Understand Your Parents Through Their Primal Triad: Sun, Moon & Rising Signs

Welcome to a new way to relate to your parents! This could really help you understand them and allow you to see how they are wired. Understanding these three layers of our parents can help us appreciate their unique view of life and even allow us to focus on their strengths instead of nagging them about where they seem to fall short.

To know your parent’s primal triad, you will need to know their date and time of birth. The location would help you get information about their houses which could be the next layer of understanding them once you have a grasp on their primal triad. Start with the sun, moon and rising signs because these are the strongest influences in their emotions and behaviors.

Understand The Mask Your Parents Put Up

Yes your parents have insecurities, even if they are really good at covering them up. Their rising sign is how they try to show up to the world. Do they try to come off as caring or seeking attention for their life mishaps? Maybe their rising sign is Cancer. Do they try to entertain everyone? Maybe their rising sign is Leo.

Do they obsess over a clean house? Maybe that’s because their rising sign is Virgo. Look up their moon sign by plugging in their date and time of birth and look at the characteristics of that sign. How does this reflect the way they try to portray themselves to society?

What’s important is to realize that their rising sign will create behaviors which come from their insecurities however, that’s not the real them. You can see them with compassion by looking past the way they act based on this mask they are putting up.

It’s often easy for us to criticize our parents because we’re usually closer to them than other people. If you’re finding yourself dwelling on their shortcomings, take a moment to look at your own mask by reading about your rising sign. You may start to see your parents as multidimensional complex souls, just like you.

It’s easy to cast judgement, but a truly noble heart looks to understand.

Know Your Parent’s Emotional Needs

As we get older, we start to realize most of us have to work to understand our parents. This is not only because times change and with that, culture, jobs and behaviors change. Something that’s often overlooked is that people have very distinct and different emotional needs.

For example, Cancer moon signs feel safe if they have a comfortable home or way to nurture others, Scorpio moon signs feel safe if they have deep conversation and intimacy while Capricorns feel safe if they have stable income. Your parents may seem like they have what they need but may still seem discontent.

You can look to their moon sign to understand how they may even steer conversations in the direction of their moon sign without being aware of their own emotional needs. For example, a Taurus moon seeks comfort in the senses through design or flavors, a Virgo moon seeks comfort through having a plan and problem solving.

A Libra moon finds comfort in being held in esteem by their friends and a Sagittarius moon seeks comfort in travelling or truth seeking. You may have always assumed that what you want is what they want but the truth is what makes us happy really does depend a lot on our moon sign. We probably have different things that make us tick.

Getting to really understand your parents through their moon sign can create a new bond between you because it’s essentially like finally speaking their language and understanding how to love them without needing to change them or control them.

Understand Their Unique Strengths and Weaknesses

Just like you, your parents were born with natural strengths and weaknesses based on their sun sign. Their core personality is comprised by this sign which we stress as the most important part of the whole birth chart in the West (Vedic astrology puts more emphasis on the moon sign).

It’s undeniable that when you understand the strengths and weaknesses of a sign, you can usually spot someone’s sun sign without them telling you. The reason all people of one sign don’t act exactly the same is because we each have a unique birth chart that creates our complex needs, wants, skills, perceptions and challenges.

You can however, really take down a lot of the barriers between you and your parents when you see them through the lens of their sun sign. The only information you need is their date of birth to find it. Make a list of the strengths they have so you can accentuate those in your conversations to help them feel appreciated.

It’s also important to know that they struggle with certain specific things because their brain works differently. For example, a Pisces, Aquarius and Libra sun sign generally is outgoing whereas a Capricorn, Cancer or Scorpio may be more of an introvert and be overwhelmed with too much social activity.


Dealing with family members is something that is with us our whole life. With these tools of astrology, we can truly see each other as souls having a spiritual experience and not just a person who frustrates us. Seeing someone as a soul who came to learn something, overcoming their own emotional obstacles helps us see them in a new light, with compassion and empathy.

We can seek to help them walk towards their soul purpose by showing them how they and other members of the family do in fact behave according to their primal triad. Just imagine how eye opening and exciting it could be for someone to realize the bigger picture and that their soul came here with a purpose.

If you want to explore that purpose with them, you can look up their south and north nodes which show their comfort zone and growth opportunities in this lifetime. Even modern psychology and generational differences do not offer us the insight we glean from astrology.

Honestly, if I didn’t know my family member’s signs, I’d be at a loss for their very different ways of approaching life and their deepest motivations would baffle me but because I found this ancient system, I was able to see their desires and dreams more clearly.

If you’re wanting to go deeper into getting to know your parents better, look to what sign their Mercury is in to understand how they communicate and look up which sign is in their seventh house to see how they relate to their partner in love.

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