How to Make Moon Water for Full Moon Rituals

It all sounds so mystical and magical, doesn’t it?

Moon water.

People have harnessed this authentic and potent type of water for hundreds and hundreds of years. It is used for all types of ethereal and magical work, but it is used in various rituals that enhance the power of the individual using it.

So what exactly is it, how can you use it, and how can you make your own Moon water? We’re going to explain all of this and more.

What is Moon Water?

Moon water is water that has been charged and infused with the energy of the Full Moon.

Why the Full Moon?

Well, Full Moon energy is like no other. If you don’t believe it, observe the energy of yourself and those around you during the next Full Moon. Notice how everyone’s a little bit more high-strung than usual? A little bit more emotional? A little bit more … out there?

It is said that our bodies are made up of 70% water. The Moon causes tides on the earth, affecting the flow and ebb of the waves. It is only natural that the Moon should affect us too.

We are watery beings!

In astrology, the Moon represents our emotional and inner self – our emotions are tied in with water. Hence the Water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, are known for their emotional depth. They are also known for their intuitive insight, and this is another reason people use Moon water. Emotions are linked to intuition, and intuition is linked to magic.

You can see why people use Moon water. The Full Moon’s energy is so powerful that it can amplify our own intuition and magical abilities when water is infused under it.

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What Can Moon Water Do for You?

Moon water can…

  • Enhance your intuitive abilities.
  • Aid you in manifestation rituals.
  • Help calm and balance your emotions.
  • Charge crystals that can be cleansed in water.
  • Bring you greater clarity and relaxation (such as when placing a few drops in the bath with you and meditating).

You can even drink Moon water and infuse your body with the wonderful energy of the Full Moon (this is only a good idea if you leave it on your windowsill and not in the garden overnight).

How to Make Moon Water

The following are easy, simple steps for you to make Moon water:

  • On the night of the Full Moon, choose a container of your such as a cup, a glass, or even a mason jar. This is your “vessel.”
  • Fill it with (preferably filtered) water.
  • Place it on your windowsill, which is facing the Full Moon. You can also leave it out overnight if you wish (if it is not too windy or raining!) Cover it with clear wrap.
  • Leave some crystals next to it. If you have a specific goal in mind, such as money, love and relationships, career, or anything else, place crystals specific to your intentions next to it. For example, for love, you could use rose quartz. Also, crystals such as selenite and moonstone are always an excellent idea to leave next to Moon water as these crystals enhance the Full Moon’s rays and strengthen your water’s energy.
  • Say a little thank you to the Full Moon and express your gratitude.
  • Leave it overnight. Then, in the morning, pick your Moon water up – it is ready for you!

Two Moon Water Rituals

Light of the Moon Bathing Ritual


This ritual involves mixing some Moon water with your bath. This particular ritual is excellent for calming and focusing your mind, releasing negative energy, and preparing yourself for a new day.

Remember, after the Full Moon is over, we move into the stage that builds us towards the New Moon.

When doing a Bathing Ritual with your Moon water, time it so that it coincides with each Moon phase’s specific energies. Pour a few drops of Moon water into your bath and get in.

Envisage a white light surrounding you and let the energy of the Moon water absorb into your entire being. Feel your mind relax and imagine negative energy being swallowed by the Moon water. This ritual will leave you feeling spiritually nourished and ready to start a new beginning.

Intuitive Ability Ritual


This ritual focuses on enhancing your psychic gifts and is best done when you cannot be disturbed.

Dab some Moon water in the middle of both eyebrows where your Third Eye chakra is. This ritual is best done with the crystals merlinite and Preseli bluestone, which are powerful crystals for enhancing psychic ability. Keep these crystals close to you, preferably in your hands or worn around your neck, if possible.

Close your eyes and clear your mind. Play gentle meditation music if it helps to calm you.

Take note of what images freely enter your mind as your conscious mind stops chattering. Be sure to note down these visions as you can then analyze them later on.

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Use Moon Water During the Next Full Moon!

Moon water is a wonderful, magical, and potent water that can aid us in many different ways. It’s so easy to make and yet brings such spectacular benefits.

Of course, belief is crucial. Do you believe in the powers of the Moon? If so, Moon water will be an essential part of your rituals and manifestation moments.

Remember, water is one of the most powerful elements. It runs deep, and its abilities are infinite. It represents everything that exists within our subconscious mind, a place that is vast and mysterious. Just like the Moon card in the Tarot, the Moon up above helps us tap into and understand this mysterious place. Moon water, therefore, helps us navigate the powerful and dark waters of our subconscious mind.

Have you tried Moon water? How did it work for you?

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