Can the Tarot Tell Me Who My Soul Mate Is?

Whether in pop culture or casual conversation, there is undoubtedly a kind of reputation and mystique to the phrase “soul mate.”

What does it mean? How do you find one? And what exactly should you be looking for?

Much like the concept of a soul mate, the Tarot also finds itself shrouded in all the hubbub of mystery. So, it goes without question that the two concepts can actually go hand in hand!

Despite being concepts that seem to raise many questions, we’re here to help you find answers. Let’s learn more about soul mates…and use the Tarot to find out where yours might hiding.

What is a Soul Mate?

Across the world and history, there have been multiple definitions assigned to the seemingly simple title of “soul mate.”

Most understandings of the word will agree that a soul mate is a fellow soul who is a close match and friend to yours, often propelling you into deep, important lessons about yourself and challenging your perspective.

Call it fate, destiny, or the will of the Universe — a soul mate may just be someone you were fated to meet.

From lovers to friends to even those with whom we don’t get along, this means that a “soul mate” is a complex and layered concept that can go beyond the idea of being just “The One.”

Every person may have a different belief, understanding, or experience with soulmates, and that’s ok! Across varying cultures and beliefs, a soulmate may mean something else to someone else than it does to you.

But whatever the definition, there’s no doubt that the concept of a soul mate resonates deeply with our desires to be seen, loved, and understood by our peers. And if you’re in search of one, the Tarot may just be your ally!

You can also use astrology to find your perfect match: How to Discover Your Perfect Soul Mate With a Synastry Chart Reading

How Tarot Can Tell You About Your Soulmate

The magical, mystical craft that is Tarot has a whole world of insight always waiting to be tapped into at any time. And yes — this includes information on your soul mate too!

After all, a soul mate is someone who resonates with us on a soul level, and Tarot can easily help us tune into our true self at this frequency as well. While there are many approaches to getting the details on your soul mate from your trusty deck, you can use our 5-card Tarot spread below if you’d like a place to start.

Ultimately, you can tweak the spread or ask additional questions that your curiosities may lead you to!

A Simple 5-Card Soul Mate Spread

  1. What attributes can I expect to see from my soul mate?
  2. What is a noticeable quality of my soul mate?
  3. What stage of my life will I be in when I meet them?
  4. What will our connection teach me?
  5. What can I do to put myself in the attitude needed to meet my soul mate?

Below you can find an example of what the Tarot spread might look like in practice.

1. What attributes can I expect to see from my soul mate?

King of Pentacles

This person demonstrates great composure, stability, and maturity.

With the energy of the King of Pentacles, this soul mate could easily be an Earth sign in the zodiac, having the qualities of a financially-minded and secure individual.

2. What is a noticeable quality of my soul mate?

10 of Pentacles

The 10 of Pentacles is a card that fulfills our hopes and dreams. It often is both material and emotional success — us at the height of our goals! This person may seem to have it all together, or meeting them will simply feel like your world is coming together.

3. What stage of my life will I be in when I meet them?

5 of Swords

Never a welcome sight, the 5 of Swords is conflict and, sometimes, betrayal. With this card in this position, you may be in a situation of social conflict and disruption, feeling overwhelmed by everyone else around you.

Thankfully, you would be meeting a much-needed soul mate in a time where the world seems against you! Talk about great timing.

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4. What will our connection teach me?

The Sun

The Sun is all about fun, lightness, and ease in our attitude. It is the kind of childlike and innocent joy that we miss very often as we head into adulthood and shake away the purity of our childhood perspective.

Perhaps this soul mate connection teaches you how to fall back into pure trust, excitement, and joy again. It may lighten or loosen you up, but no matter what, it is sure to put a smile on your face!

5. What can I do to put myself in the attitude needed to meet my soul mate?

9 of Wands

As fun and exciting as it can be to meet someone who vibes with us on a soul level, the 9 of Wands urges patience and caution.

Perhaps this card indicates that you’ve rushed into connections in the past and simply don’t want you to rush into anything else with haste right now — else you might miss the real deal!

Finally, Soul Search for a Soul Mate

No matter what the cards share about your eventual (or perhaps very soon arriving) soul mate, know that there will always be fulfillment and importance in the first relationship that will always stick with you through thick and thin… the one with yourself!

More than finding someone who can teach us and connect with us, we also want to make sure we are the best versions of ourselves when we contact that special match.

So while you’re on the grand journey of looking for that connection, know that there will always be value in your own practices of self-love and reflection in the meantime!

Looking for more insights from the Tarot when it comes to love? Try a free love Tarot reading here!


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