It’s Time to Make Wishes With THIS Powerful Upcoming Full Moon

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Once a month, we get to experience the healing energy and somewhat heavy emotions of a Full Moon – the phase of the lunar cycle wherein the light of the Moon is at its fullest, and it is most visible and illuminated in the night sky.

The Full Moon is a time of release, of letting go of the pains and hurts that you may have experienced during the month prior, of forgiving those who upset you. When you allow the energy of the Full Moon to wash over you, you get to experience a sense of rebirth and renewal while the Moon shifts into a new cycle.

This time around, the Full Moon occurs in the sign of Cancer – the one sign of the zodiac that is actually ruled by the Moon in all her glory. This placement makes this Full Moon extra juicy and healing, but the emotions accompanying this phase may also feel more overwhelming than usual.

The Full Moon is always fantastic for rituals and self-care – especially if you take the time to learn more about a particular lunar phase and the energy it will bring into your life.

So, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the Full Moon in Cancer, preparing you and giving you ample information that will help you make the most of this, the last Full Moon of the year!

All About the Full Moon in Cancer

Cancer, along with Pisces and Scorpio, are the signs of the zodiac ruled by Water. Each element in astrology is associated with certain themes and energy – and Water is the element linked to emotions, creativity, and deep intuition.

When the Full Moon occurs in a Water sign, we’re more likely to experience an even bigger increase in emotional responses to everyday situations.

But, when the Full Moon occurs in the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer, you’ll feel an extra boost when it comes to your connection with your emotional center. So, while you may feel more vulnerable than usual, you also feel more confident dealing with and managing these vulnerable feelings.

Feeling your emotions so deeply allows you to experience both the good and the bad with heightened senses.

Yes, the sad ending of a romantic movie may leave you reaching for the tissues, but that gratitude you feel for life – that joy you experience when you’re near your loved ones – is also amplified. And what you feel about your surroundings will pepper your experiences and enhance your appreciation for them.

That makes this one of the best times of the month, or even the year, to surround yourself with those things that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like a cute puppy or watching a touching movie with your partner. Listen to music that delights your spirit, and create works of art that relate to your passions.

While this particular lunar phase occurs on December 26th, the effects can be felt for about two days before and after the Full Moon takes place.

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How Will the Cancer Moon Affect Us?

You may feel like you need to prepare for an emotional battleground, but there are other planetary energies that bring balance to our spirits during this time.

For instance, we’re dancing through Capricorn season. When the Sun is in the sign of Capricorn, our focus lies more on the sensible aspects of life, as this grounded sign helps us connect more deeply to the energies of the Earth.

So, while the Full Moon in Cancer may amplify some of your emotional responses or triggers, the Sun in Capricorn will bring balance to this energy and help you remain rooted in the Earth.

Both the Moon and Cancer are aspects of astrology connected to emotions, creativity, and intuition.

Therefore, these elements of your personality are enhanced during this transit. You may just “sense” energies around you or know things without proof – as if the Universe is speaking directly to you. It’s important that you pay attention to any flashes of insight that you receive right now.

Engaging your creative side can help you further develop any senses that exist beyond hearing, vision, taste, smell, and touch. The meditative properties that accompany self-expression help you step outside of your head, outside of your thoughts, and into your intuitive center.

Who Will Be Most Impacted by the Cancer Moon?

Because the Full Moon is in a Water sign, Cancers, Pisces, and Scorpios may feel this energy more intensely than others.

For Cancers, this energy will revitalize the richest, most exciting traits of your personality – like creative self-expression, depth of emotions, sensitivity to both energies and feelings, and enhanced intuition.

Another sign that may feel especially impacted is Capricorn, as this is Cancer’s astrological opposite. And with the Sun in the sign of Capricorn, this influence will feel especially potent. If you’re a Cap yourself, you may feel overwhelmed by the sudden onset of emotional energy. Grounding practices, like yoga and meditation, will help you face these feelings head-on with courage and confidence.

Fortunately, the rest of the zodiac signs will also experience an increase in emotional sensitivity, a desire for creativity, and a connection to their intuitive centers. You may also feel a bit more vulnerable than usual, so it’s important that you tend to your physical and emotional needs.

What to Expect Under the Full Moon in Cancer

This Cancer Full Moon amplifies themes of emotionality, domesticity, and close connections across the globe.

However, Cancer is symbolized by the crab, a creature who tends to attack when they feel backed into a corner – or they may simply retreat into their shells for a while. Let’s take a look at what might happen when Cancer gets crabby during this lunar phase.

1. Emotional Courage

When the Moon is Full in the sign that it rules, which is Cancer, the qualities that comprise the Cancer personality are heightened. Cancer is connected to motherhood, fertility, the Great Mother, womanhood, family matters, home life, creativity, intuition, and emotion.

We will all experience a deep impact on our emotional lives, making us feel more emotional than we may be used to. However, with this increase in emotions comes the courage to face these emotions head-on. So, while you may experience a storm of feelings, you’ve also got a metaphorical compass to guide you and a Universal umbrella to protect you.

It may feel impossible to keep these emotions to yourself during the Full Moon in Cancer. But it’s also important that you try to share these feelings in a constructive, harmless manner. The conversations you need and want to have right now may run more smoothly if you take the reins and start them yourself. That way, you can navigate the conversation and try to steer it in a positive, productive direction.

Sharing your deepest feelings with others can bring you closer together and create a deeper, more understanding bond. Working with Moon crystals will help you feel calmer and stronger, making it easier to talk about the feelings that seem scary.

You can also use these crystals for rituals and manifestation work!

2. Desire for Security

The Full Moon always occurs in the sign opposite to the current season.

Therefore, because the Sun is currently in Capricorn, the Full Moon takes place in the sign of Cancer. Cancer loves a comfortable, welcoming, cozy home that makes them feel secure. This sign also desires close connections with friends and family, providing a sense of stability and comfort.

Cancer is a natural cuddle bug, and they need the perfect space and the perfect cuddle partner to feel their happiest.

And because Capricorn – the sign that the Sun is in – is a sign deeply connected to financial security and responsibility, this transit amplifies your desire to feel secure in your own life. This may manifest in many ways – you may desire deeper connections, you might feel like redecorating your home, or you may be drawn toward activities that will advance your career.

But one of the easiest ways to ensure security is to practice gratitude for what you already have. When the Universe recognizes that you’re appreciative of the blessings you’ve already been given, it feels eager to shower you with more!

Sit down on the Full Moon with a notepad and a pen, and make a list of everything you’re grateful for to bring even more stability and security into your life.

3. Anticipation & Intuition

Both the Moon and the sign of Cancer are astrological elements related to intuition, meaning that yours is on fire right now. While every Full Moon provides us with the opportunity to harness our intuitive powers and connect to our psychic selves, this transit is particularly potent.

Full Moons are all about endings.

Therefore, the Universe may be filling you with intuitive ideas about which parts of your life need to be released right now. It’s time to let go of situations and relationships that no longer serve you. This is exponentially easier to figure out when the Full Moon heightens your perceptive senses in Cancer.

This would be an excellent day to break out your favorite Tarot cards and consult the deck for even more useful information!

4. Increased Appreciation

Think about how much our mothers bring to the family dynamic. They keep us safe as we grow in their bellies. They bring us into the world and feed us, shower us with love, and make us feel supported and special.

She isn’t stressing about the small stuff as long as her family is happy – she knows what really matters in life is love and connection. She also has a fierce intuition that knows when we need extra protection – even when we don’t know it ourselves.

Cancer is like the Great Mother of the zodiac, allowing us to harness the aforementioned energies while the Full Moon transits through her sign. This is a time to feel appreciation for the people in your life who fill your heart with joy – especially our mother figures who helped us flourish in the world.

To encourage more joyous emotions during this Full Moon, you must turn to appreciation. Practice gratitude for the things in your life that help you feel and know that you’re on the right path. The Universe will reward you for your gratitude!

5. Nostalgia

Full Moons, especially those that occur in the sign of Cancer, may connect you to elements from your past – leading to feelings of nostalgia for the life you once led. If you think of someone who hasn’t crossed your mind in a while, it might be because they’re also thinking about you. And there’s always a good reason when the past comes back into our lives.

Use this nostalgia to your advantage during this time by strengthening the bonds in your life, whether they’re current or past tense.

This may be the time to reacquaint yourself with an old friend or reach out to a family member with whom you haven’t spoken in a while. Long-distance relationships may also benefit from this energy, as it encourages both of you to make a bigger effort with activities like phone calls, emails, and Zoom meetings.

If someone comes up in your mind and you can’t stop thinking about them, try sending them a care package to let them know that you still appreciate them!

What Full Moon Wishes Will You Make?

Cancer is a natural nurturer, making this an important time to take care of yourself and others. If you’ve struggled with your self-care routines this year, this may be the best time to sit down and evaluate your habits.

Are you doing anything that drains your energy or adds pain to your body or your heart? It’s time to develop new habits and routines that will help you grow into the person you’ve always been meant to be.

And it’s also important right now to tend to your connections, to make sure that your bonds are just as strong as ever, to be open and honest with the people you love.

While there are limitations on how often and with whom we can socialize right now, it’s crucial that you try to find safe ways to connect – like calling up a family member to check in or sending a card to a friend who might be struggling right now.

Finally, Full Moons can be an excellent time to make Moon wishes for the future in addition to letting go of pain from the past. Take some time now to try to manifest the things you’ve been dreaming of bringing into your life! And because this Full Moon is taking place in the Water sign, Cancer, Full Moon rituals or wishes that take place near or with water will be intensified.

So, get those Full Moon wishes ready and prepare yourself for a healing, intuitive transit to wrap up the year!

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