How to End This Year on a High Note

As the end of the year draws near, many emotions and surges of unusual energy may manifest; as this year ends, another begins, and we are reminded of the cyclical nature of life. We might feel anxious about the year to come, or regretful about the opportunities missed in the year that’s quickly ending.

The universe, life, the powers that be, regardless of the name you give to that energy, have special plans for you, and a specific time frame for when things work, and when they won’t. If you feel you’ve missed out on something this year, think of the year to come, and remember that the universe has a way of providing for us, even when we aren’t aware of it.

This is a great time for purposeful activity, filled with gratitude and love. If you’re moved to do so, use this energy to create a welcoming space for travel, activity, and rituals to celebrate the blessings this year has brought you, and look forward to the blessings to come. Read on for some ideas on end-of-the-year activities to do, based on your sign.


Your bold sense of self will do well on a calming journey of sorts, perhaps a yoga or meditation retreat, to bring your focus back to center. Feel yourself connecting with the earth in some way, hike a trail or lay under the stars. Your intensity is beneficial in many situations, but this is a time to unwind, relax, and feel yourself in body and spirit.


Your sensual nature is likely well attuned to the shifting seasons, your grounded roots have felt the winds of change approaching. Take this time to elevate yourself from your planted position in the earth. Try climbing a tree, or visiting the mountainside, or even writing a story about such things— do something that connects you to the airy, intellectual part of yourself.


It’s time to ground yourself, Gemini. You’ve been floating through the clouds all year, and now is the time to root yourself in your goals, and make the dreaded decisions you so lovingly avoid. Stop fearing your worthiness and follow your passions, take this time to finish up the abandoned projects and discarded artforms.


This is an excellent time for you to evaluate your emotional progress this year, Cancer. Have you worked on your sensitivity and moodiness this year? Your positive, emotional characteristics outweigh the negatives, but you should always strive to evolve. Work on picking up an activity that allows you to express yourself emotionally, while remaining balanced, such as painting or writing.


Leo, take this opportunity to plan one big gathering or festival, either to throw, or attend. You love being around people, and the end of the year brings many familiar holidays and chances to gather around a fire. All you need are a few instruments and some hot apple cider.


All work and no play.. You get it. Your hard work has likely paid off this year, and now it’s time to celebrate, and take a break. This is your chance to have a bit of fun, to take a load off and to enjoy yourself. You may feel uncomfortable at first, but remember, taking time for yourself will only serve to make you more productive in the long run.


You have likely kept your center of balance throughout the year, dear Libra, so concerned with the scales you are. Treat yourself to a beautiful sunset or the opening of an art gallery. Give your beauty-loving eyes something to gaze upon, and reflect on all the beauty you’ve encountered this year.


This year has, hopefully, provided you with ample mysterious, deeply moving experiences. Take this time to go inward, and learn to bring the inner to the surface. Practice opening up to your loved ones this year, so that, next year, your relationships can reach newer, deeper levels than you thought possible.


Use your optimism and positivity to map out a plan for the year to come. You love looking into the future, so think of creating a vision board, or a list of what you’d like to accomplish next year. Don’t forget to be present and grateful in this moment, and don’t worry too much about the future. Keep your anxiety in check with the assistance of essential oils, such as lavender.


This is a wonderful time to be with family, and you should spend quality time with yours right now, whether it’s your given family, or your chosen kin. This is the time to be with our loved ones, reminiscing about the wonderful experiences we’ve had, and showing appreciation for life. Plan a dinner with your loved ones, and be sure to include festive decorations and music.


Your social spirit has likely been fluttering around your community all year, creating and coming up with new ideas. This is an excellent time to put some of these ideas to paper, and come up with a plan of execution.

Your intelligent nature is capable of coming up with many variations of a course of action; so, take some time to omit stale projects, and decide which ones to spend your time and energy on this upcoming year.


Pisces, you’ve likely spent the year with your head in the clouds, living in your lush, inner world. Bring yourself back down here, with us, for the remainder of the year. Instead of dreaming of the life you want, take steps now to create it. Join an open mic night or submit your artwork to a gallery. This is the time to join your community and share your rich talents with others.


The end of the year brings with it hope for the future. In many ways, this has been a hard year for all of us. Now, we must do what we can to create a better future for ourselves, as well as the world around us. Share love, be present, practice gratitude and enjoy the holidays.

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