Attract Love on Valentine’s Day with this Spell

Love rituals and spells are a sensitive matter. On the one hand, you want to fall in love, and you want someone to love you. On the other hand, you have to consider your karma. Do you really want to force someone to fall in love with you?

A love ritual that really works won’t manipulate someone else into falling in love with you. That’s just bad juju! It interferes with their free will, and that’s bad karma which you will carry with you.

Focus on Attracting Love

A real love spell will work on you so that you attract the love that you’re meant to be with. The keyword there is “attract.” If you’re not the best version of yourself, then you’re not going to attract the best possible lovers into your life.

It’s a simple principle, the Law of Attraction. You have to develop yourself into the person you would want to be with, your desired partner, in order to actually attract the ideal person who you want to be with.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect or change your entire personality. You’re not destined to be alone if you don’t get it right. It’s intent that makes the difference.

The intention is everything.

So, let’s work this love magic with two intentions. The first intention is that you’re going to work on your inner self so that you make the most of all your assets and your talents, and you learn how to counteract your flaws.

Next, let’s focus on drawing the best match for you into your life. It doesn’t have to be soulmate stuff, soulmates and lovers are often two different things. You want a lifemate, a partner, someone who will be the perfect compliment to you, and that is completely possible!

Let’s dive in.

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How to Conduct the Love Spell

For this love ritual, you’ll need the following items:

  • A bottle of spring water
  • Chamomile tea
  • Jasmine tea
  • Rosemary (fresh or dried)
  • A spoonful of sugar
  • A fresh rosebud
  • A pink jar candle
  • A box of matches (not a lighter)
  • A cup and saucer (pottery or glass, not enamel or plastic)
  • A bud vase

Make sure that you do this spell when the Moon is waxing—going from new to full. Friday is the best day of the week to do the ritual. If you can hit a Friday when the Moon is in either Libra or Taurus, then you’ve struck gold—especially if Venus is in there, too!

At the appropriate time, gather all your materials together.

You don’t want to have to be scurrying around at the last minute! If you’re coming out of a bad relationship, have a cleansing bath or shower prior to performing the spell to help you to rid yourself of any residue from that break-up.

Sep 1

Start by boiling the spring water in either a pan or a kettle (boiling it in the microwave will work, too.) Put the hot water in a glass jug.

Step 2

Next, make a tea by adding the chamomile and the jasmine. Let the mixture steep while you perform the rest of the spell.

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Step 3

While the tea is brewing, light the candle with the matches. Pour the tea into your cup, and sweeten it to taste. Pick up the rose, and pass it next to the candle, and then next to your teacup. Do this a few times and as you do, repeat the following phrase:

“Sweet as the sugar in my tea
I notice you and you notice me
Pretty as the petals of this rose
We find each other, and love will grow”

Step 4

Now drink the tea.

Once the tea is finished, add a tiny pinch of the rosemary to the bud vase, along with any tea you didn’t drink. Put the rose into the vase (make sure the water isn’t hot). Pinch out the candle and put it next to the rose.

Place these two items in a place where you’ll see them every day.

Should the rose start to fade and wilt, save some of the petals from the flower and repeat the spell as often as you wish to reinforce what you’ve set in motion. Place the dried petals of this first rose with a fresh rosebud when you complete the ritual again.

How Will You Welcome Love?

You’ve done the magic and now you have to trust that at the appropriate time, the Universe will send you the best person. The person that you are looking for and the person that you deserve in your life.

You just need a little faith in the magic, and in love, but most of all in yourself.

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