Lunar Conflict: What to Expect from the Eclipse in Cancer

It’s time to prepare yourself, because this January brings an emotional rollercoaster in the form of an astrological transit.

On January 10th, we will experience not only a Full Moon in Cancer, but the first lunar eclipse of the year. The energy will be intense due to both of these factors; and learning about what to expect can help us mentally and emotionally prepare, so that the whirling energy doesn’t catch us off guard quite as drastically. Heightened emotions, along with increased intuition and inner tension are just a few things we can look forward to.

The Meaning of a Lunar Eclipse

During any Full Moon, the Sun and Moon rest opposite of each other, which has a unique and interesting effect that depends on the sign that each luminary is in at the time. During this eclipse, the Moon is in sensitive Cancer, while the sun is in pragmatic Capricorn.

This relationship between the Sun and the Moon bring your personal life into focus—your home, your family, your friends, your partner. It might seem as though different, important parts of your world are clashing during this time. The oppositional energy also means that you may feel torn between two aspects of your world. You may feel internal tension or pressures from outside of yourself, which can lead to anxiety and emotional exhaustion.

The lunar eclipse intensifies this energy. It is useful to prepare yourself to try to remain open to the possibilities, as these challenges might be making room for new opportunity or more harmonious situations.

The Moon is closely connected to our emotional realm, and where the Moon rests in the zodiac affects our collective emotional mood. Furthermore, the correlation between the Moon and our emotions is especially strong during a lunar eclipse, meaning that the Moon affects us even more intensely. Because the Moon is in Cancer during this eclipse—a Water sign that ruled by the Moon and is emotionally sensitive—we may experience overwhelming feelings or mood swings.

It is possible that you’ll be especially sensitive regarding the opinion of others or even their aura. You will pick up on other people’s emotions more easily during this time, and if you’re naturally empathetic, you may end up absorbing some of these emotions.

What this Lunar Eclipse in Cancer Will Bring

Emotional Intensity

This does, however, include some benefits, one of which is increased intuition. Cancer is an intuitive sign to begin with, and the Moon guides our intuition. With the amplified energy from the lunar eclipse, this is truly the time to trust yourself and follow your gut feelings. If you get an intuitive vision or notion, it is best to follow that today. Accordingly, if you suspect that someone is not being honest with you, you may be right; however, think practically before you confront them, as your emotions can get the better if you’re not careful during this eclipse.

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Saturn’s Influence

Another influential aspect of this eclipse is that the Moon is in opposition to Saturn, the planet ruling Capricorn.

Saturn is stern, the planet that brings us challenges and teaches us the lessons we need to learn in life. There is an oppressive, restrictive energy when Saturn is in an influential transit, and this eclipse may bring feelings of authoritarian oppression. You may face challenges with your boss, superior, or another authority figure; try to remember to act with conscious thought and reasoning over emotion.

This influence can cause loneliness, sadness, and boredom. While the emotions and even events that transpire during this time may be challenging, Saturn does place these situations in our lives for a reason, so there may be a silver lining to look out for.

Mercury’s Influence

During this eclipse, Mercury, the planet of communication and travel, is in conjunction with Sun and opposition with the Moon. There will be a focus on communication during this eclipse, especially due to the heightened emotions you’ll likely experience. If you can remember to communicate openly, honestly, and with love and compassion, you’ll be able to make it through this energetic time without much upset.

If you find communication with others challenging, try to take a step back and examine the situation or the conversation from an objective point of view. However, don’t let people take advantage of you or bully you; remember to stand up for yourself when the situation calls for it.

Pluto’s Influence

This lunar eclipse is also in opposition to Pluto, the planet of secrets and power. Power dynamics within relationships may shift or struggle for change. Due to drastic mood swings, conflicts or arguments can arise; however, these moods do include romance and passion, so it’s not entirely negative.

Relationships will feel a sense of tension under this influence, with weak relationships potentially dissolving.

Preparing Yourself Emotionally

While this may seem like a negative influence, the fact is that if you emotionally prepare yourself, you may be able to sail through this eclipse unscathed. And while the energy is intense, it isn’t all bad. We need the sour flavors to appreciate the delicious taste of the sweet desserts.

Remember practices like compassion, gratitude, and positive affirmations to get you through this emotionally charged transit. If you remember to share love with yourself and those around you, you may be surprised about the outcome of this eclipse.

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