Valentines Gift Giving Guide By the Zodiac Signs

We all love to receive gifts, but even better, we love to receive gifts meant just for us. It means so much more when you know someone took the time to research what you like most as “favorites.” Paul Newman once said, “Why go out for hamburger when you have steak at home?”

Well, we want to give you gravy, biscuits, strawberry jam, grits, eggs sunny side up, and lots of 411 to make your Valentine’s Day – all that and then some. This month is about compassion. As a theme for all relationships it is imperative you show lots of it to get over “hurdles” in your relationship.

Our Valentine’s gift giving guide by the zodiac sign can help you jump at least one hurdle this year! It doesn′t have to be a lover. You can use it for family members, friends, or business associates if you know their birthday information.

Aries – Red hot lover.

Aries is one of the zodiac’s most infamous lovers, they love to make the big and bold moves, and you can expect something way out there from your Aries this year. Aries loves the color red, so you can never go wrong with a scarlet gift. Aries likes to shop as well, and gift cards are actually a great idea for them.

Do something luxurious and it doesn’t need to be expensive. A steamy bubble bath with rose petals and red candles is stunning for your Aries guy or gal.

Taurus – Senses and sensibilities.

As the fixed sign of the earth signs, Taurus can be pretty practical. Too much so sometimes, but because of this many forget just how sensual and sexy this Venus-ruled sign actually is. Cater to Taurus’s five senses, and make this Valentine’s Day one your Taurus can see, smell, taste, and touch.

Exotic plants, a day spa (yes even for men!), candles are good ideas. Cater to those senses and you will have some enchanted evening to be sure.

Gemini – Words matter.

Gemini is the mutable sign of the air signs, and they are really connected to their gadgets. It’s not very romantic, but accessories for their tech will make any Gemini happy. Load up their smart phone or tablet with a sexy app, and they will love it.

Try apps like Couple or Touch Room and you can send thumb kisses to your lovey during the day to gear them up for a very saucy evening. Gemini doesn’t need luxury, they just want you to make them feel saucy as much as possible. Don’t overthink it! Get your techy on.

Cancer – Nostalgia works.

Cancer is the domestic one, the cardinal sign of the water signs with the ever-loving bleeding heart. Cater to this side of your Cancer in a loving way. A picture frame with a photo of the two of you, or even of a place you two have long dreamed about. A lot of Cancers like to cook, but they also like the night off once in a while.

Take your Cancer out for a special meal, or, make them sit with a glass of wine while YOU do the preparations.

Leo – Loves luxury.

Leos do like their luxury but that doesn’t mean you need to break the bank. What Leos love even more than golden stairwells is personal attention. Something that is personalized, like slippers for home will be a nice touch for them. Sexy lingerie is a fail-safe with Leos as well, whether you are wearing it for them or giving it to them.

Foreign things are loved by Leo, and travel as well. A pair of tickets to a place you want to visit, a spontaneous road trip, or a vision board of your dreams with your Leo will work well as well.

Virgo – Health is wealth.

Virgos are the health nuts of the zodiac, and anything related to healthy living will be well appreciated. As mutable signs, they are also flexible geniuses, so a play on their intellect will be enjoyed by your Virgo as well. A gym membership, healthy food basket, or even a membership to a food club so you can cook together will be romantic and appreciated.

Libra – Bling it on.

As the cardinal sign of the air signs, Libra gets a bad rap for being on the “cold” side sometimes when it comes to feelings. They are just practical people, that’s all. Don’t hold it against them. It doesn’t mean you can’t show them some love. Being ruled by Venus and being the relationship sign that loves harmony, Libra loves Valentine’s!

They also love their pretty things. Jewelry for male or female Libra is a fail-safe, even if it is just a little trinket, so bling it on!

Scorpio – The saucier the better.

As the fixed sign of the water signs, Scorpio wears their heart on their sleeve. Scorpio also rules the intensely sexy eighth house of taboo and saucy things. This is why Scorpio has the sexy reputation that they do, so glam it on for them, and make it a great night.

A steak dinner for your Scorpio guy with a lot of dry red wine, or some saucy lingerie in some devilish shades for your gal. Putting it on for him after dinner works for your Scorpio man as well! This is one night where holding back is not recommended. Get your saucy on!

Sagittarius – Good for the soul.

Sagittarius is a sexy one as the mutable sign of the fire signs, but they also have this wonderful philosophical balance to them. Gifts that cater to this soul-filled side of them such as books or even a free psychic reading will always be appreciated. Travel gift cards work as well, or why not hit a hot yoga class and get sweaty together!

The Sagittarius mind is always wandering to the bigger picture. Find a way to connect with your Sag at the soul-filled level, and it doesn’t need to be expensive. It will be a Valentine’s Day that neither of you ever forget and your bonds will widen to the grander picture at large.

Capricorn – Who’s the boss?

As the cardinal sign of the earth signs, Capricorn is the CEO of the zodiac. Cater to this side of them, and let them take the lead on Valentine’s Day. They will feel appreciated for how hard they work for you, and this will draw them closer to you. Don’t force feelings from your Cap, just let them know you are grateful for them.

A little bit of luxury that has a sensual feel doesn’t hurt either, leather gloves, a cashmere scarf with a saucy note attached, or a leather bound day book filled in with your anniversaries will tell them you know them and you get them. There is nothing more romantic than that for a Cap.

Aquarius – Even Einstein needs some love.

Aquarius is the fixed sign of the air signs and is ruled by Uranus, making them the real genius of the zodiac, but they are quiet ones. They also aren’t known to be very emotional, so don’t get upset if your Aquarius is on the shy side with their feelings. Let them know you love them by getting them that book they love in a first edition, or signed by their favorite author.

Gift certificates to anything are enjoyed as Aquarius can be frugal. Aquarius likes to write, whether it’s a grocery list or a calendar date. Monogrammed stationary or things of this nature will always be appreciated by your favorite thinker.

Pisces – Creative love.

As the mutable sign of the water signs, Pisces can be a romantic one. The more romance you pile on for your Pisces, the better. Pisces also rules the twelfth house, which is a very spiritual house. Show them you love them for their depths of soul, and it will be a very romantic day indeed.

Just watching the sunrise together with a bottle of wine is great for Pisces, but don’t be afraid to go deep into the conversation, as Pisces wants to know you love them for who they are. That doesn’t mean commitment conversation. Just go deep into talk, and the commitment talk will arrive on its own when Pisces feels you “get” them.

Talk about your fears and dreams together, and it will be a Valentine’s gift nobody else will get them.

Concluding thoughts…

See if what you had in mind matches up just to see how accurate the information is. Share it with friends who can benefit from having Valentine′s gifting – “autopilot-ed” for convenience and forethought. The best gifts are not the most expensive, or the most practical rather – they are the ones you put heart, soul, and mind towards.

That′s the best gift of all – the intention behind it. Happy Valentine’s Day or Pal-entine’s Day lovers! What are you buying this year?

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