How Tarot Can Transform Your New Year

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​As exciting as it can be to count down to a brand new year, the start of the new year brings forth transformative energy that can be challenging to get into sync with.

While Tarot can, of course, be a tool in assisting you in more specific situations, problems, and circumstances in your day-to-day life, mindfully using a deck of cards can allow you to create dramatic changes in your life on a much grander scale. At the start of a new year – and in the case of the year 2021 – there’s no better time than now to give it a try.

Looking to Tarot in 2021

Below are a couple of simple but effective ways that Tarot can be a transformative tool in your new year!

1. Tarot helps you identify & dispose of the clutter you don’t need anymore.

The start of a new year can and definitely should be feeling like a clean slate. As the energy of the world around you turns a new leaf and begins a blank canvas, it’s important that you synchronize with those changes and match that energy. Where to begin, you ask? Don’t fret – it’s not as complicated as you think!

A simple Tarot card or two can help you see what no longer is serving you in your life, and what can be done to let it go in the smoothest manner. Try pulling one or two cards to see what might need to be removed, and another for your ideal course of action in cleaning up!

2. Tarot can help you set New Year’s resolutions worth keeping.

Part of the reason why resolutions can be difficult to keep is that sometimes, even though you want to make changes and shifts in your life, it’s often tricky to know where to place that focus. Oftentimes, our resolutions can be misdirected, misleading, or too muddled for us to manifest them properly. When we don’t know what we want exactly, or begin second-guessing our true desires, setting a New Year’s resolution can feel like a daunting task in of itself.

Tarot lifts the cloudy haze of confusion and shows us where our focus really should be, as well as eliminates areas that don’t need our attention. For example, try asking the tarot not just what your focus for the new year should be, but also what it shouldn’t be! In this way, even a simple two-card spread can set you off on the right track.

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3. Tarot can hold you accountable for keeping your resolutions!

Let’s be honest with ourselves – a good portion of the reason why New Year’s resolutions are difficult to maintain is simply our lack of motivation or dedication to keep a habit. Perhaps we’ve set too many resolutions, set a resolution without a plan, or simply don’t know where to begin.

A simple, low-effort, and effective practice in keeping your resolutions of choice is to ask your Tarot deck at least once a week for a message of affirmation and a message illuminating what action to take next. You’ll be able to see what your next steps are, but you can also get a little dose of love and affirmation at the same time!

For those looking for a little more tough love, you can also pull an additional card asking to see an area that needs work or improvement.

4. Tarot helps you make decisions.

When you are feeling uncertain of something, Tarot is an amazing tool to help you sort your priorities out. Even if what you pull doesn’t feel correct, it allows you to listen to your intuition and see what you truly need in the new year.

Trying to decide whether you should go back to college or apply for jobs? Pull a tarot card or use a tarot spread, whatever the answer is will make you more aware of your inner desires and the Universe’s plan for you.

Concluding Thoughts…

It doesn’t always take large 10-card spreads to carry you through the year. Much like with any other habit, like meditation, journaling, or even chakra balancing exercises, using Tarot in moderation but still in more frequent amounts will provide the healthy dose of affirmation and guidance you need to rise to the heights you’re hoping to achieve in 2021.

As always, though, your Tarot journey is your own, individual path, and it’s important that you choose the practices and spreads that feel right for you.

The start of the new year can already feel like a daunting event – there’s so much to do, so much to plan, and so much to accomplish. Instead of Tarot being one extra task on your large list of duties, let the practice of card reading flow into your schedule in a natural, simple way by keeping up with it every so often in smaller ways as the new year kicks off. Whether this is through shuffling your own deck or checking out your free daily Tarot reading, pick up your daily or weekly dose of Tarot and watch your new year transform into the one you’ve been dreaming of!

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