Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse Horoscopes: Release & Reflect

Happy eclipse day! Today we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius, and it’s not just a Full Moon – it’s also a Lunar eclipse! So if emotional energy has felt reeeeeally strong, you know why: It’s the eclipse.

This is our second Lunar eclipse for 2020, with the first having come in January in Cancer. We haven’t had a Sagittarius Lunar eclipse since May 2013.

Here we are 7 years later, and boy has a lot happened since then! ( I mean really 2020, could you maybe be a little nicer?).

We’re going to break down what you can expect from this Full Moon eclipse, and give you a personalized horoscope based on releasing and reflecting during this current energy.

What does this Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius mean?

A Full Moon occurs when the transit (moving) Sun and Moon exactly oppose one another in the zodiac. Full Moons bring emotional energy and are associated with endings and culminations. You reap what you sow with a Full Moon.

Full Moon energy is in play for about 2 weeks before and after a Full Moon occurs.

Lunar eclipses occur with Full Moons, and we usually have one about once every 6 months or so (2020 is a little unusual since we have 4 Lunar eclipses this year instead of the standard 2 or 3 – no wonder it’s a wonky year!).

Lunar eclipses are much stronger energy, and they can have impact for up to 6 months before and after they occur, which is considerably longer than the average Full Moon.

Full Moons in Sagittarius are usually lighter than the average Full Moon thanks to Sagittarius being the happy, optimistic sign. But, with everything we’ve had to deal with this year, Sagittarius also rules freedom and breaking out of restrictions, so we’re probably going pretty stir crazy with this Lunar eclipse.

We have to be careful that we’re not pushing too far, too fast. Patience can go a long way toward helping with negative side effects.

This eclipse signals the start of us moving away from the Cancer and Capricorn energy that began about 2 years ago. Eclipses usually occur in two opposing signs for a couple of years, and it’s been Cancer and Capricorn for now. The Cancer-Capricorn eclipses end with the Lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 4th.

Catch up on the January Cancer Lunar eclipse: Lunar Conflict: What to Expect From the Eclipse in Cancer

What should you be focusing on during this time?

With Sagittarius being one of the signs of communication, Lunar eclipses being associated with endings, and the Cancer-Capricorn eclipses coming to a close, this one is an excellent time to reflect.

It’s time to look back at what has passed this year (since the last eclipse in January), the last 2 years (since the Cancer-Capricorn eclipses began), and the last 7 years (since the last Sagittarius eclipse), and pinpoint what needs to be released.

We’re starting a whole new set of eclipses in Sagittarius and Gemini, so you want to go into them with as little baggage as possible.

Sagittarius is a sign that doesn’t like baggage anyways, and doesn’t want to be held down and held back, so releasing makes this sign happy. Let it go, and you’re freer to move swiftly and open to new adventure.

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Sagittarius Full Moon Horoscopes for the Zodiac Signs

Read on to see what this Full Moon in Sagittarius has in store for your sign. Keep in mind that since this occurs with a Sagittarius Lunar eclipse, the energy can be much stronger and last longer than usual:


Releasing for you may be focused on beliefs that have held you back, or what has stood in your way of having the freedom of movement you want, Aries.

You may find that writing things down is helpful. Allow your thoughts and feelings to spill out without having to worry about what other people think, and be reflective.

Try to find a little bit of space, even if you have to work within limitations and responsibilities. This gives you room to breathe, and that can help you move through the period of reflection.


The Sagittarius energy focuses on a very heavy area for you, so releasing comes from a deep place within you now, Taurus. This isn’t a time to be superficial about reflecting.

Underneath it all, what has been left to fester in the dark?

This isn’t necessarily easy to do, but it’s likely pretty necessary if you want to get through more easily.

The itch to transform may start to present itself, and that can be a positive use of energy. However, releasing may need to come first. This is the first step, and more tangible action may come with subsequent eclipses.


Sagittarius moves energy to your relationships, and releasing may be focused on how you connect, Gemini. No doubt, lots of little issues have become more obvious to you over the last month.

You can start connecting the dots to how this impacts your relationships, or how your relationships have contributed to the problems.

Your relationships may be put to the test over the next 2 years of your life, and those that prevail can emerge much stronger and more secure. Do your part to identify what you can do to improve what you have to offer.


Stress in your daily life may feel a lot stronger with this Full Moon, and you can become more aware of the little things that contribute to it. This isn’t meant to stress you out more though; it’s meant to show you where to focus on improvement.

Start releasing your “smaller” stresses, and work your way up until you’re feeling more emotionally stable and secure.

Also try to pay attention to your health with this eclipse. Stress can manifest itself as health issues that aren’t obvious at first, but connected nonetheless.


Sagittarius brings focus to the connection to your heart, and releasing can focus on the sludge that has accumulated, and has kept you from accessing your heart energy.

What brought this sludge to begin with?

Removing the blockages first allows you to work on healing your heart wounds, and then strengthening that big heart you Lions have.

Try making time for fun whenever you can. This can remind you of what you should be feeling all the time, and what matters most to you.


Releasing can be focused on your emotions and core self with this Sagittarius energy, Virgo. What you feel may be much stronger than usual (or even than you’re comfortable with), and this can bring to your attention the emotional issues you haven’t been working on, and what needs to be understood and let go of.

Get into your feelings and don’t be afraid of them.

The more you improve your connection to what you feel, the more secure you can become over the next 2 years. Your internal foundation can strengthen, and you can have a better understanding of your core self.


You can focus more on movement with the Sagittarius energy, and work on releasing blocks to that movement, Libra. You may have been in a more emotional place over the last couple of years, but that starts to change now.

Find positive ways of eliminating what has kept you from having more freedom of movement in your life.

Giving yourself more space to move and taking small steps to do so can be very helpful for you now, and give you not just tangible space, but also more room to breathe.


Releasing may be focused for you on areas where you’ve been feeling insecure and have doubted yourself, Scorpio. Tackling insecurities can set you up long-term, and you can feel much more confident in your approach to life.

This can be very helpful once the eclipses move to your sign in a couple of years.

You can also work on strengthening your values, and releasing anything that has kept you from living a life that is attuned to them. Work to ground yourself to get through any challenges you face.


Sagittarius is your sign, so you can feel the emotional, intense energy pretty strongly right now. It’s even more important for you to work on releasing and understanding since you’re going to be dealing with eclipses in your sign for the next 2 years.

Reflect on some of the biggest baggage and do some hard work now.

Make sure you’re taking some time to detach and get some space in the middle of it all. That helps clear your head and keeps you from getting so overwhelmed that you do that Sagittarius thing – running away!


The Sagittarius energy starts shifting focus away from you, which can be welcome after how intense energy has been for you! You might not get full relief until the end of 2020, but you can start to see the end now.

Take some quiet time alone to reflect and be more introspective. Understand all you’ve been through, and acknowledge how much you’ve grown and changed.

This may be a time of major release as you see all of the baggage that is left and don’t want to be burdened with it any longer. Tap into your intuition to guide you through.


Releasing for you may be focused on making room for changes over the next 2 years. The last 2 years have likely been a period where you’ve been letting go of a lot anyways, and you can feel ready for something different.

Make sure the blocks are truly removed, and start embracing your independence again.

Lots of responsibilities come your way over the next couple of years, and you can handle the load wisely if you aren’t weighed down by the past. Understand and move on as much as you can.


Sagittarius can bring you to new heights, and the foundation externally and internally for your life can be shaken and strengthened over the next couple of years, Pisces.

Now is the time to work on releasing responsibilities that aren’t yours, and limitations that have needlessly held you back. Get clear about your path and direction by reflecting on what has already passed.

Tackle the things that have been problematic for balance. This can help you to strengthen your foundation. If you manage things properly, you can achieve a lot, now, and for the next few years.


So, we’ve got strong energy to deal with right now! Let’s not forget the Venus retrograde in Gemini (and Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are retrograde too), which is actually opposing the Sagittarius eclipse (Mars in Pisces is also at a hard position).

Be very thoughtful and mindful right now, and seek to understand as much as you can.

It’s not easy energy, but you can make it through. Release!

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