You Need These 6 Divination Tools for Love

Divination tools are booming in popularity in recent decades as people have begun to refer to them for anything from self-growth to future curiosities… and, of course, love and romance.

Our trusty tools—like a pendulum, Tarot cards, or runes—can, of course, help you access immediate answers to your deepest questions. And when it comes to matters of the heart, divination really can be a shining light of clarity and hope — however, different tools are better suited for different questions.

So, what are those tools? And when should you use them?

Today, let’s dig deeper into the divination systems that can help you with love and romance and find out when you should really be consulting them.

You Need These 6 Divination Tools for Love

1. Consult the Cards: The Tarot

The Tarot is today one of the most popular divination tools for psychics, mediums, and readers.

There are really various ways to employ the Tarot to suit your needs when it comes to love. Still, it can be especially helpful in clarifying why or how something is happening (for example: How can you find love soon? Why did that last relationship end?). In other words, if you’ve got even the most philosophical of questions, Tarot has your back.

Here are some more examples of fruitful questions you can ask the Tarot with regards to love:

  • What obstacles are preventing me from finding love?
  • How can I call in more romantic opportunities?
  • How can I cultivate self-love in my life?
  • What are my true needs in a romantic commitment?

The possibilities are endless!

Whether you’re interested in exploring a relationship, seeing your odds at a new love connection, or uncovering the truth behind a past connection, however, it is evident that the Tarot is a truly diverse and helpful tool to suit a wide variety of your needs.

Make sure to try out our interactive, free 3-card Tarot love reading!

2. For Straight-Up Answers: Pendulums

A cleansed and charged crystal pendulum can answer “yes” or “no” questions almost immediately.

Pendulums are ideal for questions about careers and quick decision calls, but it perhaps isn’t so surprising that people use them for love too. Sometimes, we just need a straight-up “yes” or “no” answer.

Examples might include:

  • Is it a good time to call?
  • Is this the right relationship for me?

Be creative and don’t hesitate to ask multiple questions—just be sure to calibrate the pendulum and get some practice beforehand to get the most accurate response. Like any form of divination, you may experience a bit of a learning curve!

3. Forecast & Predict: Lenormand Cards

Maybe you’ve answered the philosophical, hypothetical, or mystical questions with Tarot, and maybe you’ve already hit your pendulum with every “yes” or “no” question in mind. But what if you’re curious about the future of your love life?

While many divination forms can do this — including Tarot! — Lenormand is a form of cartomancy that may just be best-suited for those needs.

Because Lenormand tends to focus on events and people, often identifying clear series of events unfolding, it can be ideal for foretelling the future of your love life-related questions.

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4. Drink Up: Tasseography

Okay, so maybe you’re not a fan of the cards. Not everyone vibes well with systems and order, and some of us need more wiggle room for creativity to let our intuition breathe.

Well, what is more, romantic and dreamy than uncovering the answers through tea? With tasseography or tea leaf reading, you merely need a teacup, the loose leaf tea already in your cupboard, and an open mind.

Just as you were to consult the cards, you can focus on your love-related question as you consult the tea leaves for advice, future predictions, or deep wisdom and insights. It’s insightful, and it’s tasty — what more could you ask for?

5. Put Your Records On: Shufflemancy

Sometimes, we really need to hear a message to let it sink in… literally.

Underrated, modern, and deceptively simple, shufflemancy is a fairly recently-born form of technomancy that involves you, some tunes, and an openness to listen.

Select your favorite music streaming platform and biggest playlist, or go old-school by closing your eyes and pointing at a random record in your music collection, and get ready to let the Universe decide what song you listen to next.

Just like when you consult the cards or the tea leaves, you’ll need to focus on your question beforehand. Some people like to roll dice to select the number of shuffles you’ll do (or if on a record, you can use this to randomly select which track you’ll be listening to).

Then, allow yourself to listen openly to whatever song comes forward, and know that it has a special message for you about the love question you had in mind.

Yes, it really is that simple! Despite its seemingly simple nature, however, we all know that music can often hold some of the deepest insights.

6. Runes

Like the Tarot, runes often provide answers to more philosophical questions, digging a bit deeper into who you are and why you may be needing answers in the first place.

They can be especially very useful tools if you’re trying to align your spiritual and value-based relationship goals with your partner. Though the answers you receive aren’t as direct as they are with Tarot or pendulums, for example, the symbols on a set of runestones can pertain to areas of your relationship.

Maybe cartomancy hasn’t been your jam, and you’re not really connecting with tea or modern forms of divination. It may be time to refer back to the age-old system of rune casting instead!

Find Love… or Yourself

Whether you come to divination to search for the answers to the deepest love questions or just want to know when you’ll meet the next match, you may find that there is more in store for you than just that.

Divination also has a notorious reputation for unpacking deeper parts of the self, and it may just prompt you to go a little further than you thought. Either way, you’ll likely come away from the experience with a lot to think about.

It’s not always easy, of course. But while these tools may take some getting used to, they’re worth their weight to your soul’s health in the long run.

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