Love Horoscopes to Manifest Romance During the Full Moon in Leo

We have a special Valentine’s Full Moon for you this year, everyone, with the Full Moon in Leo falling on February 16th, two days after the day of lurve – so it’s time to think about the relationships in your life, whether that be with others, with yourself, or with the world at large!

The sign of Leo is all about love! It rules the 5th house, the house of romance and creativity. Our Leo friends are passionate and romantic—the sweep-you-off-your-feet kind who love a good happy ending!

So, let’s find out how each of the zodiac signs can use the energy of loving Leo this Full Moon!

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What is Special About the Full Moon in Leo?

Did you know that ancient folklore considers the Leo Moon to be a special miracle in itself? Some say that anyone, yes, anyone can find their true love under the light of the Full Moon in Leo.

One way that the ancients have said you can find your true love under this Moon is by braiding your hair before you go to bed and then focusing on true love as you fall asleep. It’s important to remember not to speak to anyone before you fall asleep on this night as well.

Legend has it that if you follow these steps, you will have a dream about the one that you are meant to be with!

But there’s more you can do too! Just follow the Full Moon in Leo love horoscopes that give you handy tips for every zodiac sign. Are you ready?

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Love Horoscopes for Your Zodiac Sign


This Full Moon in Leo brings an extremely powerful and transformative time for you in terms of romance, Aries!

If you’ve been wanting to express how you feel, it may all just come spilling out at this time. You want to express yourself, and you will!

Go where your heart leads you and release that bold Aries energy into the wild!


It’s a very emotional Full Moon for you, Taurus. Nostalgia may come creeping up, and you may feel compelled to contact someone from your past.

You may feel a little withdrawn during this Full Moon as you work through your feelings. Give yourself this crucial time to think, and don’t rush yourself. All will become clear to you with time.


Communication is powerful and intense for you under this Full Moon! You may receive a message which knocks you off of your feet, or you might just feel like sending one yourself! This is a time of upheaval in your relationships, and it is going to become clear to you precisely what you want.

Even you may be surprised by the outcome, Gemini!


This is a time of wining and dining, Cancer! Whether you treat yourself or you treat that special someone, it’s all about treats. This is an extremely romantic Full Moon for you, so enjoy the energy and go with the flow.

Some truly magical moments can be made at this time and placed in your memory bank, so embrace all that this Full Moon spell offers and follow your heart’s desire!

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This is a special Full Moon for you, Leo. What with it falling in your own sign, and there is a particular emphasis here placed on your relationship with yourself. Intense realizations are likely to come to the forefront, and you may find yourself doing quite a bit of spiritual spring-cleaning.

Remember, if you want to draw the love you deserve into your life, it all has to start with the Self!


It’s an incredibly powerful time of intuitive calling for you under this Full Moon, Virgo. You have the ability to delve deep within and recognize what is missing from your life and what you want to draw into it.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself just spilling whatever lies within your heart. This is a time of revelation in your relationships, and you will only grow stronger from it afterward.


The chances of an admirer contacting you out of the blue are heightened under this Full Moon, Libra! Someone – or someone(s) – has got their eye on you – your charm is simply too potent to resist!

This time could mark the start of something special and carry on throughout much of the year, so it’s important to weigh up all the options and dig deep to find out what your heart truly desires.


It’s time to get down to business, Scorpio. Put all your passions into your passions!

There is special emphasis on your working life, and you may just find your heart fluttering at the thought of someone connected to your career that hadn’t crossed your mind before, or you may find yourself throwing yourself into your work with all the love and care in the world.

One thing is for sure—big things will come from your endeavors at this time!


Adventure is on the horizon, and you might just be setting your sights somewhere that could yield some passionate and romantic developments in the future! If you’re looking to meet someone, a visitor, or someone who lives abroad may just cross your path one way or another.

So keep your mind open to all possibilities, Sag!


This is a very healing Full Moon in Leo for you, Capricorn, and the chances are, you’ll be thinking about your current relationships and past ones, and a lot of spiritual cleaning out is going to take place. You may find yourself in a heart-to-heart with someone who holds a special place in your heart.

It’s time for change, and you are ready!


This is a very intense time of relationships for you under this Full Moon. If there is someone you want to be with, chances are you will no longer feel able to keep it in anymore, Aquarius—it might all just come spilling out!

No matter what happens, this is a transformative Full Moon for you, and you will become certain of what your heart desires. More than that, you are willing to do anything you can to make it happen.


This Full Moon in Leo is all about setting the tone for the coming future, Pisces! It’s a time of powerful self-love for you, too, and if you have been neglecting yourself in this area, this Full Moon is all about re-establishing a loving relationship with yourself.

So don’t be surprised if you get the sudden urge to splash out on yourself or go for an entirely new look—a time of change is upon you!

Embrace the Magic of the Full Moon in Leo

So there you have it—your Full Moon in Leo horoscopes! A very romantic Full Moon is sure to have an impact on you and bring forth some magical—and possibly explosive—moments.

The Full Moon this month encourages you to embrace what lies in your heart and not be afraid to express yourself. This is a creative Full Moon too, so it is possible your intense feelings will manifest in the realm of creativity too.

Enjoy the rollercoaster ride and let the magic of the Full Moon engulf you!

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