send your prayer to the universal life force energy by visualizing these goals with as much specificity as possible every morning and every night for a few minutes. This will help your brain start to see ways of using your time that will align you with your goals.

We all can probably relate to setting a goal and forgetting about it. It’s frustrating, right? Make your goal prominent and really visualize this until the Full Moon comes and you’ll see results will show up if you’ve put energy into making it happened, you had a clear goal and you visualized. We must take action and put in effort – just visualizing is only going to go so far. But I can guarantee if you’re not visualizing, it will make manifesting way harder. Feel like you really are in the reality you’re working toward in your visualization to create the joy and feeling that it’s already there. This opens the potential for it to come into your life like a key opens a locked door.

Additionally, use the power of words to bring your goal to fruition. Write down your goal in the present tense by stating it is in your life already. For example, if you want a lower-stress job with kind people that allows you to feel fulfilled, write down, “I have a job that I love that is meaningful and pays well.” Write it in the morning and at night and it will help you manifest when the Full Moon comes. Sometimes it can take a month, 6 months, or longer for something to finally manifest, and sometimes you’ll manifest something and realize it’s not actually what you want after all. Enjoy this process, work with it and you’ll see everyone gets stuff on the Full Moon and all the changes occur for people right in that Full Moon time.


There are other manifesting tools you can use in conjunction with the Moon cycles to manifest such as affirmations, vision boards and crystals that help you set your intention. Really anything that helps you raise your vibration will help you shift from fear to a place of trust and activate the Law of Attraction in your life in a positive way. Practice with little things and watch how they magically appear! It’s important to be as specific as you can too. Don’t just try to manifest a new job, get clear with the type of job you want. Get ready for the lid to lift off of your life!

You are capable of so much and with the planetary energies working on your side, magic happens. The Moon cycles are even stronger during eclipse season, which kicks off in January with the New Moon on January 6 and the Full Moon on January 21, which comes with a lunar eclipse. Be sure to have a clear goal because eclipse season brings change now and in the coming six months, so you want to be prepared for that change with a plan!

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