How to Manifest Between the Full Moon & New Moon

The Moon is a mysterious and wonderful planet that rules over the sign Cancer. This zodiac sign encompasses qualities associated with the Moon: powerful emotions, creativity, intuition, nurture, and moodiness. People with a lot of Moon in their chart tend to have strong psychic abilities and an interest in the occult.

When the Moon is full, you may notice that some people tend to go a bit loopy! This is where the word “lunacy” comes from, the Latin word “luna,” which means “Moon.”

In astrology, your Moon sign represents your deepest emotional side.

So, with so many splendid layers attached to her, how can we harness the Moon’s powers to help us?

The Moon goes through different phases throughout the month. It is always the same cycle, but each phase has its own special meaning. Below is an instruction guide for the different phases of the Moon and advice for how you can make the most of manifesting under the lunar rays!

New Moon

The New Moon is the time when the manifestation process really begins. This is when the Moon looks invisible in the sky. The New Moon signifies new beginnings, and it is a time for taking a step back and thinking of new phases and projects. This is very much a planning time, and it is also a good idea to set a New Moon ritual as it is a time for setting new intentions.

You don’t need anything fancy for rituals! Setting intentions is done with the mind, just as manifesting is. However, crystals, incense, and other tools can make your ritual easier for you to concentrate and give it that special something. It can be anything as simple as lighting a candle and meditating with crystals such as moonstone or selenite (both crystals associated with the Moon) and setting your intentions, repeating them to yourself either aloud or in your head.

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Waxing Crescent

This is when the light begins to grow, and the Moon is in a crescent shape. This phase is all about the growth of those intentions you made during the New Moon. This is about focusing on the “why” and thinking about what you hope to achieve. Now is a good time to write down your list of intentions.

First Quarter Moon

The Moon, at this point, is half dark, half light. This is the time for decision-making and taking action. Much goes into the thought process at this point. Spend some time quietly meditating as you think about your previous decisions and ways to overcome future obstacles.

You are likely to be filled with greater strength and determination, so it is a good idea to meditate with or wear the crystal tiger’s eye or amethyst. These help push back any doubt or fear.

The First Quarter Moon is also an excellent time for transforming emotional energy into creative passion. So working on creative projects can be highly fruitful at this time.

Waxing Gibbous

The light is much stronger now, and it almost looks full, but not quite. This is the time for refining those intentions. Tweaking your goals, paying attention to details, and taking action toward your intentions are all good things to do during this phase.

This is a good time for laying out plans, having conversations to help you towards your goals, and taking part in activities that strengthen these intentions.

Full Moon

This is when the magic begins!

This is the time for manifesting the intentions. You can do this with Full Moon rituals, which can include releasing and gratitude ceremonies. This is a time to make promises to yourself on a soul level and let go of anything that no longer serves you. During the Full Moon, you will envision your goals and dreams as though they are happening there and then, and then thank the universe for helping to make this happen.

Your emotions will be very intense at this time. These emotions are best channeled into rituals and creative endeavors during the Full Moon. Emotional energy is creative energy.

Shamanic dream quartz is a wonderful crystal to meditate or wear during the Full Moon as it intensifies your creative energy and helps you connect to the Moon’s energy.

Waning Gibbous

Waning Gibbous is when the Moon doesn’t look so full now, and it is a time for gratitude and reflection. This is a time for focusing on getting rid of stress and negative energy. It’s a powerful time for communication and making a list of all the things you feel grateful for.

This is a wonderful time for using palo santo or white sage to cleanse yourself and your living environment. It’s like the time to breathe and relax after the potent energies of the Full Moon.

Third Quarter Moon

This is when the Moon is half and half again like it is in the First Quarter Moon stage. This is a powerful time for forgiveness. Light and dark are equal, representing Yin and Yang. You find balance at this time through forgiveness.

It’s the perfect time for forgiveness rituals. You can write down all the things you want to forgive yourself and others for. Then promise yourself on a soul level that you will approach everything from a place of love.

Waning Crescent

This is the final stage before the Moon returns to the New Moon phase. This is about focusing on forgiveness and surrender. The light is almost completely gone now. This is the time for going inwards and recognizing a higher purpose.

Wonderful things to do at this time are reconnecting with nature, such as going for strolls outdoors. Or you could bring nature to you with plant pots around your home. It’s a time of rest, meditating, and unwinding before you contemplate your new intentions for the next New Moon.

What Will You Manifest?

So there are the different phases of the Moon and how you can use the power of the lunar energies to manifest your intentions and desires. Hopefully, this article has provided you with some guidance.

May the Moon and her gentle rays shine down upon you!

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