Color(s): Clear/white

Affirmation(s): "All parts of my life are filled with peace."

About Selenite

Harmonious Selenite penetrates any stale, stagnant or negative energy in its path and eradicates it, leaving your space refreshed and devoid of any inhibitors. Selenite also helps you connect with your intuition, allowing you to listen to your inner voice and follow its guidance. 

Its primary chakra is the Third-Eye chakra which is connected to our creativity and inspiration, as well as our wisdom and insight. A blocked Third Eye chakra could make us feel like we are living in chaos. Selenite is known for its properties of spiritual connection, bringing us closer to the highest vibration of energy and farther from the darkness we fear. 

Selenite is connected deeply with Taurus and Capricorn placements, signs that are both known for their wisdom and self-confidence.

How to Use Selenite

Working with or keeping Selenite near can bring you closer to your honest self and open doors you never even noticed before.

Additionally, Selenite is one of the best crystals to keep in your workspace. Notably, this crystal works wonders for highly sensitive people, maintaining an equilibrium throughout their workspace.

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