10 Things You NEED to Include in Your Monthly Full Moon Ritual

A Full Moon is a magical, mystical period that helps you uncover hidden emotions and understand your deepest desires. This mystical energy is a gift we receive each month as the Moon ends her lunar cycle, and each time this transit reflects the energy of the zodiac sign that the Full Moon falls under.

While the New Moon represents a new start, the Full Moon represents the end of a particular lunar cycle, giving you the opportunity to let go of feelings, emotions, situations, relationships, and behaviors that no longer serve you.

The Full Moon is a time of illumination and release – the time of the month when hidden information and emotions are revealed and the time when you feel the need to eliminate these things from your life.

While the energy of the next Full Moon occurs on February 5th, 2023, you can actually sense the energy of this transit for about 48 hours before to 48 hours after the actual transit occurs.

That means you have plenty of time to benefit from this transit!

What You Should Include in Your Full Moon Ritual

Let’s go into the details of the Full Moon and its most mystical powers! When this Full Moon occurs, keep these activities in mind.

These are practices that can help you take advantage of this Full Moon and any Full Moon in the future.

1. Release Toxicity

You might have a basic understanding of what a toxic relationship consists of, but remember, relationships can have toxic energy, whether they are romantic, platonic, professional, or familial. We often refer to these situations as toxic, but the fact is that any situation that does not serve you can be considered toxic.

You need to be in relationships and situations that celebrate your unique personality, and the Full Moon can amplify this need. It’s important to spend your time with those that deliberately make you feel better.

This is the perfect time to dig deep and re-evaluate the relationships in your life. Consider: which ones are no longer serving you?

A man burns a piece of paper with a lighter to release the negative energy.

2. Listen To Your Intuition

Your internal well of wisdom will always have an idea of what you should do at any given moment, and it’s important to listen to that part of yourself – especially during a Full Moon. This is the time when your intuition is at its most potent, and it’s crucial that you listen to any feelings you have right now.

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3. Walk On New Paths

Even when you think your path is fixed, there may be transformations that feel scary or unnecessary, but this is the time to embrace that newness. There is a sense of letting go of the old and embracing what comes next – let yourself sink into it.

The Universe will always create new opportunities for you, especially when you believe that the Universe has good things in store for you.

4. Find Grounding

The Full Moon is always a time to get your spirit-centered and grounded. Take this opportunity to connect with new activities or practices that help you feel more pragmatic and connected than ever! This is the time to explore your thoughts and ideas and acknowledge what you discover.

Like doing yoga outdoors if you can, grounding exercises are a wonderful way to get in touch with Mother Nature. Not able to go outside? Try practicing yoga surrounded by plants or near a window in the Sun.

5. Keep Yourself Level-Headed

During a time when we are told to act and get our goals moving, it might be tempting to let our emotions and actions get away from us. Aim to embrace the logic and rational thinking of the Earth signs instead of falling into the overwhelming feelings of the emotional Moon.

There are calmness and peace that the Full Moon brings. Aim to take time to thrive in the stillness of the moment.

6. Journal

Writing things down can be extremely effective, no matter the transit. Journaling, however, is an extremely efficient and helpful pastime during a Full Moon. This is one of the best ways to release the emotions revealed during this transit – giving you both the chance to acknowledge your feelings and provide an outlet for them.

Writing down your thoughts is also an excellent method of manifestation.

Grab your favorite notebook and write down anything that comes to your mind during this time – the release of these emotions is more powerful than you know.

A person sits and reflects while watching an orange sunset.

7. Slow Down, Meditate, & Reflect

The Full Moon is the time to truly be honest with yourself about where you want your life to go next. Meditation is the best way to slow down, reflect, and figure this out. Take a little quiet time, as much as you want, from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. Clear your mind to the point where you are not distracted by any particular thought.

Contemplation and quiet may not feel like you are accomplishing anything at first, especially if you are new to this practice. When you are done, you will feel better, more refreshed, and even invigorated. If you practice meditation, you will feel better and find yourself more informed because you will receive clarity and information that you can use in your daily life.

Meditation can feel difficult when your thoughts are loud, but surprisingly, meditation can actually help your thoughts calm down. Meditation is one of those practices that don’t necessarily feel good at the time, but it brings more calm and centered energy than just about any other method.

8. Charge Your Crystals & Divination Tools

The light of the Full Moon is the perfect time to charge your crystals and cleanse their energies. Depending on what sign the Moon is in, this act may be stronger for some crystals and weaker for others. If you’ve set your New Moon intentions surrounding or using your crystals, charging them directly in the light of the Full Moon will give energy to those desires.

Your Tarot cards and pendulums also benefit from cleansing and charging in the Full Moon. Often people who practice divination will place these elements in the direct moonlight to give them an extra boost.

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9. Don’t Hold Onto Negative Feelings

The Full Moon always encourages us to let go of old feelings and pains, and while you may want to hold onto grudges – this is the time to release those feelings and emotions.

It’s time to let go of the situations and relationships that you don’t feel are helping you grow in this moment. Follow your intuition – especially when those intuitive thoughts and feelings are pulling you away from something.

10. Take a Cleansing Bath

Connecting with the element of Water can feel like a heightened experience during the Full Moon. Whether you draw yourself a soothing bath or take a meditative shower, be sure to set an intention before you dive in.

You might consider adding in crystals or essential oils that encompass the energy you wish to manifest this Full Moon.

Citrine is a money-boosting crystal, whereas rose quartz promotes feelings of self-love. Amethyst is a great stone for boosting your intuition and, combined with frankincense essential oils, creates a magical combination perfect for harnessing your inner psychic abilities.

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A Full Moon on a purple sky with dark purple clouds floating beneath the Moon.

Discover the Full Moon in Each Sign

The Full Moon in each zodiac sign brings new energies:

  • The Full Moon in Aries brings tension, fiery energy, and an amazing opportunity for personal growth.
  • The Full Moon in Taurus connects us to our inner wants and desires. If we embrace this time, we will develop our inner love and beauty.
  • The Full Moon in Gemini connects us to others, allowing us to grow within our relationships and outward intellect.
  • The Full Moon in Cancer allows us to connect to our emotions and let free our reservations about our physical bodies. This is very powerful, as the Moon is ruled by the sign cancer, so an opportunity is everywhere when the natal Full Moon is in our skies. We can grow in many ways throughout this time, but no matter what, the focus on love, both self-love and the love of others, will carry us to new places.
  • The Full Moon in Leo brings us a time of full confidence and exuberance: Take chances and embrace your best traits. This is a time to grow the skills that we already possess but what to make bigger, bolder, and more successful. This is the time to take on a new day and never look back.
  • The Full Moon in Virgo means it’s time to get our lives in order. While this doesn’t feel like growth initially, this will allow you to spread your wings into the next Moon cycle. Virgo thinks ahead like that.
  • The Full Moon in Libra is light and airy. This growth period looks to charging our energies through others. Sometimes we can expand our horizons by listening and evaluating the people around us. When the Libra Full Moon is in the sky, it’s an interpersonal recycling day.
  • The Full Moon in Scorpio is a period of symbolic growth. While it may feel that you want to spend time focusing on your closest friends, during a Scorpio Full Moon, we need to look inside. When we look at what we are holding onto and send it down the astrological river, we free ourselves for compassion and success.
  • The Full Moon in Sagittarius influences light and fun expansion. This is the perfect time to break free of your restrictions and grow beyond the box you are giving yourself. What is something you’ve always wanted to try? Sign up for that class now, or, in true Sagittarius style, just do it now!
  • The Full Moon in Capricorn means it’s time to get back to basics. While most Full Moons flip the script and cause unrest, a Capricorn Full Moon allows us to focus. This is the perfect time to focus on financial, career,, or personal success, as there is an extended emotional maturity that we can tap into during this Moon.
  • The Full Moon in Aquarius puts our personality and individualism in the spotlight. This is the perfect time to make personal changes like a new haircut, a new room layout, or even a new creative adventure. Just like the Air sign the Moon is in, there are only worries if we don’t look at the world around us rationally. The rest is up in the air.
  • The Full Moon in Pisces presents us with a time for spiritual growth. During this time, we will want to search for love, closure, and anything else that fulfills our soul. When you feel complete under the Pisces Full Moon, you grow as a person and use self-care and rituals to harness this energy best.

What Will The Next Full Moon Bring You?

There is a Full Moon each month – and while it is in a different sign each month, it brings a mixture of new and familiar energy each time. And while that energy may shift each month, there are a few things you can count on – hidden information and buried emotions will be revealed.

If you balance your energy and prepare yourself, this can be an illuminating and magical point of each month. And if your life doesn’t feel quite right, this is the perfect time to change things around. Let go of the old and usher in the new.

What will you do with the magic of the Full Moon?

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