Don’t Miss Your September 2022 Energy Forecast

Welcome to the astrology of September, lovelies!

We’re just coming out of the New Moon in Virgo, coasting through the energetic shifts of the summer. The month ahead comes jam-packed with awakening, balance, clarity, strength, and euphoric moments of interconnectedness.

Essentially, September is known as the ninth month. Yet, in numerology, the collective numerology of this month carries the “number 6” vibrations of presence and self-awareness.

The energy of 6 carries the power of:

  • Happiness
  • Stability
  • Creativity and love
  • Harmony and order

What To Expect Astrologically in September 2022

We’ve been jumping between dimensions and frequencies, and the last few months have been an all-around action mode while we continue to dissolve 3D beliefs and boundaries.

Energies this month encourage releasing feelings rather than becoming bound to them. Our feelings are valid and our feelings, yet they need to move through the proper energetic channels rather than getting stuck in karmic feedback loops.

With Mars in Gemini and Mercury stationing retrograde this month, the physical body continues to send messages on what it needs to heal to integrate higher frequencies.

September provides the bridge from the density of grey matter into the crystalline light of clarity and truth as Fall Equinox harmonizes a beautiful interlude of the seasons. The whole planet is transitioning, and your expansion and stepping up in your divine purpose are needed right now on this planet.

Although we may feel the weight of lessons and deep-rooted changes, we are entering a season of wonder in which the Universe moves and supports us in new ways. Overall, it encourages you to step into fullness, truth, and wholeness.

It’s time to expand and activate the courage needed to step up in your life. So, honor gifts and lessons of the year, and start focusing on what you need to release for the seasons ahead.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the astrology for September 2022.

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September 3rd: First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

The First Quarter Moon is a 90-degree square between the Moon and the Sun that pushes toward growth and learning how to manage the release of energies and use it as a catalyst to make suitable on our New Moon promises.

Half of the Moon shines bright during this lunar phase, while the other half hides in the darkness. As a result, there is an intense desire to build, create, stabilize, and grow as light increases.

This month’s First Quarter phase takes place in Sagittarius, encouraging you to aim your arrow high to pursue your goals and truth. When exact, the Moon will trine Chiron, after recently opposite Mars and gently connecting with Mercury and Jupiter. The combination of these energies indicates a disruption in groups, relationships, or social settings, due to the clashing of ideals and life philosophies.

Since this phase is about putting the past behind you, it would be best to clear current obstacles so the vision of last month’s New Moon will have a secure foundation to develop and grow.

September 4th: Venus Enters Virgo

Restoring the Integrity of Relationships

After an eventful journey through the fiery realms of Leo, Venus enters Virgo, the sign of emotional wisdom and alignment, from September 4th through September 29th. Venus in Virgo is a heavy reality check, forcing you to get honest with yourself and learn how to allow your heart to awaken to something more significant in your life.

Since Virgo is the realm of purification and Venus represents love, beauty, order, and relationships, there’s a portal opening to release any misaligned attachments, beliefs, judgments, and assumptions regarding finances, relationships, and conflict between personal and societal values.

Virgo is a bit critical and picky, so you’ll want to avoid projecting that energy toward people, projects, or situations. Although Venus in Virgo is in its fall, this is an excellent time to makeover intimate areas of your life.

While in Virgo, Venus will make the following aspects:

  • September 16th: Venus square Mars
  • September 17th: Venus trine the North Node, sextile South Node
  • September 19th: Venus trine Uranus RX
  • September 24th: Venus opposite Neptune RX
  • September 26th: Venus trine Pluto RX

September 9th: Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Overcoming Polarized Communication

Mercury, “The Cosmic Messenger,” will officially change direction, stationing retrograde from September 9th to September 23rd in Libra and from September 23rd to October 2nd in Virgo.

Mercury retrograde typically occurs three times in a calendar, but 2022 will see five retrogrades (six, if you count Chiron), with the first three retrogrades starting in Air Signs and ending in Earth Signs. At this time, the effects of Mercury retrograde should have already set in since the energy tends to take effect during its pre-shadow phase.

Mercury retrograde is not here to destroy our lives or create problems. Instead, these are critical phases to realign, reset, reorganize, and review past projects, people, or situations. They also provide opportunities to recalibrate the wholeness of our yin/yang balance for a new alignment of unified energy.

Shifting from Libra to Virgo, Air to Earth represents awakenings from the mental body’s deepest reflection through the relationship axis’s recalibration that helps us shift focus to access the crystalline truth.

Along with the standard technology issues, travel delays, and minor setbacks, vital themes in this retrograde are:

  • Relationships
  • Social groups
  • Values
  • New dimensions of creative potential

September 10th: Full Moon in Pisces

The Creative Movement of the Soul

It’s time for a bit of enchantment and magic. September’s Full Moon comes jammed-packed with increased awareness, creative energy, compassion, empathy, and tears.

A Full Moon represents the peak of Lunar energies accumulated from the most recent New Moon. During this time, our emotional state becomes a focus as the ruler of our internal self; the Moon is forming an opposition to the ruler of our external self, the Sun, ultimately activating moments of culmination, fulfillment, and release.

In Pisces, the sign of spiritual wisdom and divine mastery, the veil to the spiritual realms lift, and boundaries between mysticism and reality blur. It’s a highly sensitive time that encourages us to open our channels to spiritual guidance that appears as signs, coincidences, or messages in dreams.

The Full Moon will form a sextile with Uranus and the North Node while conjunct Neptune generates harmonious energy that breaks barriers and creates new boundaries. Although the Moon’s conjunction with Neptune adds confusion to mental processes, this is an excellent time for awakening to your higher spiritual self. However, avoid the danger of wearing rose-colored glasses and harmful escape mechanisms.

September 16th: Venus & Mars

Balancing Our Feminine & Masculine Energies

After their conjunction back in March, Venus and Mars clash in what you consider a First Quarter Phase square, stimulating desires creatively and within relationships. The energies of this square are the key to an evolutionary gateway, amplifying fears in relationships and self-identity. Tension builds: this intensity is about leaving the past behind and working through the stress.

Find positive outlets to release the build-up of anxiety and frustration. Healthy relationships are cured by working with our own Mars and Venus energy, restoring integrity, trust, respect, and order.

September 17th/18th: Third Quarter Moon in Gemini

The Third Quarter Moon phase is an empowering time in the lunar cycle to let go and release all the things you want to eliminate from the Full Moon. At this phase, darkness heightens, signifying a breakthrough and shedding of the past self.

The Third Quarter peaks at 6:52 PM Eastern Standard Time in Gemini, moving into its ruling sign, Cancer, the following day. 

Since the Last Quarter phases are turning points that clear the way for the upcoming New Moon, this Gemini Third Quarter comes to clear your mind, words, thoughts, and actions. Gemini is known to trigger the nervous system, so you’ll want to jump into your self-care bag. 

In addition, Venus will trine the North Node, suggesting the need to evaluate relationships to ensure long-lasting development.

September 22nd: The Start of Fall Equinox & Libra Season

Thursday, September 22nd, marks the start of Fall Equinox as the Sun moves into Libra, the still point of recalibration as we fully reboot ourselves and attune the light and dark. In astrology, Fall Equinox is the midpoint, a powerful transition in the year that radically shifts us into the next season.

Stars rebalance during this time, offering a tremendous opportunity for self-reflection and harvest. The Sun crosses the equator into the scales of justice, harmony, and order. Under the Venus-ruled Libra Sun, reviewing the act of giving and receiving is crucial, along with letting go of misaligned relationships.

Overall, the Sun in Libra represents the transition of the seasons. A time has come to balance and focus on your direction for the future. Recharge energies in preparation for the astrological shifts ahead. Be mindful of getting stuck in repetitive negative thought loops.

Themes to expect during Libra season:

  • Enhancing romantic relationships
  • Heightened intuition and sociability
  • Learning to value friendships and relationships
  • Balancing desires for autonomy and passion for connection
  • Finding peace within during conflict and tension
  • Mastering the art of giving and receiving
  • Setting boundaries to push past fears

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September 23rd: Mercury RX enters Virgo

Analyzing From A New Perspective

Mercury retrograde enters Virgo at the time of a Venus Neptune opposition.

During this cycle, we learn how to analyze from new perspectives and decide what is valuable and purposeful in our lives. There’s a slight struggle to achieve harmony in romance and other personal affairs. 

On the other hand, there could be a tendency to be pulled into a false reality of how you wish things could be. Pinpointing what you want and your heart’s true desires are crucial to avoiding confusion or disillusionment. 

When Mercury retrograde reenters Virgo, you could experience delays or missed deadlines on the job, and misunderstandings with appointments, urging you to rethink your approach to essential projects.

September 25th: New Moon in Libra

The Secret to Harmonious Relationships

The Libra New Moon opens the eclipse gateway on September 25th, with the first eclipse occurring in October and completing during the Sagittarius New Moon in November.

A New Moon represents the beginning of a new 28-day Lunar cycle that carries potent energy, ripe for intention setting and manifestation. This New Moon in Libra acts as a light bridge, starting the week on an eventful note and bringing the month to a mighty close.

The New Moon will oppose Jupiter, bringing relationships into complete focus. Most of the time, we judge relationships based on how we are feeling at that moment, which may turn into making rash decisions or shutting down. If we can learn that diversity in relationships is key to growth and judgemental thinking, we elevate and shift the story of love and relationships.

Topics that matter to the heart will prompt an elevation of consciousness and upgrade our relationship with love. As long as we are on this planet, we must learn how to collaborate. Ascension and evolution require full engagement and participation in relationships. 

Nevertheless, you can expect this New Moon to deliver us to the most awakened state of relationships.

September 26th: Sun Opposite Jupiter

The Opportunites for Self-Expansion

In opposition to Jupiter RX, the Sun graciously moves through Libra, emitting enormous energy and radiance. Oppositions tend to highlight tension and struggle. With the Sun in the sign of partnerships and Jupiter in the sign of self, the energies tend to generate conflict when one party only sees the issue from their viewpoint.

Venus is trine Pluto the same day, provoking intensity in relationships and adding passion to all things. 

The Waning Moon of the day reminds us that our reality, like a mirror, reflects our inner being. Its thoughts and actions show us how we interact with others and how others may see us. 

Focus on eliminating negative tendencies and bad habits during this influence.

September 28th: Mars Trine Saturn

Increasing Commitment to Goals

A few days after the New Moon, brave Mars and Saturn connect in a favorable aspect, which proves to be a great time to follow your passions and lock in the course of action to attain those passions. Your actions now will leave long-lasting and stable results.

If you want to make steady progress on essential tasks, you’ll need to have patience. Remember your responsibilities and follow through on any commitments that you make.

September 29th: Venus Enters Libra

Healthy Collaborations

Right after a magical trine to Pluto, Venus transits into Libra, welcoming harmonious change. Since Venus moves into its home sign, the focus on your value shifts and encourages compromise, Venus in Libra will bring the heart into physical power by strengthening relationship dynamics.

Lessons brought on by Venus will help us learn how to better interrupt the yearnings for a perfect partner or relationship that we often misinterpret.

Overall, Venus challenges the collective to form sacred bonds with others and share assistance, gifts, or talents, both physically and spiritually. The energy that comes together when we build relationships is what brightens up this planet.

Venus in Libra will form the following aspects:

  • October 1: Venus opposite Jupiter RX
  • October 10: Venus opposite Chiron RX
  • October 14: Venus trine Saturn RX
  • October 18: Venus trine Mars RX
  • October 20: Venus square Pluto RX
  • October 23: Venus enters Scorpio

Use these Energy Tips for September

There’s no doubt that September is a beautiful interlude of the year, delivering us into the Fall and Winter seasons. A transition that will help us find our way through the chaos and into the increased emotional courage of the heart.

This month’s oracle card is “Past Life Present Power,” the many spiritual faces of you brought to you by the Isis Oracle Deck.

This oracle confirms that you are growing more into your life purpose and talents, abilities, and gifts wish to be restored to you to help you further advance on your path.

September is harvest month and offers internal and external resources to assist on the path. It’s crucial to be open to change and reframing ideas and become more of the responsibilities we hold on to Earth. To step into these gifts, you’ll need to confront the fear and disappointment you’ve suffered in the past by building up your confidence.

This month, a new sense of interconnectedness and feeling encourages us to move through emotions rather than perpetuate the feeling.

Make productive use of these energies by:

  • Uncover new ways to protect yourself from negative, dense energies
  • Opening the heart to release low self-esteem, sadness, stress, or worry
  • Giving yourself permission to explore and go on an incredible adventure
  • Decluttering and preparing for the Fall season to better balance the energies of light and dark

In conclusion, September brings profound and potent internal shifts, often requiring time to fully manifest. Nevertheless, many of us have already accepted the invitation to dissolve the barriers of 3D and plant seeds of new Earth in our lives years ago.

Continue to nurture your inner landscape that is unfolding. We are riding the waves of destiny right now, and instead of swimming against the current, FLOW!

With love, September

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