Try These 8 Ways to Use This Upcoming Supermoon to Your Advantage

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Full Moons. They have quite the reputation, don’t they?

You may have even heard rumors about a surge in visits to the Emergency Room during the Full Moon– in fact, there was one study performed that showed that about “81% of mental health professionals believe the Full Moon can make people ill.”

The fact is, the Full Moon is the time of the lunar cycle that represents completion, endings, and a cup overflowing with emotions.

Think about it – this is the point of the lunar cycle at which the Moon is at its fullest, ready for its energy to spill over into our emotional lives.

After all, the Moon does rule our collective emotions– and when it’s encouraging our emotions to flow outward, it’s no wonder that we might all feel a bit more intense than usual. (Did you know that the word lunatic was originally derived from Latin words that essentially indicate a kind of intensity or “insanity” directly tied to certain phases of the Moon?)

Yet, we’re about to experience a Full Moon in the sign of Aquarius–an Air sign that helps us detach more from the emotional energy and focus more on how we think rather than how we feel.

So, if you’re ready to learn all about what to expect from this Full Moon in Aquarius and how best to work with this energy, keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

When is the Next Full Moon?

This Full Moon takes place on August 1st, 2023.

However, the energy of the Full Moon can be felt for about 48 hours before and after this transit actually takes place. That gives you just about a full business week to take advantage of this energy.

Key Themes of the Full Moon in Aquarius

Every planet in astrology has its own personality– but it also happens to take on some of the energy of the constellation, or sign, that it’s currently dancing through at any given moment. Further, each Full Moon that we experience– generally one per month–has a different vibe to it.

This month the Full Moon is taking on the energy and personality of Aquarius, the eccentric, intellectual, humanitarian of the astrological bunch.

The Moon rules our emotions, yet Aquarius is a generally thought-driven sign, one that does not operate on emotion but rather logic and reason. This is also a zodiac sign that, while appreciative of and caring for human nature, is wildly independent and individualistic.

On top of all of this, this Full Moon is also a Supermoon. So get ready for even more heightened emotions and energy than usual.

What Can You Expect With August’s Full Moon?

So what can you expect during this month’s Full Moon?

1. Expect Eccentric Energy

Whether you’re the type to try to fit in or someone who goes against the grain, this is a lunar transit that intensely encourages you to explore and honor your own free will, your unique personality.

Ruled by spontaneous Uranus, Aquarius is a sign that deeply respects individuality– and this transit will urge you to honor your true nature, no matter how others might perceive or react to that nature.

It’s time to expect the unexpected.

2. Take A Humanitarian Approach

Aquarians want little more than to change the world with their ideas, particularly if those changes benefit the people. You may feel not only more rebellious right now but also more revolutionary, drawn to the ideas you feel would benefit the majority of our population.

You might find yourself visiting the drawing board frequently right now to go over those revolutionary, Aquarian ideas.

3. Take Advantage of Intense Intellect

As an Air sign, Aquarius helps you step out of your heart and into your head– something that can benefit those of us who tend to spend more time in the land of emotions. This intellect helps you see situations with new eyes and come up with creative solutions to problems that previously felt insurmountable.

4. Seek Desire for Truth

This is not a sign that’s satisfied to accept ideas as they’re sold. This is a sign that encourages the deeper seeking of Universal truths.

You may also be seeking a new perspective right now, a desire that urges you to try new things and shake things up. It’s not the time to keep doing things just as you always have. It’s time to try new things and follow your brilliant ideas!

5. Romance Takes a Turn

While a Full Moon in Aquarius doesn’t automatically signal a lack of romance, romance takes on a new tone during this transit. Rather than emotional displays of affection, love is shared through ideas and actions.

The bonus here is that you’ll be able to see your relationships from an entirely new lens, able to focus on hidden gems that emotions may have blinded you to.

8 Ways to Use the Aquarius Full Moon’s Energy

After all of this Full Moon talk, you may be asking yourself exactly how you’re supposed to engage in this energy– and we’re here to tell you. If you want to know how to channel this energy, keep reading to make it work for you.

1. Consider How You Can Give

Aquarius energy is humanitarian, and you’ll be drawn towards ideas of the future– for all of us. And while you may not be able to change the world today, there are certain things you can do to benefit your community.

Think about what giving activities light you up from the inside and follow through.

2. Be Careful With Your Impulses

Aquarius is ruled by spontaneous Uranus, which may create a feeling of recklessness. However, it’s important to be careful with those feelings right now.

While it’s perfectly fine to shake things up a bit, you may create chaos in your own life if you’re not aware of these impulses.

3. Focus on Creative Solutions

Have you felt stressed out about any challenges in your life lately? Have you felt like there are problems you can’t overcome?

This is the time to revisit those issues and observe your thoughts because you might just come up with a creative new solution that you weren’t expecting. If you receive any flashes of insight right now, pay attention to what feels right.

This Full Moon in Aquarius may just give you the answers you need.

4. Show Love However You Can

Aquarius isn’t a sign known for its affectionate ways, but that doesn’t mean this sign doesn’t know how to love. However, it may feel more difficult to show that love in obvious ways right now. That’s why it’s so important to spread the love in whatever manner feels most comfortable.

Try not to close yourself off to others right now, even if you’re feeling emotionally detached.

5. Expand Your Mind

Because Aquarius is an Air sign, your intellectual abilities are not only amplified right now, but they’re itching for some recognition. Let your mind explore new topics and learn about new things right now to ensure that you’re taking advantage of this mentally clarifying vibe.

6. Be Yourself

This is a lunar transit that is desperate for you to embrace who you are. This is certainly not the time to deny who you are in any way, shape, or form.

What do you want to do? What activities or concepts make you tick with excitement?

Explore everything that speaks to your soul right now, regardless of what other people might think. Be fully and wholly yourself now.

7. Think About What You Value

Aquarius does not back down from what they believes, no matter what others think. Have you perhaps stifled a part of yourself or your beliefs to make those around you comfortable? Well, let that go right this very moment!

This transit says to follow your bliss, be who you are, and let your beliefs become an integral part of your life.

8. Use this Aquarius Full Moon Ritual

Because this Full Moon is in Aquarius, an Air sign, you’ll benefit from taking the time to clear the air around you– and there are many ways to do this:

  • Light some sage, Palo Santo, or incense to clear any negative energy from your area. (If you use sage, remember that it clears all energy and that you must replace the positive energy of your space afterward.)
  • Essential oils such as lavender and peppermint are wonderful for clearing the air.
  • Crystals like clear quartz, selenite, or moonstone align your energy with that of the Moon.

Grab Your Journal

While you may not feel overly emotional during this Full Moon, this is a fantastic time to explore your thoughts and feelings through writing. Try opening your journal and letting any ideas flow from your mind to the page.

Make a List

One of the most beneficial practices for the Full Moon is making a list of everything you want to release or let go of, from emotions to toxic relationships and everything in between. This is the time to let anything that no longer serves your life move on and leave your spiritual field.

Can you think of anything you want to let go of? Write it down and find a way to safely burn that paper, effectively removing that feeling, situation, or relationship from your life.

Use the Energy of the Full Moon in Aquarius to Your Advantage

This is a transit that can help you find yourself once again, freeing that part of your spirit that may have felt stifled or oppressed until now. Have you let your full individuality express itself, or has a part of you felt hidden for some time now?

It’s time to unleash the part of you that is most genuine, most truthful, most authentically you.

This is a great time to consider: How can you let your personality feel free right now?

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