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For the Month of: April 2024

April - Welcome to April, beautiful Taurus! Aries season brings much-needed recuperation, almost like a mini hibernation before your birthday. With a high level of activity in your unconscious sector, taking time out will be a significant theme this month. However, luck is on your side and whatever comes your way during your season will put a smile on your face. Spend time counting your blessings, whether by writing them down or speaking them aloud. Create time and space to evaluate what's worked for you, what has not, and what you need to change. Let's explore your monthly horoscope to uncover what transits support you.

The month begins with Mercury retrograde on the 1st. You may feel slightly disconnected from reality, more introverted than ever. There's never been a better time for healing than now, especially with the last quarter moon highlighting expansion. You know retrogrades stir up the past and you may feel called to reopen old wounds so that you can give them the patience and necessary care to heal properly.

Your ruling planet, Venus enters Aries on the 4th, and you'll feel more inclined to retreat and pour into your inner world and creative ideas. This is a time of solitude. Surrender and transcend the boundaries of your wants, desires, materiality, and superficial things, and reevaluate your values.

You'll be supported in reevaluating your values, with a solar eclipse on the 8th. This eclipse in Aries marks a time for spiritual reflection and inner work, which leads to significant insights and revelations. Again, there is a desire to withdraw from everyday life and to contemplate life's deeper questions. Pay attention to your dreams and intuition as the energies are intensified. Mediation and self-care will recharge your batteries and get you fully prepared for your season. Expect fated events and opportunities.

And with a Sun-Mercury conjunction on the 11th, you'll unlock a new level of power to change your life. Psychic abilities are strong, so don't be surprised if you are able to communicate with divine energy.

Venus meets the North Node on the 17th, signifying a period of growth, attraction, and alignment with your life's purpose. This transit supports your creative endeavors and artistic expression. Bringing much-needed inspiration to make things happen. You may feel drawn to exploring various art forms and aesthetics or expressing your creativity in innovative and exciting ways.

This is a perfect time, because your season begins on the 19th. Yes, that's right. Happy birthday, Taurus! It is a time of renewal and revival for you as the Sun enters your sign. So, get ready to pop some bottles and eat cake and your favorite foods. This is the ideal time to pamper yourself. Find some way to celebrate yourself. If you feel stuck or stagnant, you can expect the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on the 21st to get you out of your seat. Change is here so be prepared to be uncomfortable.

Then, on the 23rd, relationships take center stage, thanks to a Full Moon in Scorpio. This is an excellent time to explore your true desires within your intimate relationships and business connections or friends. This Full Moon will provide the final push necessary to release old habits and move on if you have been experiencing some drama or the foundation of your relationship is rocky. Spend time exploring how you interact with your loved ones. Significant turning points and breakthroughs may be illuminated in the coming days or weeks.

Mercury turns direct on the 25th, bringing you a sense of inner power and courage to achieve your dreams. Communication issues resolve. However, Mercury is still in its shadow for two weeks, so move with caution.

Finally, the month ends on a positive note, as Venus returns home in your sign on the 29, followed by Mars returning home in Aries on the 30. During this time you can expect to feel more sensual, comfortable, and content. The vibes are high and you are not letting anything or anyone get in your way or bring you down. Meanwhile, Mars in Aries brings a necessary surge of action and creativity. Despite this, there are some minor challenges as this time may prompt unexpected expenses and medical, or legal issues. Avoid lending money to anyone during this time, as there are even more chances of financial loss. It is important to be flexible and to trust that other transits are supporting you to overcome any hiccups in your plans.

Overall, this month is about renewal and rebirth. Taking time to pause and reflect after a major challenge will position you well for success in the future.

Self-care tip: For your birthday, consider giving back by donating or volunteering your time. Alternatively, recharge your spirits by spending time outdoors, whether it's a leisurely walk in the park or simply soaking up the sun. Connecting with nature can bring peace and rejuvenation to your special day.

April's affirmation: "I listen to my inner wisdom, guiding me with clarity and purpose. I know with each step I am led toward fulfillment."

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