New Year’s Resolutions 4-Card Tarot Spread

As we reach the end of 2019 and edge nearer to 2020, we find ourselves experiencing far more than just the end of a year, but also a new chapter in the beginning of our lives. The New Year is associated with new beginnings (out with the old and in with the new!) and it is very close to the Winter Solstice, which also has powerful themes of starting afresh and the dawning of a new era.

We make New Year’s resolutions for a reason. Apart from the celebrations and parties, New Year’s Eve provides us with the opportunity to look back on the year that has gone by and ask ourselves how we wish to seek improvement in the following year. What do we want to get rid of? What do we wish to improve? What or who do we want to attract in our lives? How can we use the experiences or even mistakes of the previous year to help make the coming year more prosperous and beneficial?

By all accounts, astrology and Tarot are tools we can explore further to help us make our New Year’s Resolutions for 2020. In Chinese Astrology, the significance of the coming year is quite special. 2020 will be the Year of the Rat, which marks the beginning of a new 12-year cycle. This enhances the need for freshness, newness and powerful new beginnings even more!

Sometimes, we might struggle to know what type of resolutions can help us in the coming year. This is where checking out your daily Tarot online comes in handy. It’s also where a personalized reading comes in handy too. So, what type of Tarot reading can we do to help you make your New Year’s Resolutions for 2020?

First, let’s look at the themes of 2020. This is a year that has strong focused and determined energy running through it. It’s a year to get cracking on a project or mending a relationship (and this includes relationships with oneself.) It’s a year where a great deal can be accomplished if we can get our heads down and not allow distractions or procrastination to get in the way. Below is a Tarot card reading that you can try for the New Year:

Set Your New Year’s Resolution with Tarot:

Question: What New Year’s Resolution should I make for 2020?

  • Card 1: What I need to focus on
  • Card 2: What needs improving
  • Card 3: What I should let go of?
  • Card 4: What I should embrace?

Below is an example reading along with the various Tarot card readings for you to base your reading on.

Card 1: The Emperor

This is a card that can be interpreted in several different ways, but the core of the Emperor remains the same. It is a card of strength, discipline and becoming the “master of my own empire”. This could relate to finding my own inner strength and working on myself, or it could relate to my work or business and making a success of it. Or becoming more assertive (this especially rings true for anyone who feels like a doormat in relationships!) Whatever it is, the Emperor highlights the need to focus on self-control and mastering oneself and environment.

Card 2: Death

A seemingly ominous card, but actually, the Death card bodes very well for this New Year’s Resolutions spread. It represents what needs improving and as the Death card is very much about change, it could be highlighting that I am resistant to change and must learn to with the flow. Because the Death card is part of the Major Arcana, this indicates that the change will be sweeping – something out of my control. Rather than trying to resist what it inevitable, the reading suggests it is in my interest to learn to ride the waves and surrender to the change that comes. To surrender is not to give up; in fact, it can be one of the most powerful forms of strength.

Card 3: 2 of Cups

I would interpret the 2 of Cups as a relationship or friendship with someone in the context of what to let go of. This is a card of bonds and emotions; a relationship may not be working in its current state and it may be time to let go. This correlates with the Death card, which advises going with the winds of change. If one of these changes relates to a relationship, it may be suggesting that letting go is my best option.

Letting go does not necessarily mean a relationship is over. Going back to the Death card, it does not always mean the “death” or “end” of something entirely. Death is linked to the zodiac sign, Scorpio, and Scorpio is all about transformation and rebirth. It could mean that this stage of the relationship has come to an end, but will transform into something more positive for everyone involved.

Card 4: 9 of Pentacles

The 9 of Pentacles is a card of success, satisfaction, and fulfillment, particularly on a physical level. As the card for what I should embrace, this could be representing embracing my positive qualities, an “inner goddess” and working on my self-confidence and self-esteem. The 9 of Pentacles is a strong card for self-confidence. Bearing the other cards in mind, this indicates that now is the time to let my light shine – on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, now is the time to become the best of myself.


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When we think of New Year’s Resolutions, we often veer towards resolutions such as, “I will not eat chocolate again” or “I will get in the best shape of my life!”

Such resolutions are noble and should be respected as such; but, very often, keeping these types of resolutions is hard. The Tarot can help us get to the core of what we want and delve into the deeper meaning behind the resolutions we hope to achieve. By diving into the core, we can fix what lies at the heart of our issues, rather than focusing merely on the surface.

Try this New Year’s Resolutions Tarot spread and make your way into the new year, brighter and bolder than ever before!

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