The Best Essential Oil for Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Essential oils in brown bottles with lavender next to it.

The power of essential oils is quite something.

Fragrances can be used to soothe us in many ways: add it to a carrier oil or water in an oil burner, a few drops in the bathtub mixed with a carrier oil or even sniff it straight from the bottle. There are so many beautiful oils and scents to choose from and each one has its own unique properties. So, how do you choose the essential oil that is perfect for you?

Well, did you know that each Chinese Zodiac sign has its own special essential oil to go along with it? Every zodiac animal displays its own unique set of characteristics, so it is easy to make the connection between this and the perfect unique essential oil will accompany it.

Are you a Ylang Ylang person or more of a Frankincense type? Read on to find out the best essential oil for you, based on your Chinese Zodiac sign!

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Which Essential Oil is Best for Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?

The Rat: Cedarwood Oil

Of all the animals in the Chinese Zodiac, none are quite so astute or quick-witted as the Rat.

You are someone who feels most alive when you can focus on a task at hand and reap the benefits of a successfully completed mission. So the gorgeous woody smell of Cedarwood is perfect for you! It is particularly potent and aids in uninterrupted concentration and making study time one of focus and diligence.

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The Ox: Ylang Ylang Oil

Like their four-legged counterparts in the wild, those born in the year of the Ox are famed for their resilience, reliability, diligence, and giving, helpful nature.

Exotic and sweet, Ylang Ylang is the perfect remedy to help soothe the hardworking Ox at the end of a long day. As an Ox, hard work is not uncommon to you. Therefore, winding down is an essential part of your being, particularly if you want to function at your best. Ylang Ylang’s sweet scent is wonderful for helping you relax and preparing you for another day.

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The Tiger: Clary Sage Oil

The Tiger occupies the third sign of the Chinese Zodiac, awarded this position for the tenacity he showed in crossing the perilous river during the Chinese Zodiac Race. The Jade Emperor, who organized the race, was impressed by his resilience and honored him with third place.

This is why the Tiger gets a powerful aroma. The Tiger thrives on adventure and excitement and sometimes all that excitement can pave the way for implosion. Tigers can find themselves in a sticky mess unless they learn to reign in their emotions. As a Tiger, you’ll find the Clary Sage scent so powerfully soothing that it will help you see things with a clear mind, helping you to be more rational and make good judgment.

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The Rabbit: Cinnamon Oil

Occupying the fourth sign of the Chinese Zodiac is the well-mannered, gracious Rabbit.

Cinnamon is a wonderful scent for the Rabbit! Aside from the fact it brings that cozy smell that makes it always feel like Christmas, Cinnamon is excellent for having a tonic effect on the mind which helps improve cognitive function. As a Rabbit, you can find it easy to drift away even when there are things that require pressing attention, the Cinnamon will soon bring you back to earth!

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The Dragon: Melissa Oil (Lemon Balm Oil)

The fifth sign of the Chinese Zodiac is occupied by the mighty and powerful Dragon.

Melissa, also known as Lemon Balm, this is a powerful oil for a powerful sign! As a Dragon, you will be all too familiar with the hectic demands placed upon you; the calls of leadership do not stray far from your path.

You need an oil that can keep you calm, focused and resilient in times of stress. Enter Melissa! Even a few sniffs of this is powerful enough to calm the senses and rid you of negative energies that may creep up on you.

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The Snake: Jasmine Oil

The sixth sign of the Chinese Zodiac is the enigmatic, attractive, wise and cunning Snake.

The scent of Jasmine is particularly suited to the thoughtful and wise Snake. Snakes also benefit from green tea with Jasmine, which may interest them!

Like the Snake, you will be all too familiar with the complexities of your own mind. Sometimes, this mind can veer off into the melancholic realm which makes Jasmine the perfect essential oil for you, for it is widely known for its anti-depressant qualities and ability to lift the spirit.

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The Horse: Sandalwood Oil

Occupying the seventh position of the Chinese Zodiac is the free-spirited, charismatic and unpredictable Horse.

Known for its fabulous calming properties and ability to create an environment of peace, the Horse is one such person who can benefit from Sandalwood! As a Horse, you’ll know how swiftly and suddenly things can change in life; life is never dull for you. With that can come oodles of stress, but Sandalwood can help combat this stress – especially pouring a few drops in boiling water and inhaling for ten to fifteen minutes.

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The Goat: Frankincense Oil

The Goat occupies the eighth sign of the Chinese Zodiac and is known as the most peaceful and gentle of all the signs.

You are indeed a gentle soul of the Zodiac and life can be harsh at times! Sometimes all you want to do is drift away and not have all these stressful and chaotic situations nipping at your hooves. Frankincense is the perfect essential oil for you, helping to reduce anxiety and sending you off into your own little world where you can utilize your powers of imagination to their greatest extent!

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The Monkey: Lavender Oil

The ninth sign of the Chinese Zodiac is the Monkey, an intelligent, witty and innovative sign that has oodles of charm and just as much cleverness.

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils used for those who have trouble sleeping or trouble relaxing. As a Monkey, your ingenious mind can often go off on a wild tangent! Where is it going and what does it do? No one really knows, least of all you! Lavender can help calm and soothe you. It can help put your nervous system in a restful state, pushing back any unwanted jittery or distracting emotions that prevent your essential relaxation time.

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The Rooster: Vetiver Oil

Occupying the tenth sign of the Chinese Zodiac is the enigmatic, self-assured, flamboyant Rooster.

Vetiver, which is a member of the grass family, has a strong earthy smell that is fantastic for grounding. As a flamboyant Rooster, you find it easy to make your point known and ensure your presence is noticed; this doesn’t come without its fair share of stressful situations! Vetiver is excellent for you as it has a strong, grounding effect on your emotions, helping you to control them whenever they may be getting a little out of hand.

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The Dog: Clary Sage Oil

The eleventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac is occupied by the loyal, honest, and faithful Dog.

Like your friend, the Tiger, you benefit enormously from the powers of Clary Sage. As a Dog, you are prone to worried, anxious thoughts, especially as you care so deeply about those who are struggling or downtrodden. Sometimes, these thoughts can get a bit too much! A few whiffs of Clary Sage and you’ll be right as rain, ready to battle on for the next day!

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The Pig: Peppermint Oil

The twelfth and final sign of the Chinese Zodiac is the warm, good-natured and gallant Pig.

As a friendly, loyal Pig, you enjoy the simple pleasures of life and dislike anything that disrupts this harmony you so carefully craft for yourself. Life is to be enjoyed! But sometimes, you may fall into the realm of indulgence and enjoyment so much that you lose a sense of focus and clarity in other areas. Peppermint is the perfect essential oil for brightening your senses and helping to improve your clarity, focus, and concentration.

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There you have it! The perfect essential oil for your Chinese Zodiac sign! Essential oils are one of nature’s greatest aids in helping us get through stressful or dark times. As we say goodbye to the year of the Earth Pig and hello to the year of the Metal Rat, essential oils are a perfect way to help you win the race!

Try the one that is best for you and let the power of the plant work its magic.

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